Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Must Be Some Misunderstanding

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Its Wednesday, and if you have been here before you know what it means. For those of you who haven't been here before, Wednesdays are when we look back at some of the more colourful and interesting events that have taken place over the last week or so in the world of sports. Some of the stories fall under the category of weird - where you wonder how this could happen; some of the stories fall under the category of whacked - where you wonder what they were thinking when they did this; and the truly outstanding newsmakers and their stories fall under the category of "just plain dumb" - where you don't even try to understand it. I will let you decide where each fits.

Word from Hazel's almost would-be employers, ESPN, is that they have dismissed Harold Reynolds amidst allegations of sexual harassment. Reynolds claims that he just gave a woman a hug and that feels like it was misinterpreted - oh yeah, and he wants his job back.

I'm going to file this one under "whacked" - you'd think this guy would know the rules of the game. Harold, you are no longer a major leaguer - you probably think it is your god-given right to reach out and touch anyone you feel like, but it is not how the game is played in the world outside of professional sports. Plus, haven't you heard the old saying? Chicks did the long ball - and if memory serves me right, you weren't exactly a big bopper. Well, I guess that mean another opening at ESPN - I wonder if Hazel has a cooling off period on her contract with NESN...she might want to reconsider and talk to ESPN again. (just kidding...settle down New England, I'm not starting any rumours).

Word from France is that a cyclist in this year's Tour de France tested positive for doping. While the name, nationality and team name of the cyclist has not been given, pending a second test, USA cycling was quick to state that they had not been contacted (well, duh - Lance Armstrong retired from cycling - sorry, I couldn't resist). If you are wondering about the title? Check out the "Postcards from Europe" blog entry - you'll get it.

File this one under "whacked" - this year's tour starts off with a number of top cyclists being banned from the event for allegedly contacting a Spanish doctor who was implicated in provided riders with performance enhancing drugs - and you are dumb enough to take something? Man, whoever you are - you are one pretty dumb young man...spare me the "it was just B12" crap.

The NFL announced that Cincinnati Bengals' LB Odell Thurman will be suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Yet another good news story from the Bengals camp - with four players already facing criminal charges, now this. Coach Marvin Lewis says he's very disappointed, but hopes Thurman can get himself back to playing football - yep, that Marvin is a players' coach alright.

File this one under "whacked" - I figure the majority of NFL players violate the policy in some way or another, but when you are on a team like the Bengals, wouldn't you think that the NFL might be tightening down on you? I know, I know - the testing probably took place before some of the more recent charges against Bengals' players...but Chris Henry was there last year and getting into all sorts of trouble. Ok, maybe its a better fit under "just plain dumb".

Chicago Bears TE John Gilmore was arrested and charged with marijuana possesion and three other misdemeanors. For those of you counting - Gilmore is the 4th Bears player charged this off-season. I wonder how long before Gilmore joins Odell Thurman on the suspended list.

File this one under "just plain dumb" - I wonder if John has ever heard of Ricky Williams? You get stopped by the police with marijuana and you start a "scuffle" with them? I wonder if Bears' management has the same type of "standards" Mike Brown has set for the Bengals?

That's about it for tonight - vacations are hard and tiring. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

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