Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another Whacked Wednesday

Hey peeps and anyone else checking in - for those of you who have been here before and know what Wednesdays are all about here...on to the newsmakers. For those of you who have just happened on the page or haven't seen a Wednesday entry...they are called Weird and Whacked Wednesdays. We take a look back at some of the more "notable" newsmakers from the world of sports over the past week - the people that make us chuckle, or just shake our heads in disbelief. The stories fall under the categories of "weird", "whacked" or "downright silly/stupid" - I hope you enjoy.

As always, no entry gets published without a special "Hey" going out to Hazel Mae. On to this week's highlights.


Ok, so technically, this one isn't sports related - but it is connected to the Red Sox so it merits attention. A story in the Boston Herald this week highlighted the fact that parking rates near Fenway Park are out of control. A gas station near Fenway charges $90 for parking on weekdays and post season games...yes, NINETY FREAKING BUCKS. These guys do have a heart though - the weekend rate is $45. One smart alec remarked that "you don't even get a free tank of gas." I wonder how many people are dumb enough to park there...actually, I wonder how many people picked up a phone to tell the owner off.
Like I said, not really sports related - but $90??? File it under "whacked"

In Boston you get "done" on your way in with parking - at Yankee Stadium you get "done" once in. A story in the NY Post says a cold beer and a hot dog can run you $14.50. Yankees fans were greeted with price increases on concessions this year. Funny remark of the story is where a dude says he pays less for beer at a strip club - I'll shut up now, before I get myself into trouble. Some how, the 90 bucks doesn't seem so harsh...ya, actually it does...but $14.50 for a beer and a dog isn't much better.
File this one under "whacked" - I'd like to know what stadium pulls cold beer? It certainly isn't the Skydome - I'm sure Hazel could attest to that.

Just read the story - you won't believe it, unless you are in Boston. Ms. Rebecca Gilman wrote a play about a white woman who, assumes the identity of ex Met/Dodger/Yankee Darryl Strawberry, in order to stay in a mental institution. I wonder if Hazel is going to take this one in. If someone sees it and wants to post a review - be my guest. Somehow, I think it won't be long before someone pens "Ricky Williams - the musical".
Again, not really sports related - Darryl Strawberry? File this one under weird.

If you are one of those people who think that Barry Bonds is a cheat and a selfish "appendage" - I have news for you. Boy (or girl - in the case of Hazel) are you ever wrong - seems like people don't know the real Barry. One side of Barry most fans might not know - he doesn't care about his personal stats, as long as his team is winning. Surprised? Shocked? Barry goes on to say he would "take a 2 -for the rest of the season" if the Giants won the World Series. You aren't buying it either huh? Maybe Barry will discuss it on his new ESPN reality show Bonds on Bonds.


U.S.C QB Matt Leinhart announced on Wednesday that he had fired his agent Leigh Steinberg. While no definitive reason was given, CBS Sportsline reports that one of the agencies representing Leinhart hired Tom Condon, agent to some of today's big names; including: the Manning brothers and Drew Brees. Steinberg has represented some Hall of Fame QBs like Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Warren Moon. Read Clark Judge's view on this one...he claims that an agent he spoke to thinks that Steinberg was let go for other reasons - namely because Leinhart thinks he has a career in TV and/or the movies, and Leinhart doesn't think Steinberg can get that done for him.
A top 3 pick in the NFL draft wants to be a television and movie he fires one of the best agents in professional SPORTS!!!! File this one under "whacked".

Sean Taylor of the Redskins is in the news again - this time, he isn't the focus. Michael Grieco, the lead prosecutor in the assault case against Taylor, has resigned from the case saying he doesn't want to be the focus of the case. Why would he be the focus you ask? Well, in a move that the late Johnny Cochrane would have been proud of, Taylor's defence attorney charge that Grieco is using this case to gain prominence in order to help his second career as a nightclub disc jockey. I don't know about you...but I think I would want to go against a lawyer who has been up partying all night.
A lawyer wanting a respectable a disc jockey. File this whole mess under "silly/stupid" - take your pick.

Dolphins RB appealled his latest failed drug test - for those of you counting...its number four. If the NFL dismisses his appeal, Williams is gone for a full year...and probably his career. The man who up and left the NFL to go travel and find himself (or some really good all natural medicines) now loves the NFL and doesn't want to lose a year of pay.
It's Ricky Williams - anything "Ricky" gets filed under "whacked".


The Los Angeles Kings announced that they asked they asked forward Sean Avery to leave the team this week. Avery has been in trouble with the league, players in the league, and finally his own team - always more for what he says vs anything he does. Avery really drew the attention of French Canadian players for his generalization about them after a cheap-shot by Flyers' D Denis Gauthier. Wouldn't it be funny if Avery was picked up by the Oilers? He couldn't run from George would be like a cage match.
I don't know where to file this one...but it makes a Weird & Whacked entry because its Sean Avery.

Last year, sports fans across all major sports laughed when they heard Latrell Spreewell's decision for turning down a $14 Million contract from the Minnesota Timberwolves...Latrell said he had to think about feeding his family. Word out of Calgary is that F Darren McCarty has filed for bankruptcy. McCarty claims he has racked up $6.2 Million in debts against "only" $1.9M in assets. McCarty is quick to point out that his love of casinos is NOT the reason he is in debt - its his ex-wife. Somewhere Derek Lowe must be taking notice of this one.
If you have seen McCarty - you know the guy is just plain weird...and that is being nice about things.

Well, that about wraps it up for tonight - I said I was going to highlight some of the better performances in the world of sports over the last couple of days by handing out daily Hazies...but maybe tomorrow.

Have a very safe and happy Good Friday peeps...and anyone else checking in.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world and that you enjoy a great Easter weekend.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for fans who pay $90 bucks for parking in Boston, to those who pay $14.50 for American beer (yuck) and pig's extras, to poor misunderstood Barry Bonds, to Darren McCarty...

Regular Guy - Steve Earle

I'm just a regular guy
I'm just a regular guy
Never got rich, never did try
I'm just a regular guy

Peesth Out!


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