Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Thursday Helping Of The Weird & Whacked

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

So yesterday's Weird & Whacked Wednesday had an Olympic flavour to it - but that were definitely newsmakers in on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


Miami Dolphins Tackle Damion McIntosh was released from jail today after being taken in for a domestic incident with his wife Precious. It is a "he said" / "she said" situation. Why is it these guys never friggin learn? Damion - do yourself a favour and pick up Depeche Mode's latest single

Precious and fragile things / need special handling / my god what have we done to/ you

Daunte Culpepper is making news again - Daunte told the Minnesota media today that he plans on staying with the Vikes (their fans must be thrilled) and that he is focusing on his recovery process from knee surgery. There has been speculation that Culpepper has been trying to upgrade his deal with the Vikings. Daunte for his part came out strong in his own defence -

"I have found over the years that people with knowledge of the situation are usually the most ignorant..."

Can someone tell me how that sentence makes sense? This one falls into the category of "Whacked" - if Daunte is indeed trying to renegotiate his deal - hello? The Vikings got better AFTER you left. Daunte must be listening to Afroman these days... wanting to renegotiate his deal - "Because I got high/ Because I got high/ Because I got high"

Authorities at Boston's Logan Airport found that Portland Trailblazer Guard Sebastian Telfair had gun in his bag while on Portland's private jet. Telfair said the gun belonged to his girlfriend - I'll let you insert comment there. The really whacked part of this one is Coach Nate McMillan's quote on the situation

"They are well aware they can't carry firearms on the plane. That is something bigger than the organization. The league is involved in that...whenever you are doing something with the NBA, you can't carry any type of weapons, whether they are guns, knives, or anything else when you are doing business with NBA.

Makes it sound like its ok with the Blazers...just not cool with Stern and the NBA.

Insert your favourite 50 Cent song here. (P.I.M.P for me)

In the category of downright silly - the Score is reporting that the Toronto Raptors are considering giving Dennis Rodman a tryout.


Sammy Sosa's agent says that his client has likely played his last game in and MLB uniform. Reports earlier this week claimed that Sosa turned down an offer from Washington that would have seen Sosa make a base salary of $500 K with incentives - reminded me of Doug Flutie when he was up here. Flutie was offered a $500K contract (and if you know the CFL - that's pretty good coin) and turned it down saying "If all they are going to offer is $500K - I'll just go home and get a job."

Last night on Planet Mikey - some guy (I think his name was Russ) called in with what could quite possibly be the dumbest statement and question ever heard on sports radio. The talk last night was about, what else, the Sox - when this guy calls in to get Mike Adams' thoughts on this pearl of essence -

Dude thinks that Boston should give up on this season, play all the young guys - but still be competitive. He thinks Boston fans would understand if the team tanked the season, so to speak, if it meant the youngsters got playing time and got better - so they could be like the Atlanta Braves "and all those championships they won." HUH? Yes, the Atlanta Braves have won the division for the last 13 years or so - but they have won one World Series. So he wants Boston to tank the season to win one World Series over the next 13 years or so...(I know I'm really simplifying it and embellishing a little - but it was a dumb call)

Adams didn't bite - thankfully.

SenaTard fans are up in arms over the Hasek injury - you can hear it in their voices, they are resigning themselves to another lost season. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculous the talk was up here today. Some of the more notable pearls of wisdom:
  • Bruce Garrioch of the Sun thinks that Muckler should call Hasek to remind him what the goal is here - a parade on Bank St. NOT an Olympic Gold Medal - nope.

    According to Bruce, Hasek's priority should be to win a Stanley Cup for a Ottawa - a city he has lived in for six months - and a city he will undoubtedly leave two weeks after his contract is up. These guys don't get it - most of the European players see the Olympic Gold as the ultimate prize...a medal for THEIR COUNTRY and not a silver trophy for a city they will likely not end up living in.

  • Bruce also wondered whether or not the Tards could trust the Czechs - who could decide to rest Hasek for a few games and throw him in there in a medal game; he was serious too. Hasek has always maintained that he would never play hurt - but according to Bruce, the Czech Federation might push and pressure him into playing and possibly getting hurt.

So much more to say about these halfwits - but save it for another day.

Canada's medal count is now up to eight - a good day for our Olympic athletes. I think Hazel would want to recognize the following winners

Silver Medal Winners
Men's Speed Skating Pursuit Team - Arne Dankers, Steve Elm, Denny Morrison, Jason Parker, and Justin Warsylwicz

Women's Speed Skating Pursuit Team - Kristina Groves, Clara Hughes, Cindy Klassen, Christine Nesbit, Sharon Rempel

Bronze Medal Winners
Men's Figure Skating - Jeffrey Buttle

Short Track Speed Skating - Anouk Leblanc-Boucher

Skeleton - Melissa Hollingsworth-Richardson

That about does it for tonight - enough time to get over to yahoo site to find out what's up with Hazel. The latest discussion is about whether or not Hazel is heading down to Ft. Myers to cover the Sox. I'm backing Renee in this one - Hazel's gotta go to Florida...Sorry "Game".

Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - if you can shed light on the would be much appreciated...or you can just leave a message here and I will relay. Enjoy your Presidents Day Weekend.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for Dominic Hasek and John Muckler

Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals

Johnny, won't ya come on home

(sorry Sox fans - not a reference to Damon)

Peesth Out!


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