Monday, January 30, 2006

Leafs Win, 'Tards Lose & Jack Laughs

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I'm sitting here sipping on my Port, reflecting on the weekend that got away from me. Nice January weather (nice enough to BBQ) and family members visiting with pints - Guinness and Kilkenny - adds up to a great (but somewhat fuzzy) weekend. My weekend was defined by my first street run in over a month...that is a story for another entry...but I did 8 km in 39 minutes (with some inspiration). I'm going to run in Hawaii this December...I'm going to do it - the plan to raise money for Diabetes Association is shaping up. Hazel, if you are checking in, you are cordially invited to a fund-raising party for the Diabetes Association - you would of course be the guest of honour. Renee, if you are checking in - you are most welcome to attend too! hahaha DJames...I'll get back to you on that...

How is that for Hazel Karma? The Leafs are mired in their worst losing streak in 10+ years, I mention that they could use some of Hazel's good karma - or a kick in the ass and they win. Luck you say? Probability? They were due? Say what you will...I'm going with Hazel Karma on this one. Sundin breaks out of slumber with 3 assists against the Panthers - why Leaf fans are talking about trading this man is beyond me. The ship isn't righted yet...but I'd like to think that Hazel has them pointed in the right direction. Thank you Hazel.

Bruins rolled into town today (with Jack Edwards in tow I would assume) and beat the Senatards again - I don't know what it is, but Boston has their number. To say the 'Tards looked bad tonight would be an understatement - they looked unorganized, confused, and rattled. The Tards can be had - ask the Bruins...ask the Carolina Hurricanes (I can't believe I'm saying that...but yes, the damn Hurricanes). Speaking of the Hurricanes -

Holy crap was that a trade or what? Jim Rutherford manages to get Doug Weight without giving up a quality NHLer in return. The Canes give up a late first rounder and a couple of mid-round picks and a few non NHLers to significantly upgrade at the Center position...and perhaps more importantly keep the 'Tards from getting him. Rutherford has to be applauded on this one - whether you think Weight is a 1, 2, or 3 Centerman (some have said he has slipped to number 3 status) this is a great trade for Carolina...a sign that Rutherford sees the chance to win - damn an uncertain future - go for it NOW. I like the move.

Muckler asleep at the wheel - expect Bruce Garrioch of the Sun to write an excuse column for Muckler tomorrow. After seeing what Larry Pleau of the Blues got (or in this case, didn't get) for Weight - Mike O'Connell is looking smarter, Doug Wilson of the Sharks is looking a little dumber...and Jack Edwards of NESN must be laughing. Easy Jack...the Bruins didn't come close to getting full value for Thornton - but they didn't come out looking as weak as St. Louis did.

Given that it was a bit of a lost weekend (especially with a slow NHL Sunday) - I hadn't really given a lot of thought to this week's Hazies...maybe a few winners tomorrow - plus reports on a whole lot more, namely:
  • Mike Shanahan (those damn teeth of his - Mr. Ed) wants to meet the horse's ass - Terrell Owens (his free pass is over - I never heard about him selling the ring for victims of Katrina);

  • Brett Favre considering you blame him with the current state of the Pack?

  • Hailey Wickeheiser is in a bit of a pickle...over something really dumb (Hazel would be familiar with Hailey);

All this and more to come tomorrow...have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...thanks again for the good thoughts out Toronto's way.

Song of the night on Hazelspeeps - for the Leafs win tonight...the 'Tards loss...and for Canes fans.

Oh Be Joyful - Matthew Good

If you are in New England and you don't know Matthew Good - do yourself a favour and familiarize yourself with him. Lemme know if you do - here or on the Yahoo site.

Hazel, you would LOVE this song - it kicks.

Peesth Out!


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