Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Things Happen On Wednesdays

Hello to everyone and anyone checking in...if this is your first time here - Wednesday recap the weird, the whacked and the downright silly in the world of sports over the past week. Given today's events - I wonder if the sports world waits until Wednesday to make a splash and of course..."Thoughts of Hazel Mae".

Is there anything else to discuss but the Rafael Palmeiro saga? The Associated Press reports that a person with knowledge of the sport's drug testing program told the AP (on condition of anonymity of course - oh how I love that) that Palmeiro tested positive for stanazolol. This beacon of integrity did not want to be identified because the sport prohibits disclosure of test results without authorization. joke - check it out. So this person spills the beans - but doesn't want it attributed to them. Unbelievable...I've said this before, I can't understand why you would put out information if your "source" won't stand behind it. I remember what I was taught in my Journalism program at university...yes yes, journalists must verify that the source is credible, that the story checks out...all that stuff.

But in today's information age, do we really think that journalists are checking these sources out? What if it isn't stanazolol? Palmeiro has no recourse...shame on the AP for publishing that. Speaking of the Palmeiro saga - everytime David Ortiz opens his mouth or voices an opinion I can't help but admire this man more and more. The guy is definitely not a dumb jock - I found his position on the Palmeiro case to be thought provoking.
While a lot of Palmeiro's peers are using words like "disappointed" (ahem Schill), or shying away from it completely "I don't use that s**t" (ya right Sammy), or "Chicken, rice and beans - that's my protein" (I believe Tejada - really)...Ortiz asked for some patience...and questioned the O's management for their lack of support for Palmeiro. Ortiz provided support for his friend...without making excuses - he also very astutely pointed out that MLB management (and also the PA it would appear) is not very supportive of today's players. You have to like this man...Ortiz is a man of reason, a man of reason, and most important of all at a time like this... a man with compassion - I think Hazel would be able to confirm that...she has spoken highly of the man New Englanders call "Papi". I'll get off the soapbox now.

Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline - a guy I really enjoy reading - wrote a scathing article about the Palmeiro affair. While I normally like Miller's no nonsense approach - this article may have went a bit too far, openly referring to Palmeiro as "the phony". Not cool Scott. If you haven't guessed, Miller is in the "No way Palmeiro gets into HoF" camp. ESPN's columnists seem to agree with Ortiz that you can't wipe out Palmeiro career achievements based on events over the last week and speculation. Have I mentioned that I think Ortiz is a good man?

Ryan Franklin of the Seattle Mariners was also suspended this week for violating MLB's drug policy. While one of my colleagues (and plenty of smart asses on CBS's message board) remarked - "It hasn't helped him much...has it?" I don't take that simplistic view...I see it from another perspective...two actually:
  • its probably the difference between him being a Major Leaguer and a Triple A pitcher - meaning hundreds of thousands if not millions over the course of a career - and thus keeping another Triple A pitcher out of the Majors.

  • if he's doing many other guys do you think are doing it? It goes to show you that anybody and everybody could be on them and that Palmeiro is simply performing against other athletes who are on performance enhancing drugs - in other words...a level playing field perhaps?
In the spirit of Wednesdays - questions abound about Jason Giambi's remarkable July - Giambi has scoffed and gone on record as saying he doesn't care if people question it...its all hard work and has nothing to do with steroids or any other drug. I don't believe him...I think he's looking pretty healthy again - but I don't have an "unnamed" source I can get to confirm this.

Barry Bonds say he might not be back this year - I think he has been suspended for the year. But MLB is too afraid to announce it cuz he'll rip them apart in court.

As usual Hazel Mae's thoughts, comments, or opinions on this topic would be welcomed and appreciated. :-)

A flurry of activity this week - and some very big surprises and disappointments. As a lifelong member of Leafs Nation - the week started with a faint hope that we might be able to get Naslund and Forsberg for a year. Instead, we don't get either...we lose Roberts and Nieuwendyk...Antropov threatens to play in Russia - and it looks like we are going to wind up with Jason Allison and Ziggy Palffy. I'm ok with Allison and Palffy...but Forsberg and Naslund would have been something. Looks like Leaf Nation will have to cross our fingers and pray - somehow, I'm not seeing an end to the drought...but in the spirit of this blog's inspiration - I'll be optimistic and hope.

Speaking of the NHL - I'm not sure what Kevin Lowe is up to.
  • Is he crazy for trading for Pronger? I think he gave up too much.
  • Is he brilliant for getting Peca for very little? That may be more of a case of Milbury being one of "less bright" GMs in the NHL.
The jury is out...the Peca deal will prove to be his best move...Pronger? not so sure, especially giving up Brewer. Edmonton isn't so young anymore...and Lowe might be taking a shot (time might be running out on him). We'll see...

Bob Clarke, can anyone figure this guy out? Just when he put himself on a list for this year's Darwin Awards - signing Hatcher, Rathje and Therrien (the last two make NO sense). He pulls a major coup and signs Forsberg - and as an added bonus will get rid of Jeremy Roenick to the Kings - where we won't have to see or hear him as often. Bob Clarke, to my mind (as dumb as it may be on certain topics) is one of the league's most ineffective GMs - he blew his best chance at a Cup when he passed over Curtis Joseph for "the Beezer". Clarke keeps trying to build big teams - like the Broad Street Bullies. He forgets that he used to have Bernie Parent back there. I like the signing of Forsberg (hell, even big mouth J.R couldn't say anything bad) ...but I think with the supporting cast - big, slow defence, a couple of unproven rookies, I think he's in for another tough year...with plenty of excuses. Clarke pulled the trigger too fast - signing three defencemen that quickly will come back to haunt him - Hatcher won't be the guy he was five years ago...Rathje and Therrien are in big trouble in the new NHL. I wonder who will be the fall guy for Clarke's mistakes. Leaf fans hate Clarke and the goes back many years...right Hazel? We hate them...don't we?

It's only three days in...but I'm still trying to understand the actions of Pierre Lacroix, Bob Gainey and Mike O'Connell. I don't want to question Lacroix...and I shouldn't. But I'm trying to understand how he let Foote and Forsberg go...and winds up with Brisebois and Turgeon. He couldn't have kept one of them? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt ( he needs my blessing).

Bob Gainey's signings have been a little bit on the perplexing sign - for a team that is still searching for an identity...he re-signs Kovalev (an enigma at the best of times) and Dandenault (a non-descript, avg defenceman).

As for O'Connell - he's got Thornton angry...he loses Gonchar, he signs Leetch, signs MacEachern....Boston is looking like a hodge podge. But hey...he's keeping Hazel busy with all the moves.

I am trying to reserve judgement on Ferguson...until he does SOMETHING. We'll see.

Terrell, Terrell, Terrell - enough said.

I'm outta here for tonight...big day tomorrow. Hope this was worth the few minutes of reading. Hazel if your peeking...hope things in your world are groovy.

Song of the day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - given today in the NHL, with player movement...trades...etc.

Change - Sheryl Crow.

"A change would do you good" - maybe not for J.R hahahaha

Peesth Out.


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