Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jump Around

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in.

This was all anyone was talking about after Thursday night's game between the Leafs and the SenaTards - a game in which the Leafs brought nothing and got spanked by a count of 8-2.

SenaTard fans were incensed and calling for the death penalty against Leafs forward Mark Bell who laid out Tards captain Krusty the Klown (aka Daniel Alfredsson) with a vicious but CLEAN open ice hit. The reaction from Tards fans ranged from claiming that it:
  • was an elbow to the head, to
  • a hit from behind, to
  • much to late, to
  • a cheap shot for laying a hit on a non-physical guy like Alfredsson.
Tards fans have selective memory of course - they were having no comparisons between Bell's hit to Chris Neil laying out Sabres captain Chris Drury last year. When Neil annihilated Drury, Tards fans were quick to defend Neil the punk by saying "he was finishing his check" and "that's the way Neiler plays...gotta keep your head up." Tards coach Brian Murray spoke to the NHL about the headshot - his take on the hit was laughable.

Mark Bell on Alfredsson - no elbow on contact.
Notice at 17 second mark of tape at top of screen, Dany Heatley kicks at Darcy Tucker. Heatley of course wouldn't answer the bell...guess you can't blame him, he's already missing one of his front teeth.

Chris Neil on Andy McDonald - Hockey God speaks!
Guess Brian Murray has tried to forget last year every happened. Neil has a history of exactly this kind of stuff.

Chris Neil on Chris Drury - how many times has it been mentioned here that Neil skates around like a shark waiting to explode on someone. Memo to Tards fans who see this - think Alfredsson was thinking about Drury when he was tapping the ice?

"Tough Guy" Chris Neil and Brashear - why Neil wants to concentrate on being a "better hockey player" and stay out of the box.

Bottom line - the refs and linesman were quick to call "clean hit" when Bell destroyed Alfredsson. The hit was legal - should Bell have let up? Maybe you should ask Chris Neil, who was noticeably quiet, if Bell should have let up.

Leafs soften the Tards up for the Bruins who took full advantage last night - Tards go into the playoffs without their Captain and their "army" has been whining non-stop. Man-up Tards - the Leafs beat you in the playoffs without Sundin - remember Roberts and MacAulay?

Three suggestions for early afternoon games - will post night games later. Total for the week is - $180.

New York over Tampa Bay - after being embarrassed by the Rays last night, the Yankees should respond against Edwin Jackson. Lay $100 on the Yanks - $210.

Boston over Toronto - see above, the Sox weren't embarrassed, but they should have hit Shaun Marcum harder; Clay Buccholz gets the nod. Lay $100 on the Sox - $120.

Detroit over Chicago - because the Tigers have to win eventually. Seriously, Dontrelle Willis will be out to impress his new teammates today, expect him to give the White Sox a lot to think about and little to hit. Lay $100 on the Tigers - $155.

Cleveland over Oakland - Sabathia should rebound from a shaky first start today against the A's. Lay $100 on Cleveland - $155.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Song of the Day, for the Tards

Jump Around - House of Pain

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know that was a cheap shot on Alfie Pogue. Bell should go to jail for that,right he is already going to jail isn't he?
great clips Pogue take a look at how tough cage boy is when he doesn't have an excuse not to fight.

you friend Hazel probably witnessed this beating first hand.

by the way guy, if you are going to mail in a friday post go back to the Friday Fox - the Quikdraw posts are laffable like your laffs.

Jays lay the lumber on the Red Sucks.

Dave (aka Shanley)

12:27 PM  
Blogger Pogue said...

Shanley, stop reading the Ottawa papers - the hit was LEGIT.

Krusty admitted he should be more aware on the ice. Bell destroyed Krusty with a hockey hit. He would have done it with or without his cage on. Good clip of Lucic fight, Bell definitely lost - not nearly as bad as Neiler got his clocked clean by Brashear, but he lost.

No acknowledgment of Heatley's kick on Tucker huh? I guess you were too concerned about Krusty tapping the ice.

No Krusty? No Fisher? In the immortal words of Owen Nolan - BOO HOO. Enjoy your week in the playoffs.

Tilt was enroute to Toronto to watch Jays v Sox last night so he couldn't post Friday Fox. Speaking of which - bold talk four games into the season, see you in June, right after Chickenhawk's State of the Union where he says Jays can't compete with payroll of "the big guys".

You're a champ Shanley - and I say that knowing you are a SenaTard in Toronto. Check back in on the group board - its baseball season, your time has come.

Have a good one Dave - enjoy Jays/Sox today, Rojo is going to get pounded. hahahaha

12:49 PM  

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