Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Night "Threep"

For those of you checking in - tough start to the day with the Sox and Yankees losing; Yankees might come back, Sox are done and will look to avoid sweep tomorrow at the Rogers Centre.

Tonight's suggestions:

Washington over Florida - Ovechkin is going to the playoffs, he'll make sure of that tonight with a win over the Panthers who left it all on the ice last night against the Canes. Lay $100 on the Caps - $340 (forget the number...its a done deal).

Boston over Buffalo - the Bruins are in, but they are playing for positioning tonight (read trying to avoid 1st round match-up with Montreal); they'll get it done against a battered Sabres team that has packed it in for the year. Lay $100 on the B's - $140.

Los Angeles Angels over Texas - I'll take Weaver over Kevin Millwood. Lay $100 on Vlad and the Angels - $165.

That's it for today - good luck if you play them; enjoy your Final Four weekend.

I'm Out!


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