Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leafs Fail To Cash In At The Bank VS Bruins...Toronto Officially Iced

The Boston Bruins officially pulled the plug on the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff hopes 4-2 at the Boston Garden to win the home at home series.

My "counterpart" can't blame Dan Marouelli or any refs for the Leafs loss this time.

Toronto skated out injured stars Sundin and Antropov to inspire their troops.

It wasn't enough. I give Sundin and Antropov credit for playing. It was clear from the way they played they were not at their physical par -Sundin normally burns the Bruins almost single


The highlight of the game was the first period. There wasn't a whistle blown or any stoppage for 12 and a half minutes. It was old fashioned style of pond hockey.

Constant fluid hockey. Clean hits and transitions through the zones. You wondered if for a moment if the refs forgot their whistles.

When the whistle finally blew for a stoppage,you wished every game of hockey could be played like that for 3 periods.

Goals earned by good clean action filled 5 on 5 hockey. Score-face off at center ice put away the whistles and let the boys bang the shit out of each other til the defending team makes a mistake

and coughs up a goal.

It was great stuff.

The Bruins will go to a dogfight to the last game of the season to see if they make the playoffs.

Its no fun clinching your playoff ticket 3 weeks before the season ends.

The real fun is watching your team play as if every game could be their last and sneaking peeks at the scoreboard to see if you're teams competitor for the playoff spot is winning or losing.

All the Bruins did tonight is beat the Toronto Maple Leafs by two goals and officially bury them in NHL's 07-08 graveyard for the season.

The Leafs were headed to their graves anyway-its just the Bruins had the honor of knocking them out and burying them.

The Leafs wake was on Tuesday and the funeral and their burial at Boston Garden on Thursday.

Toronto can now focus on ping pong balls,draft lotteries and mock drafts for a talented group of rookies in this years NHL entry draft.

They can start dealing with their roster and the fate of Mats Sundin.

Boston can concentrate on one thing the Leafs don't have to anymore-making the playoffs.

Maybe Toronto fans can blame the loss on their native girl Hazel Mae not being at the game.

So much for Hazel Kharma-eh?

Look at this way Toronto-your baseball Blue Jays host our defending World Champion Red Sox next weekend at Skydome. If you couldn't beat us on the ice-try beating us on the diamond.

Now that the Air Canada Centre will be locked up after next weekend til next season-you have no excuse not to see the Blue Jays play baseball.


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