Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome Damien Cox

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Today's entry was going to be about the TWO must win games today - obviously the Leafs have to win, with or without Mats Sundin, against the Sabres tonight at the ACC; with the second being the Bruins over the Flyers. Earlier this week, I mentioned that the Leafs would be better served (should be) focusing on the Bruins rather than the Flyers, the reasoning being Toronto had two games against Boston and the Bruins fading quickly.

Well, imagine the shock when reading this morning that Damien "the donkey" Cox wrote "Bruins slide may be Leafs ticket to ride." After weeks (months) of telling anyone who will listen, or read, that a playoff run by the Leafs is a fantasy (utter joke), Cox finally takes a look at the state of the NHL (not just Toronto) to see who is playing well and who isn't. Is Damien reading this page?

I'm just going to leave it at that for today - oh yeah, one more thing for Bruins' fans. A loss today and you guys are toast, with the Caps, Sabres and Panthers all having won last night, things are looking a little tenuous for the B's; the majority of their remaining games are against divisional rivals which doesn't bode well for you. The Bruins, who are poster boys for the new NHL - average to below average team with a deadly power play - are entering a time of year where the officials have historically "let players decide the outcome of the game"; translation? No ticky tack penalties now, fight through it and win on your own. The Bruins, Flyers and Habs - three playoff teams in the Northeast - are where they are because of their power play. They are all woefully below average teams playing 5 on 5 - all three being minus teams; they may (or may not) make the playoffs, but the thinking here is that none of them will be serious threats to get beyond a round (or two in Montreal's case) when "old-time playoff hockey" starts up in a few weeks.

San Jose Sharks C Joe Thornton had two assists in a 4-1 win over St. Louis.

No love for anyone else as the wrong teams won last night.

Tough night on Thursday, 1-2 meaning the total is down to a minimal plus for the week. Tonight's suggestions:

Montreal over NY Islanders - the Isles have nothing left to play for, while the Habs are still fighting for first place; expect them to get the benefit of most iffy calls tonight - translation 7 or 8 power play chances - and win big over New York, best game of the night. Lay $150 on the Habs - $230.

Anaheim over St. Louis - this game is expensive for a reason. The Blues have pretty much mailed it in now - having played the Sharks last night, they'll go into tonight's game batter and beaten, expect more of the same. Lay $100 on the Ducks - $280.

Minnesota over LA Kings - the Wild have been an iffy proposition lately, but you have to like them at home against the Kings tonight. Lay $100 on the Wild - $220.

Dallas over Vancouver - not liking the Canucks at all these days, they can't score; the Stars, who need the win, should grind them into the ice tonight. Lay $100 on Dallas - $160.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in...especially YOU Damien Cox - looking forward to seeing your mailbag this week.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out!


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