Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bruins Still Watching Out For Maple Leafs Cuz The Leafs Didn't Show Up Tues, Night

Damn it! I've been watching out for Toronto Maple Leafs Tues. night and I didn't see a damn thing all night. I did smell burning Leafs though.
Yep those ashes are them. We'll put them in the Maple Leaf urn for The Air Canada Centre mantle.
The Bruins were never expected to make the playoffs this year.
Our Boston Bruins looked like dog shit on paper.
When Manny Fernandez,Patrice Bergeron,Glen Murray and Zdeno Chara all got injured-we looked like we'd be playing for a great lottery pick in the NHL draft-again.
Our AHL team the Providence Bruins are ruling minor league hockey. Ruling minor league hockey is like telling PGA pro golfers you won the after work beer drinking golf league championship 5 straight years. Don't mean shit!
Gotta give Boston credit this year for hanging tough. We have something good going on here.
Some very talented young kids who are stepping up for the wounded parent clubbers.
We've heave ho'd Dave Screwus I mean Lewis and got a great coach in Claude Julien.
Yeah we're struggling to get in the playoffs -but at least we're hunting and not on vacation early this year.
They've been showing the Canada vacation commercials a lot here in Boston from the Canada tourist bureau. "There's no place like this.." the song goes and shows the entire Toronto Maple Leaf hockey club from management the team and fans all in Leafs regalia snoozing on a park bench with 2008 NHL entry draft scouting reports keeping them warm.
Baseball seasons on its way Toronto...cheer up. Your Blue Jays actually look good this year.
Better than your hockey club.


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