Monday, October 01, 2007

Red Sox Predicted 25 Man PlayOff Roster

Here is the predicted 25 man playoff Roster for the Red Sox

10 PITCHERS: 8 Righties 2 Lefties
3 STARTERS: Beckett-Schilling and Dicey K.
7 in BULLPEN: Righties(5)-Wakefield,Delcarmen,Timlin,Gagne,Papelbon. Lefties:(2)Okajima and either Lester or Lopez
(If 11-add RHP Tavarez)

15 BATTERS/FIELDERS: POS-Bats ......Righties(7) Lefties (5) Switch Hitters (3)
C: (S)Varitek- 1B (R) Youkilis- 2B(R) Pedroia- SS (R) Lugo- 3B (R) Lowell- LF (R) Ramirez- CF (S) Crisp- RF (L) Drew- DH (L) Ortiz(9)

C- (R) Mirabelli-, 1b/3B/OF (L) Hinske ,- 2B/SS/3B (L) Cora,- OF-(L) Ellsbury,OF (S) Kielty and 3b/SS/2B (R) Clayton

If 14? Clayton out.


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