Saturday, October 07, 2006

D-Day For Both Sox & Yankees

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, Game 3 of both N.L. Division Championship Series go today - with Red Sox West and Red Sox West II facing elimination. The Dodgers host the Mets tonight and the Padres are in St. Louis. The Yankees are also up against it in Detroit this afternoon, after getting spanked 6-0 last night.

The NHL's oldest and best rivalry is rekindled tonight at the ACC in Toronto, as the Maple Leafs host the Habs. You know Hazel will have an eye on that game tonight - calling on her to send good Karma to BOTH blue teams (Maple Leafs and Dodgers).

Today's picks

San Diego over St. Louis - Maybe Chris Young will be smart enough to avoid pitching to Albert Pujols...why the Padres have given him anything to swing at is beyond me.

Detroit over New York - because Hazel hates the Yankees...and we do too.

Los Angeles over New York - the comeback starts tonight as the Dodgers rough up Trachsel. Somebody needs to step up for L.A. with the absence of Nomar - I'm calling on Wilson Betemit to have a big game.

2-0 yesterday in Baseball.


Three homers tonight for you.

Toronto over Montreal - Leafs feed off of 6-0 shellacking of the Tards and beat their oldest rival. Ever hear of Hazel Karma? This is one she'd love to watch.

Los Angeles over St. Louis - Kings lose a tough one last night (which was great for my Pro-Line ticket), they rebound tonight against a bad St. Louis team.

San Jose over NY Islanders - a gimme. I don't think DiPietro finishes the game tonight - Thornton gets at least 3 points tonight.


I'm doing the Straight-Up picks - the Spreads come later. This is a weird week, there are four or five gimmes, but the rest are risky; 41-19 straight up this year, I don't know if that's good, bad or ugly.

14 ) INDIANAPOLIS over Tennessee - do I have to explain? Indy is the suicide pick in both pools this week...this is as good as it gets for them over the next four or fives weeks - so might as well take it. I hear Albert Haynesworth is out for Tennessee.

13) NEW ENGLAND over Miami - I hear Daunte Culpepper is playing, so you know Miami maxes out at about 6 points this week. Things get ugly for Nick Saban - he's going to make someone cry this week...but he loves his boys.

12) CHICAGO over Buffalo - Bills offence has struggled against decent defences, what are they going to do against Chicago???? Nothing. Grossman won't have a great game, but he'll get it done.

11) NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay - Saints have to be loving their last place schedule. Tampa couldn't do much with Simms, what can they do without him?

10) CAROLINA over Cleveland - almost a suicide pick...but you never know with these guys. Carolina wins this one.

09) JACKSONVILLE over NY Jets - Jags should be downright nasty after dropping two in a row, Pennington may be in for a long afternoon.

08) SAN DIEGO over Pittsburgh - I know Pittsburgh is coming off a bye week, but the Chargers are fuming over the way they lost to the Ravens last week. Schottenheimer needs a win or he'll have an all out mutiny on his hands.

07) MINNESOTA over Detroit - a scary game, but I think Minnesota gets it done at home.

06) DENVER over Baltimore - Baltimore is good, but not that good - their unbeaten streak ends on Monday night. Denver plays ball control, trusting their defence to shut down McNair and Lewis. Shutdown CB Champ Bailey helps on Monday night.

05) NY GIANTS over Washington - Giants come off a bye week, they need this one - a lost here pretty much screws their whole season. Plus, I think Washington is counterfeit.

04) SAN FRANCISCO over Oakland - Moss caught one pass for 5 yards last week - he's checked out on this season.

03) Kansas City over ARIZONA - just a feeling. Ya, I'm sucking up to Hazel...I think. Are we sure she still likes the Chiefs? That was in the days of Montana. Still, I have trouble trusting Leinhart in his first NFL start.

02) Dallas over PHILADELPHIA - I'm not being gutless by only putting 2 points down. Terry Glenn has a big game while the Eagles focus on Terrell...don't believe it when they say they aren't. Eagles are another team that I think is counterfeit.

01) St. Louis over GREEN BAY - Favre could be out of this game on the first series...who knows? The beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era? I'll take Bulger to win this one.

There you have it gang...go with them.


Kenny Rogers of the Tigers shutout the Yankees over 7.2 innings, allowing only five hits and two walks, while striking out eight. You gotta know Hazel loved that one...the hated Yankees being shut down.

Martin Brodeur of the Devils stops 29 shots and shuts out the defending Stanley Cup champs in their home building. Chicks dig the long ball, they probably dig goals - but I think Hazel digs a good night stopping pucks.

Daniel Sedin of the Canucks scores two goals, including OT winner to lead Vancouver to a 3-2 victory in Columbus.

I couldn't include Todd Bertuzzi's performance against the Bruins...not with Hazel hosting "The Buzz" - I don't think she was digging Bertuzzi's four point night against the B's. Speaking of the B's - I'm waiting for Jack Edwards to start up again about how the Thornton trade to San Jose was good for Boston.

If you haven't been getting along with someone, let him or her know your concerns. Talk to an older friend or relative who can offer an experienced point of view to the situation you are facing. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - need that good Karma tonight at the ACC and at Dodger Stadium.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for my girl Inez (the "pinay_babygurl") , who surprised me with a great email in my inbox this morning...and for my man DJames who comes through again.

Praise You - Fatboy Slim

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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