Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pats Funeral Is Over .Pro Bowl?..Spring Training Starting Up!

The New England Patriots funeral is over Pats fans. The 2008 Patriots died from choking on a huge NY Giant Defensive Line that was stuffed down Tom Brady's throat all game long.
NFL doctors said the Pats went peacefully in their final sleepy secondary moments of life.
The Patriots died on Sunday...waked on Monday. The streets of New England were flooded with tears and emergency counselors were boated in to save Patriots fans..many who jumped from ledges. The Pats were buried Tues. as the NY Giants celebrated a well deserved Super Bowl 42 title in NY.

The AFC/NFC Pro Bowl is the most useless fucking televised all star game next to the NHL All Star game. The only great thing about the NHL all star pussyfest is that its televised on
Versus an channel likened to The Watch Paint Dry Channel.

NHL allstars naturally don't hit because they don't want to risk injury. Players laugh,shoot pucks
and wear mics to talk to TV announcers. The players don't even need to wear helmets.

The Pro Bowl is the same thing. Its at the end of a long football season and most of the guys elected to play are too injured to play-don't want to deal with the media (Tom Brady-Randy Moss) after losing the Super Bowl. They get bonuses and a free trip to Hawaii for their families.
Its a joke.

At least the MLB all star game has a purpose. Who ever wins-gets home field advantage in the World Series. Huge when your team is in the fall classic as underdogs and for your fans.

Spring training begins in a week or so the Red Sox begin preparing to defend their 2007 World Series title.
I love the acquisition of 1B Sean Casey.."The Mayor" to a 1 year deal as a backup 1B.
Theo wanted a Kevin Millar type in the clubhouse this offseason. Cowboy Kevin
reached a contract kicker last year that automatically got his Orioles extention for 2008 to be picked up.
Casey is a good hitter who's lefty bat should be a big boost off the bench in Fenway and off the field Casey is very active in charity work as well. Being Irish won't hurt him much at all either in Boston.


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