Friday, February 08, 2008

New England Patriots Fans Read This Post...

Are you one of those New England Patriots fans still reliving the teams Super Bowl 42
loss play by play with your significant other? your friends? the people you work with? the dog?
at the bar? do you call sports radio talk shows about the game all sad?
maybe put suicide prevention hotline on speed dial?

You fucking people are PATHETIC!
Every where I go there's Patriots fans still WHINING about every play of SB42. Its unreal.
The games been over 7 days now and I guarantee you there will still be a large majority of PatriotsNation still reliving SB42 in September.
During the college draft.."I think pick #7 would've made a difference in SB42.."..
If I'm the NFL right now. I'm printing up extra copies of the SB42 DVD to ship for sale to New England states because you Pats fans will wear out 2 copies in the first week alone.
Oh yeah. The Celtics could be up 3-0 in the NBA finals and some guy in a Pats jersey at the clinching game at the Garden will be talking to a sock puppet about the Patriots blowing the Super Bowl.
Fucking aliens could be destroying the world around us in 2030 and there'll people on a spaceship boring their captors about how Belichick didn't go for a FG.

Folks do you realize that in New York-the Giants already had their victory parade and New Yorkers are already past the SB victory and talking about the Mets and Yankees?

You Pats fans will be in Fenway Park in July happy (maybe with help of medicine and 3 times a week SB42 Anonymous meetings.) then some opposing teams fan will whisper it under the roar of the baseball crowd. "Patriots lost SB 42." Within minutes Fenway is under a 80 foot oceanic flood of Patriots tears.

You Patriots fans are making the rest of us sports fans here in Boston look like pussies
whining about SB42.
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a Patriots fan because of you wusses.
The Patriots players who you idolize that blew the game are embarrassed because you won't stop crying about it. Guarantee they book a getaway vacation to the North or South Pole to get away from you fans-they turn on their satellite phone and there's still people wanting to rehash SB42.

Red Sox Bill Buckner who blew the '86 World Series vs the NY Mets became Boston sports fans whipping boy for years after muffing the easy groundball in game 6. It got so bad Buckner moved to Idaho to escape the fans wrath as if he was in the Governments witness protection plan. He's happy now thanks to the 2007 Patriots. All is forgiven.

Safe to say the 2007 New England Patriots have just earned the title as Boston sports biggest
choke team in Boston sports history. Hey Patriots. I heard Montana caves are great places to hide out for about 30 years.


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