Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mats Speaks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Mats Sundin told Leaf Nation that he would not waive his no-trade clause. In addressing the media, and the Nation, Sundin essentially told everyone that winning a Stanley Cup as a rental player was something he was interested in (you can read all about it on or ). The media will undoubtedly be all over him over the next few days - questioning his desire to win, questioning his loyalty to the team, and questioning his intergrity.

Not here - Mats will not be questioned for his decision, but rather applauded for his integrity (if he indeed decides not to waive his no-trade clause). Sundin's statement about winning with a team that you are contributing to from October right until June resonates with yours truly - while some would question his character, "we" (Tilt and I being members of the Nation) would rather look at him as an old-time hockey guy, a guy who won it with the team he started with (ok, we're ignoring the fact he played for Quebec), a team he loves playing for. Those who are quick to question his character as a hockey player based on their belief that not waiving the NTC means Mats doesn't want to win, would be the same people who be quick to say that he wasn't the driving force behind a Cup win (if he was traded to a team that won it all).

Mats gets support here - he always will. It is not up to Mats Sundin to save the franchise after years of bad decision making by his employers. He has done right by the organization since he first pulled the blue and white on - and his decision no to waive his clause shouldn't be taken as him bailing on the organization, but rather a lesson to those jump ship when things get tough. Sundin has shown a lot of integrity to the NHL as a whole - he can't in good conscience go to a team he doesn't have an interest in playing for...since when is being honest and acting with integrity such a bad thing? GMs (and media) across the league should be applauding him for his honesty, rather than painting him out to be a man turning his back on the future of his team.

Would trading Sundin help the rebuilding effort by getting a draft pick and a prospect? Absolutely - but so would moving the contracts of guys like Bryan McCabe (who is said to be considering waiving his clause), Darcy Tucker and Pavel Kubina - these guys are all tradeable. The media haven't been so quick to jump on these guys - the Leafs could accelerate their rebuilding process as quickly (if not quicker) by ridding themselves of players who haven't lived up to the contracts they signed; rather than run these guys out of town, they would rather harp on Mats to "do the right thing" (in their eyes).

Mats' decision will likely split factions of Leaf Nation - which makes us wonder what side of the fence Hazel is on in this issue? Hazel (if you are checking in) should he stay or should he go?

Leafs are in Ottawa tonight to play the Tards - the only down part of this West Coast trip is missing the game. Go Leafs Go.

That's it for tonight - we're taking a pass on tomorrow's suggested Three Play; it was another ugly week - is baseball season coming soon? Thanks for taking the time to check in - have a great one peeps.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out!


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