Friday, November 23, 2007

It's called Turkey Day for a reason

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border. What is there to talk about on Thanksgiving Friday other than NFL Football? We enjoyed an afternoon off with all the fixins - yes, Canadians celebrate American Thanksgiving (well, NFL fans do).

First off, we are thankful that the Cowboys laid a beating on the Jets yesterday - it wasn't one of Tony Romo's best performances, but it was enough to get the win. The 10-1 started is the best ever for the franchise. We still think the Cowboys teams of the 90's lead by Aikman, Smith and Irvin are the best in the franchise's history - but we aren't complaining about this year's team. On another note, it really has to suck to be a Jets fan these days.

Its time to close the book on the 2007 Detroit Lions. They started out the season talking about winning 10 games - we didn't buy it then, and we certainly aren't buying it now (especially since we wasted a six point pick plus the points in the pool). The Lions are the poster boys for parity in the NFL - they built their early season record against some pretty weak teams and get pounded by good teams. From now on, we are going against the Lions regardless, of what the spread is.

Colts beat the Falcons - so much for Atlanta stepping up to play their Super Bowl. Ya, we put one point on the Falcons + 12.5; you have to take some chances to win a week in the pool.

Bad news from Europe - England announced that they had fired Manager Steve McClaren after England's collapse against Croatia on Wednesday night at Wembley. We say "bad news" because we are sad to see that England won't be at the Euro 2008 tournament in Switzerland/Austria - with England out, it only leaves the Netherlands as our bitches. Yes, Portugal goes into every international tournament knowing that we can and will beat the English and the Dutch.

We're pressed for time today so we have to boot.

For Thanksgiving Thursday we are highlighting the turkeys (more like donkeys).

The Ottawa SenaTards blew a couple of two goal leads in losing 6-5 to Pittsburgh in a shootout. Normally we would celebrate a loss by the Tards - but they blew up a pretty good Pro-Line ticket, so we aren't in a celebratory mood.

Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna really stepped up yesterday - with everything to prove, he laid an egg - 19/40 for 224 with an interception. You can't be taken seriously if Kitna is your QB.

We've had a tough week so far, but we'll get back on track with a few afternoon games - we'll be back later for the night games.

Boston over NY Islanders - Irregardless of the start both teams are off to, we still think they'll be lightweights by the end of the season. We're all caught up in the love for Tuukka Rask (though he probably won't play today) - does Hazel bring the Bruins good karma by showing up at the game today???? Lay $100 on the Bruins - $130.

Minnesota over Columbus - the Wild dropped their last home game to the Canucks, so expect them to come out on fire today against Columbus. Lay $100 on Minnesota - $170.

Anaheim over Phoenix - this game has killed us in the past, we are going with Anaheim one last time - if they blow another against the Coyotes, we're done with them. Lay $100 on the Ducks - $210.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in...for those of you who are off today, enjoy your Thanksgiving long weekend.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!!!


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