Friday, September 28, 2007


US Womens Soccer coach Greg Ryan and veteran US Womens Goalie Brianna Scurry wins this weeks Head Up Their Ass of the Week Award.
Greg Ryan in the most explosive brain fart known to modern mankind-was about to face Brazil in the semi final game of the womens World Cup.
He had an undefeated goalie in Hope Solo.
Suddenly this fucking moron experienced his Mind Fart.
Why not bench solo and instead start the veteran
and undefeated VS Brazil- Brianna Scurry.
Scurry and the ladies soccer team got shut out by the Brazillians 4-0.

Great fucking move Ryan!

After the game the dumbass defended his decision for benching Solo saying he could sleep fine with his idiotic decision and has no regrets.
Okay shithead. Your girl Hope Solo plays stellar goaltending and gets your team to the semi finals. Then you reward her in the BIG GAME she earned the right to play by having a seat on the bench for who? An older goalie who looks like that horrible folk singer Traci Chapman.
Now in a way I'm going to put my runner up Head Up Their Ass award to Brianna Scurry.
Brianna should've been a classy veteran and told her coach that she's refusing the offer and let Solo play instead.
Memo to Ryan.. You start Solo. If Solo lets in a couple of softies then you pull her. You gave her a chance and she failed. No problems.
Ryan obviously does not give a shit or even care about the prestigious World Cup stage to let it bother the fact he fucked up. It'd bother me! Solo defied team policy by coming out and blasting Coach Ryans decision (BIG APPLAUSE!).
She came right out and said that she could've made those saves and I love that! She ripped Ryan and the aged veteran skills of Brianna Scurry.
The US womens team in my opinion also should've stood up to Coach Ryans decision too.
You defend your goalie that got you to the dance. Coach Ryan said he would try to mend fences with Hope Solo.
If I was Solo and Ryan asked me to start the game to win 3rd place? I'd tell Coach Ryan
to go fuck himself. I'd say listen shithead-Go start that douche bag Scurry. Lets see if she can
win another big game.
Solo should refuse the start and let Ryan watch the old keeper blow another game.
So Coach Greg Ryan and Brianna Scurry-enjoy the view of your colons.
You're the Head Up Your Ass of the Week award winners.


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