Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay Red Sox fans the parades over and the players have gone their seperate ways to enjoy their 3 1/2 month vacations. Speing training 2008 begins mid February.
November will be somewhat busy as players await to see if they won any post season awards or enter into free agency.

I will give you a preview of my opinion on who will come,go or stay with the Red Sox for 2008.
I am not an "insider" . These are merely opinions for thought and predictions....
So here we go...

Hey I gotta start off with an easy one okay? Gagne came to Boston at the trade deadline from Texas for rookie pitcher Kason Gabbard and of David Murphy.
Gagne can not get out of Boston fast enough and file for free agency. He was hated here in Boston and pretty much blew enough Red Sox wins to keep the Yankees in the hunt to the end.
Without Gagne's shitteous pitching the Sox would've clinched the AL East by the first or 2nd week of Sept. as well as best overall AL record.
Hey Eric Gagne waived his no trade clause to come to Boston to win a World Series ring and he got one. If I'm John Henry I give Gagne a ring made of cheap fucking fake stones and put it in a cheap paper bag and give it to him at his new teams park by a smelly bum wearing a Scott Boras
eats shit. T-Shirt.
PREDICTION: TEXAS..Gagne wants to close but after all of baseball saw what a horror show he turned out to be he'll have a tough time selling teams on him as a closer. He had success in Texas and returns there where he, Gabbard and Murphy (who get rings for their service in Boston) will have Red Sox WS bling.

Eric Gagne's replacement will be someone the Red Sox have coveted for years.
Linebrink is a right handed set up guy who will become a FA this offseason.
He's had great numbers pitching in SD before being dished to Milwaukee to help out Brewers closer Cordero. Linebrink made $2+ M in 2007.
PREDICTION: Linebrink to Boston for $4.5M per for 3 years with a club option.

Eric Hinske proved valuable to Boston because of his defensive ability to play both corner positions in the OF and INF. He sucked as a hitter.
He got his ring and will file for FA. The Red Sox would like a utility guy who can hit and at $5M Eric Hinske proved an expensive bench warmer.
His memorable Fenway moment was when he dove face first in the RF turf to catch a sinking fly ball.
PREDICTION: Any AL/NL team he can start. Hinske wants to be an every day player not a back up. He can play 1B/3B/OF and DH . Just wants to be in the lineup every day.
He'll have to take a paycut to get that chance .

Kielty made $2M for the Sox as a platoon OF who took over the job when Wily Mo Pena couldn't hit here in Boston.
Kielty delivered key hits,played great defensively and oh yeah won the World Series with a HR.
I think he'll get a lot more playing time next year when JD Drew gets hit with the injury bug .
Hard to let this guy go.
PREDICTION: Stays in Boston with a 3 year deal worth $3.5 M plus bonuses

Curt wants to play one more year and wants to play in Boston.
He made $13M last year but had to be shut down for a while mid season to be ready for the stretch run. I think Theo will go to a younger veteran pitcher to replace Curt.
The Red Sox weren't really to excited with Schilling calling up WEEI sports everyday with a
daily Curt Flash like a special Red Sox WEEI correspondent.
Schilling is a media whore. When he retires you can bet your ass he will be looking for a Fox or ESPN analyst job. He could be their MLB gossip correspondent.
I'm surprised as anyone Curt Schilling has not put a web cam on his hat brim so he can do live webcasts on CURT TV. All Curt. All day.All night Just send in $200 a month and live life with Curt.
PREDICTION: Gone to Philadelphia. 2 years $15M plus reachable bonuses and includes mutual options. Phillies a contender too.
Its a thin pitching market and Curt will continue his farewell tour with former clubs.

Thats it for now. Feel free to post your comments..

More in a day or so.


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