Monday, October 29, 2007

The Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies to capture their 2nd World Championship
in 4 years and it was just like the way they captured the flag in 2004 over the St. Louis Cardinals.
In 2004 the Red Sox went a hard fought 7 games to beat the NY Yankees to capture the AL flag. Everyone thought the Red Sox played their World Series with their miraculous comeback over the Yanks.
The Sox were facing Albert Pujols and the powerhouse NL Champs St. Louis Cardinals.
Baseball fans were in shock as the Sox whipped the Cardinals 4 straight in St. Louis.
Here in 2007 the Red Sox lead the season from beginning to end and captured the AL East flag something the Yankees always won every year.
Boston finished 2007 with the best record in baseball,having beaten the Cleveland Indians 5 games to 2 during regular season play.
In the ALDS Boston swept an AL West champion team LA Angels most everyone
picked to win it all.
Instead of a showdown with their 2004 ALCS rival Wild Card NY Yankees,they got the AL Central Champs Cleveland Indians who was the 2nd best team in baseball.
How fitting that 2 of baseballs best teams duke it out for the AL title and the right to go to the World Series.
Boston shocked experts by beating the Indians big aces CC Sabathia and Fausto Carmona.
However the series ended up going 7 games where Boston utilized its homefield advantage and ace and ALCS MVP Josh Beckett to go to the World Series.
The Nl wild card Colorado Rockies captured the NLCS in very quick fashion beating the Cubs and Diamondbacks while the Sox/Indians took their street fight to 7 games.
Rockies had to wait 8 days to find out who their World Series dance partner would be.
Prior to the World Series the Red Sox roster was a shocker. Struggling reliever Eric Gagne whom most figured to be left off the roster was left on. Senior Red Sox member Tim Wakefield
announced due to physical injury could not compete. He was replaced by Kyle Snyder not
Julian Tavarez.
The Red Sox were clearly the better talented team than the Colorado Rockies.
Sox mgr. Terry Francona was brilliant in his line-up moves,yanking pitchers who faltered.
This World Series win was not won by 2004 ALCS MVP David Ortiz,2004 WS MVP Manny Ramirez like in 2004.
It was won by guys like Ellsbury,Pedroia,Youkilis,Papelbon,Okajima and Kielty who barely made $1M each.
How ironic was it that the 2007 ALCS MVP Josh Beckett and 2007 WS MVP Mike Lowell were teammates on a Florida Marlins WS team and obtained in the biggest trade in Red Sox history.
The Red Sox are the first repeat WS winners in the new Millenium.
Celebrate and enjoy the title Red Sox Nation !


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