Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tilt Report - Here comes the long weekend...

For us Canadians we'll be celebrating the birthday of our nation on July 1st. This also is a special day for those NBA and NHL players who are soon to become free agents. You can already hear General Managers in both leagues counting out the cash for their potential hires. Watch for some big things in the free agent market, especially in the NBA where the Toronto Raptors are said to be looking for small or power forward. The Leafs will likely look to make a few moves...albeit I highly doubt that John Ferguson Jr. will make any substantive moves in regards to the overpaid defence he's built. For the love of gawd...will you please trade Brian McCabe!!! Daniel Briere will likely be one of the most coveted free agents available. I would think that Montreal would have great interest in bringing him to their organization.

What was up with all the old timers pitching last night...MLB must have sent a memo around to the league stating that the oldest starter must start yesterday. John Smoltz, Jamie Moyer, Greg Maddox, and Roger Clemens were all on the mound for their respective teams. Talk about going retro. Prince Fielder continues to show what kind of player he is...after hitting an inside the park homerun last week (seriously when this guy gets rolling, I don't think he can stop), he stretched a single into a double last night after taking a massive bellyflop onto second base. Likely one of the funniest highlights I've seen all year. Ryan Howard became the fastest player to reach 100 career home runs...least the guy is coming around and hitting the ball again.

Tonight is the NBA draft (*yawn*) and Greg Oden will be taken at #1 by the Portland Trailblazers. Oden, who looks like he's 35 is a solid player and will become the face of the Trailblazers franchise who have seen better days.

In terms of the Chris Benoit tragedy (tragedy in the sense for his wife and child), I would note that in the US the penality for possession of weed is much higher then that of possession of steriods or human growth hormones. I find this ironic, cause I don't ever recall anyone going "crazy" after smoking a joint. But I guess as long as "legal" drug makers are making these available, we likely won't see a "ban" on such substances.


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