Friday, June 22, 2007

Tilt Report - A lil' Bit of Everything

So I was thinking about Kobe Bryant's recent demand for a trade and chances are likely that he'll end up in Chicago. For those of you who think that Kobe remains one of the premier players in the league, I'd note that for all his greatness (and he is a great basketball player) Kobe hasn't done much without Shaq since the big guys move to Miami. Going to Chicago (as good as it sounds) maybe the worst thing for Bryant as the Chicago fans have been looking for the next coming of Jordon for a while now.

Speaking of Chicago the US beat Canada in the Gold Cup - but not without some controversy. Wonder if the US immigration agency offered to allow the Mexican referees family into the country if he'd make a decisive call. Replays of the game clearly show that the ball went off the US defender, hence making the goal legit. Maybe the Chicago wind blew something into eyes of the referee.

Ray Emery underwent a "success" surgery on his wrist. Sens fans I'm sure are waiting to see if their goaltender will be ready for action come the fall. Still with Gerber under contract, the Sens may not have to worry about their goaltending situation. How you keep a $4 million back up I don't know...LoL

Recently I've taken to watching beach volleyball. How great is a sport when the female players are regulated to wear a bikini??? Same goes for Olympic volleyball where all the female players must wear short shorts...who likes short shorts???

The latest news that the Leafs are looking to re-aquire Curtis Joseph is making this Leafs fan very happy. Now here is a guy (outside of Sundin) who deserves to finish his career in the blue and white. While they're at it, maybe they can entice Gary Roberts to come back to the fold...he can't be worse than Antropov.

What is it with professional athletes who can't leave their past behind them. I mean if you're making millions as a pro athlete do you really need to retain your childhood friends who are only around to spend your money? I'm talking to Mike Vick, "Pac-Man" Jones, and various other athletes who just can't let the idea of "street cred" go. I have a little tip for them...if you're bank account has more than $1 million in it - you've got instant street cred...and even if you have the street cred, what the hell is it going to get you that the millions in your bank account isn't? Respect - respect from whom?

Can someone please explain to me why the NFL continues to overlook Toronto as a potential NFL market. What gives??? Sure putting an NFL would destroy the CFL, but damn I want a NFL team in this country.

After watching a very strange race (lawnmower racing)...I have come to determine that Americans can turn anything into a spectator sport.


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