Saturday, October 14, 2006

NFL Picks - Spreads

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Ok, last week was a forgettable one for yours truly against the spread - but we are going to fix that this week. I've done my homework, I've done my research, I've consulted so called experts - and the good news this week is that we are NOT going against Hazel's Kansas City Chiefs.

16) NEW ORLEANS +3.5 over Philadelphia - everything points to an emotional letdown for the Eagles; if that isn't enough, the Eagles haven't proven they can stop the run - Bush and McAllister run all day on that soft run defence.

15) San Diego -10.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - Marty ball reigns supreme this Sunday. Expect the Chargers D to stuff Alex Smith and the 49ers. L.T. has a big game too.

14) WASHINGTON -9.5 over Tennessee - before you put too much stock in last week's game against the Colts, remember, the Skins run D will show up on Sunday. Vince Young is in for another long day.

13) Cincinnati -6.5 over TAMPA BAY - Carson Palmer coming off a bye week against a rookie QB for Tampa - No contest. Note: No Bengals players arrested or charged in the last couple of days...though that could change by game time.

12) Chicago -10.5 over ARIZONA - National stage for the Bears to prove that they are indeed for real - they only have to cover Boldin Monday night. Arizona starts to look like the "big" girl you woke up to after a night of heavy drinking.

11) ATLANTA -2.5 over NY Giants - Ron Mexico and Warrick Dunn play keep away from Eli Manning. Atlanta controls the clock and runs to a big victory over the Giants.

10) DENVER -15.5 over Oakland - the only thing that worries me is the Monday Night Football hangover and a cheap backdoor cover.

06) Kansas City +6.5 over PITTSBURGH - allow me to introduce you to Hazel Mae...enough said.

08) ST. LOUIS +3.5 over Seattle - I can't see Seattle getting it done without Alexander. Bulger is playing well enough to win this one outright.

07) Carolina +2.5 over BALTIMORE - Smith factor. Both D's match up pretty evenly - this one gets broken open by Smith.

06) 08) DALLAS -12.5 over Houston - first time on this page?

05) Buffalo -1.5 over DETROIT - Buffalo's D overwhelms the Roy Williams'-less Lions - Losman manages the Bills to a win.

04) NY JETS -2.5 over Miami - yuck. This is traditionally the most unpredictable inter-division game every year. Who knows? I'll go with the hometeam in this one.


Ottawa over Montreal - the SenaTards aren't as a bad as everyone is making them out to be - the Habs aren't that good. A road game is what the Tards need.

Boston over NY Islanders - The Buzz with Hazel Mae debuts next Tuesday...they have to give her something to talk about.

NY Mets over St. Louis - the Mets rebound from the Billy Wagner brain cramp and take back home field advantage.

There you have it. They are solid this week - trust me. Have a great afternoon Peeps!

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for my "babygurl" Inez who checked into yahoo message board with a splash

Hello - The Doors

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

There you have it. They are solid this week - trust me. Have a great afternoon Peeps!


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