Sunday, September 03, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

September signals the start of the upcoming NFL season, and I'm thinking that Thursday night can't come along soon enough for most of the readers on this page - with the Red Sox pretty much out of it, and the Blue Jays who were never really in it for any meaningful length of time, its probably time to shift focus away from baseball. No, I won't gloat about Red Sox West...but I will be updating on just how they are doing. So maybe its time we start talking a little football.

Qualifying for the Euro 2008 Football Championship has started, a whole host of games on Saturday - with a couple of surprises, one of them being Finland's 3-1 win over Poland. Poland was thought to be one of the teams that might trip a very young Portuguese team in the this is good news for the "Quinas".

World Champions Italy got off to a shaky start with a 1-1 tie to Lithuania; but I'm pretty sure there isn't a lot of concern amongst Italians. My man Kavliary's boys from Greece won their opening game against Moldova, but just by the hair of their...never mind. Kavliary, you guys were a one-trick pony, you rode it to a championship but lightening won't strike twice this time around buddy.


The NFL starts up on Thursday night - for those of you in NFL pools, I'll be posting my picks both straight up and against the spread, with both sets being weighted. The straight up pool I am in is weighted, 16 for the best pick and 1 for the "least sure bet" - points are awarded for wins and deducted for losses, so you can finish with a negative score for the week. The spreads pool is also weighted, but there are no points deducted for wrong picks. I'll post my picks on Tuesday...since they stopped airing "Rescue Me" up here in Canada.

As of today, we still have spots available in the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Football League - not sure we are going to get our minimum to kick off the season - dammit gang, get on there and sign up, its a freakin' automated draft - yahoo does it for you.

I'm in one fantasy football pool - the draft was last week. The draft went ok I guess, my draft position was pretty weak, coupled with the fact that all of the top 10 RBs and top 5 QBs were all protected. My team definitely has a "Hazel-influence" - but what else would you expect from a team called Hazel Mae's Cowboys?

QB - Trent Green, Kansas City - cuz we think Hazel is still a big-time Chiefs fan, she hasn't gone on record as saying she's a Patriots fan yet - though there is spot reserved for her on the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon.

QB - Drew Brees, New Orleans - the Saints may be awful this year, but they'll score some points. Later round insurance pick in case the Chiefs switch to a predominantly run-based offence.

RB - Steven Jackson, St. Louis - from all accounts, he should have a breakout season. Gone are the days of the "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis is going to run the ball more this year - so he should be solid.

RB - Reuben Droughans, Cleveland - the Browns will be bad again, but I needed another RB and he should get a lot of carries...provided he keeps his ass out of trouble with the police.

TE - Randy McMichael, Miami - no reports of Nick Saban yelling at him, Randy's got game and should be one of the first options for Culpepper.

TE - Kellen Winslow, Cleveland - yes I know I've ragged on him here, but he was still available late in the draft and I needed another TE. We'll see if he can back up his big talk...maybe, cuz he may be traded early on. Stay away from motorcycles Kellen.

WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona - money. This guy is a playmaker and he will score his share of TDs and pick up some yards.

WR - Alquan Boldin, Arizona - see comment on Larry Fitgerald. Dammit Warner, you had better get these two the damn ball.

WR - Terry Glenn, Dallas - he is going to have a good season - they can't be double covering him all year with Terrell in Big D. A former Patriot (didn't I say my team had a "Hazel-influence"?) and, how can a team called Hazel Mae's Cowboys not have a representative or two from Big D?

WR - Antonio Bryant, San Francisco - see explanation for Reuben Droughans. San Francisco doesn't have much going for them, so Bryant should get a lot of opportunities as the No. 1 receiver. Plus, he is a former Cowboys WR...until he crossed swords with Parcells.

WR - Joe Jurevicius, Cleveland - a last round insurance pick. They have to throw to someone if Kellen "Superman" Winslow is going to be double covered. Dammit Cleveland better have a good season on offence now.

K - Jeff Wilkins, St. Louis - he can hit the long ball...does that mean chicks dig kickers?

D - DeMarcus Ware, Dallas - that stop on Reggie Bush inside the 10 was priceless; this guy is a monster.

D - Jason Taylor, Miami - this guy is as consistent as they come. He'll get his share of fantasy points.

D - Adrian Wilson, Arizona - he was near the top last year for DBs...let's hope they throw at him this year.

D - Joey Porter, Pittsburgh - he'll get his share of points with the number of tackles he can be expected to make.

D - Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay - he always puts up big numbers, he'll be among the league leaders in sacks.

That's about it for this morning gang...enjoy your long weekend and have a great one.

A reserved approach is probably going to bring you the best results. The less attention you draw to yourself, the better. A serious decision regarding your personal life is in order. 2 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

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