Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Morning Questions

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I'm phoning it in today - actually working from home.

Questions abound about Team Canada team - every armchair GM was phoning the Team 1200 this morning - Gretzky should have picked Spezza (SenaTards fans of course), Gretzky should have picked Staal, Gretzky should have picked Phaneuf - these young guns would have made a difference. I don't see the point in second-guessing the decision made by Team Canada's Management Team - all that does is let the guys on the team off the hook.

I'll offer my two cents (1.8 cents U.S.) - I don't think Team Canada is competing. They look slow and sluggish out there - they are going through the motions, they aren't imposing their will on the game and are not showing any creativity.
  • They dump the puck into the zone, but have no one chasing in to pressure the D; the forwards aren't laying the body on anyone, the defencemen on other teams know they aren't going to get hit or pressured and are taking their time getting the puck out; guys like Gagne, Nash, St. Louis, Iginla - the speed guys need to get in there and make something happen.

  • The defencemen aren't standing anyone up at the blueline - Canada keeps backing in allowing teams to come to them. They are retreating from the centre line on back to their own net - the forwards aren't coming back to help; the D looks intimidated by the big ice - especially McCabe and Foote. Pronger is rumoured to be playing hurt - Blake has been quiet for the most part.

  • Team Canada isn't showing any creativity in their game - as I said yesterday, the power play is still all about getting it back to the point and teeing it up for a shot on net. Where is the pass down low trying to create a 3 on two advantage? Why aren't the defencemen jumping up to join the rush? The passing has been awful.
Well, now I'm sounding like an armchair coach and no one really cares about what I think. Just some random thoughts on Team Canada. I think we need Hazel Karma to get this team going.

Canada is up to 13 medals, so its time to hand out some more Hazies. First off, hats off to Cindy Klassen who has won three medals in speed skating - a Canadian record.

Gold Medal Winner
Duff Gibson (great name) won a gold medal in Men's Skeleton

Silver Medal Winners
Pierre Lueders & Lascelles Brown finished second in the Bobsleigh - there has been some controversy about one of the German Sleighs using an illegal teflon coating on their runners. For the record, the alleged cheaters didn't win a medal - but they were in first place after the first two runs.

Jeff Pain wins a medal in the Skeleton

Bronze Medal Winner
Dominique Maltais wins a Bronze in Women's snowboarding.

Listening to WEEI this morning - where the question seems to be "Where's Manny?" Talk is Manny may be in Europe...things that make you go hmmmmm.

Back to work...have a great one peeps.

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Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Morning on Hazelspeeps - just because

Nth Degree - Morning Wood (really digging that song)

Peesth Out!


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