Saturday, September 13, 2008

NFL Week 2 Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I have finally recovered from Portugal's loss to freaking Denmark on Wednesday - unbelievable - I can't talk about it without throwing up in my mouth a little. We always seem to want to do things the hard way - oh well, at least Ronaldo will be back for the next round of qualifiers.

This week's NFL picks - confidence pool, with no negative points attached. Last week was brutal, but it is in the past and this week is certain to be better. Remember, spreads were locked down on Wednesday in the pool, so the line may have changed - the suggested three play will reflect up to date lines.

16) Indianapolis -1.5 over MINNESOTA - before last week, if you had to guess which of these two teams would start the season 0-2 - who would you have chosen? Thought so...the Colts straighten things out this week; Manning over Adrian Peterson.

15) New England +2.5 over NY JETS - ok, Matt Cassell is no Tom Brady, but last time I checked, the Jets weren't a very good football team. Patriots ride emotion - with something to prove in Brady's absence.

14) CAROLINA -3.5 over Chicago - Forte won't run for 150+ against the Panthers (ask LaDainian Tomlinson), meaning Kyle Orton will have to step up to win the game. The Panthers weren't very good against the Chargers and still won - the Bears should be a cake walk compared to the Chargers.

13) ARIZONA -6.5 over Miami - the Dolphins were "ok" in their first game against the Jets, but they were at home. Cardinals take advantage of a young Dolphins secondary and win big.

12) SEATTLE -8.5 over San Fran - the Seahawks got whooped in Buffalo last week, but they have a history of pounding the league's bottom-feeders like the 49ers.

11) Pittsburgh -5.5 over CLEVELAND - the Browns showed last week that they aren't ready to play with the league's big boys - the Steelers will beat them up much like Dallas did.

10) New Orleans +0.5 over WASHINGTON - Brees vs Campbell...enough said.

09) Green Bay -2.5 over DETROIT - Right "NOW", Detroit sucks - read post from earlier this week - and Green Bay doesn't. Packers win by a TD.

08) NY Giants -8.5 over ST. LOUIS - the Rams looked awful against the Eagles pressure D, it won't get any easier this week against the Giants.

07) DALLAS -6.5 over Philadelphia - no explanation need...this is Cowboys' country.

06) Atlanta -8.5 over TAMPA BAY - Brian Griese gets the start for Garcia - ugh. Bucs win the game, but Atlanta keeps it close by trying to control clock with running game. Think back-door cover.

05) CINCINNATI -1.5 over Tennessee - Carson Palmer starts for the Maeple Leafs in Fantasy Football pool...his last chance, so he'll be motivated.

04) DENVER +2.5 over San Diego - grudge pick, hatin' the Chargers these days.

03) Buffalo +5.5 over Jacksonville - too many injuries on Jags OL to think they can score a lot of points against good Bills D.

02) Oakland +3.5 over KANSAS CITY - two hated will be close.

Those are the picks - Three Play picks tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world - enjoy your NFL Sunday.

I'm Out!


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