Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's a little tampering between friends?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.
NHL Commish Gary Bettman put the Toronto Maple Leafs on notice, albeit not directly mentioning the organization by name, when he said the league would investigate AND punish any team found (or believed) to be tampering.
The Leafs have offered former Sharks coach, and self-professed Canadian media hater, Ron Wilson. Leaf haters in Canada have come out in force, charging the Leafs with trying to get around tampering charges by offering the vacant coaching position of one of Brian Burke's best friends in hockey - the aforementioned Ron Wilson. The haters point to their friendship, dating back to their playing days at Providence, and the fact that Burke is Godfather to Ron Wilson's child.
The haters have gone as far as to suggest that Burke is "quietly" pulling the strings in Toronto, that Ron Wilson would never accept a job in Canada if he didn't have assurances that Burke would be there to guide the team he was going to coach. Is that the case? Doubtful, Burke has too much integrity to do that - but likely more a case of the Leafs forcing Anaheim's hand and letting Burke know that IF/WHEN he comes to Toronto, he will have a coach he can work with.
Speaking of tampering, the most sought after free agent is getting offers while still technically under contract. The word is that Hazel did the media tour (radio) to dispel any notions that she is leaving NESN because of a contract dispute. Hazel has chosen to take the high road in explaining why she has (amicably) parted ways with her employer - but that hasn't stopped media outlets from courting Hazel to join their outfit. While graciously declining, citing that she is still an employee of NESN, you can bet that come July 1 - there will be three big news stories in the world of sports.
1) Anaheim releases Brian Burke from his contract to allow him to accept the vacant GM's job with the Maple Leafs;
2) Hazel Mae accepts a position with a national media outlet (the betting here is Fox Sports, though me thinks Rogers Sportsnet should get involved in the bidding);
3) Portugal still in rapture after winning Euro 2008.
I'm going with that
Three play later this afternoon.
Thanks for taking the time to check in - have a great one.
Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.
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