Friday, May 16, 2008

Freaky Friday....

Well let me start by officially welcoming the summer to has been a long, long and I mean long winter this year in the great white north and nothing is better then walking down the street to see many of Canada's beautiful women enjoying the weather.

Typically we don't write too much about the NBA, but did anyone see that cheap shot Robert Horry delivered to David West last night? Is Horry that desperate to win another championship? The guy should have been heavily fined and suspended for his hip check on Steve Nash last year and now he delivers a shot to the back of West, who is already suffering from a bad back. If the Cinderella Hornet's (behind MVP Chris Paul)lose this series the Spurs will have to thank Cheap Shot Bob for his contribution. It's too bad that the series has come to this considering the attention that the play of the two point guards (Paul and the Spur's Tony Parker), who are putting on a PG clinic.

I refuse to talk about hockey - since the Leafs are out.

Baseball - for those fantasy baseball owners who have roster space available the current HOT commodity is Jay Bruce. The young outfielder for the Cinninatti Reds will likely be called up soon (he's absolutely crushing Triple A pitching right now). Rumour has it that the Reds will unload Ken Griffey Jr. to the Seattle Mariners and call up Bruce to replace him. Bruce is nearly a can't miss prospect and there are many (including your's truly) that have stashed him on their roster since the start of the season. This year's Ryan Braun.

Finally, the last topic I'm going to write on is...the World Series of Poker and their recent announcement that the final table will be delayed by approximately 4 months. This is a move being done by Harrah's (which owns the rights to the WSOP) to "promote" the game and "build interest" in the final table. The final table will be aired live after the ESPN broadcast of the event. This is a four month delay and really breaks the mold of poker tournaments. The final table participants will then have 4 months to study, dissect and prepare for the final table and their opponents. While I can understand the need to promote the event, I think this is a terrible way for the final table to happen. You change the dynamics of the game and it no longer becomes a grind to the final table. The final table will also become more stategic and players will be forced to change their playing style once they return to finish the tournament. What it comes to is that the WSOP event in June becomes a "satellite" of sorts for the final table to be televised in October. Ugh.

On the bright side, enjoy this little pic of Tila Tequila....


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