Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "New Year's Eve Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae is she is checking in.

Week 17 is in the books and we have little if anything good to say about it. We weren't going to be angry today - it is New Year's Eve and a time to celebrate and look ahead - but we're hating a little today. Why? Consider the donkeys from week 17:

The Washington Redskins pounding their chests and acting like champs against the Cowboys' second team - Santana Moss and Clinton Portis are donkeys - all the "thoughts of Sean Taylor" talk goes out the window when you act the way you did. Think Sean Taylor would have been down with that garbage?

Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden takes the game off and puts in the "B" team for the second week in a row - costing us HUGE HUGE money yesterday - karma Chuckie. As much as we hate the stinking Giants, we're calling for them to beat your rusty asses on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said his team would play to win - he didn't say for "only for one half". See explanation for the Bucs to see how much we are hating on Holmgren today. We'd love to see them lose Sunday - but they are playing the Redskins, whom we hate MORE.

We're keeping it brief today - a pretty good week in terms of the Three Play, finishing the week at + $520. The total for the year is DOWN to - $1,880; we told you we'd come back. We continue tonight:

Carolina over NY Islanders - Canes have too much for the Isles to deal with, too much team speed and too much firepower. Lay $100 on the Canes - $185.

Dallas over Nashville - ride the Stars while they are hot. Lay $100 on the Stars - $200.

Detroit over St. Louis - this one is simple, the home team wins in this series. Lay $100 on the Wings - $220.

Clemson - 1.5 over Auburn - we're going with a few bowl games this year, we were solid in picking them last year. Clemson has the offense to get it done today - their D should have no problems handling Auburn. Lay $100 on Clemson.

That's it for today gang - we're out to start pounding back Guinness. Have a safe and happy new year celebration.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - here's hoping 2008 is as good or better than last year. All the best to you.

We're Out!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Big news from the NFL

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Football fans across the continent are no doubt discussing the big news that came from the NFL yesterday - Carolina Panthers QB Vinny Testaverde announced that he will be retiring after today's game in Tampa Bay. Testaverde's announcement took all the attention away from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots who completed a perfect regular season with a win over the New York Giants - lost in Testaverde's announcement was the fact that both Tom Brady and Randy Moss had record setting nights. Brady threw his 50th TD pass - good enough to pass Peyton Manning, and Randy Moss caught his 23rd TD of the season - eclipsing Jerry Rice's single season record. Nice to see those two names erased from the books.

We are in shock over Testaverde's announcement - so much so that we can't even begin to think about hockey.

Washington Capitals RW Alex Ovechkin had four goals in an 8-6 win over the Tards - you know we like to heap love on anyone who pounds the Tards. Didn't we tell you Washington would win? Speaking of heaping love on anyone who pounds the Tards...

Washington Capitals LW Donald Brashear destroyed the Tards wanna be tough guy Chris Neil - pounding him with close to 25 shots to the melon before Neil dragged him to the ice. You know how we feel about Neil here - he loves fighting little guys, so it was great to see him get dusted by a heavyweight. Typical "re-Tards" fans applauded Neil for dragging Brashear to the ice - ignoring the fact he was annihilated.

Calgary Flames RW Jarome Iginla and LW Christians Huselius both had two goals and an assist in a 5-3 win over the Ducks - both are on the Maeple Leafs roster in the Fantasy Hockey Pool.

Another decent night going 2-1 and adding $90 to the bank roll for the week - the total stands at + $390; we told you we were on the road back to respectability. Today's suggestions in a crazy week 17

Seattle -1 over Atlanta - we've maintain that the Seahawks are road wimps, and we believe it - but Holmgren says he's playing his starters...they won't lose to the woeful Falcons. Lay $100 on the Seahawks.

Cincinnati -2.5 over Miami - see yesterday's reason. Palmer won't lose to the 1-14 Dolphins. Lay $150 on the Bengals.

Tampa Bay +2.5 over Carolina - Vinny goes out with a loss where it all started for him. Lay $100 on the Bucs plus the points.

Denver +3 over Minnesota - can't see the Vikes winning big here - Shanahan, the miserable curmudgeon, will have his gang up to play spoilers today. Think about it...would you trust Tarvaris Jackson? In a big game with playoff implications? Well, we wouldn't.

Arizona -6 over St. Louis - an ugly game, but you look for value - Arizona will want to end a disappointing season on a high note...they will today. Lay $100 on the Cards.

We'll be back later with a few more picks - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Well, week 17 of the NFL and still without a victory in the weekly pool - paying the entry fee for next year's pool isn't exactly appealing, so we're going to shoot the moon and look for a win to salvage a decent but disappointing season. Spreads were locked on Wednesday, so they may be a bit different that current spreads.

16) San Diego -6.5 over OAKLAND - Chargers should roll in this one, even if Tomlinson sits, they have options at RB. This could be scary if Pittsburgh loses against Baltimore.

15) PHILADELPHIA -7.5 over Buffalo - the game means nothing so you know McNabb will play like a champ in what should (is likely???) to be his last game in an Eagles uniform.

14) ARIZONA -5.5 St. Louis - we're banking on Warner getting up to play his old team. Arizona should finish strong at home.

13) CLEVELAND -9.5 over San Francisco - Chris Weinke is starting for the 49ers - enough said.

12) Seattle +2.5 over ATLANTA - Holmgren says he is going with his starters - for who long, who knows; but we think long enough to get a lead on the Falcons.

11) INDIANAPOLIS +6.5 over Tennessee - Marvin Harrison is going to play which means Manning should play at least a half - long enough to build up a lead to cover this one. Tennessee usually plays close games and tomorrow should be no different.

10) TAMPA BAY +2.5 over Carolina - the Panthers played their Super Bowl last week and lost; the Bucs will show up in front of a home crowd.

09) Cincinnati -2.5 over MIAMI - we're not buying this garbage that "players will be looking to show Parcells they belong", Parcells has two years of videotape to know that most don't. Carson Palmer ends the season with a big game against the awful Dolphins.

08) GREEN BAY -3.5 over Detroit - Favre should get some snaps, especially after last week's awful performance against the Bears. Does anyone trust the Lions on the road, on grass, and in the cold? We don't either.

07) New England -14.5 over NY Giants - Brady has a record to set and the Giants have "injury" issues.

06) Dallas +7.5 over WASHINGTON - since when is Todd Collins the type of QB that can spot 7 points? He isn't even Kerry Collins for chryss sakes. Dallas covers tomorrow - expect an outright win.

05) BALTIMORE +5.5 over Pittsburgh - no Parker, no Roethlisberger, means a close game. Steelers will probably a field goal, tops - they had better, we've got 16 riding on the Chargers.

04) CHICAGO +2.5 over New Orleans
- the Saints have to think they are done (we don't think they are though), they'll show up, but their hearts won't be in it. Chicago salvages some pride this weekend - "some" pride.

03) HOUSTON -6.5 over Jacksonville - Texans end their season with a home win against a Jacksonville team that is thinking about the Steelers.

02) DENVER +1.5 over Minnesota - call it a hunch, Broncos will be up to play spoilers at home.

01) Kansas City +5.5 over NY JETS - yuck.

Carolina Hurricanes C Eric Staal had a goal and an assist in a 4-3 win over the Bruins...sorry gang.

San Jose Sharks G Evgeni Nabokov stopped 26 shots in a 1-0 win over the St. Louis Blues.

Carolina Hurricanes D Mike Commodore had a goal and completely annihilated P.J Axelsson in the Canes win.

We were 2-1 last night - hard luck losers with Buffalo losing in a shootout. The total for the week is a very respectable + $300. Tonight's suggestions:

New England -13.5 over NY Giants - Patriots complete the perfect regular season by pounding on the Giants. Brady will get them up 28-0 by the end of the 1st half and Pats coast to 16-0 season. Lay $100 on the Patriots.

Minnesota over Edmonton - the Wild are tough to beat at home, the Oilers will find that out first hand tonight. Niklas Backstrom is coming off a great performance against Phoenix - expect him to carry that over tonight. Lay $100 on the Wild - $210.

Dallas over St. Louis - Dallas has been playing well lately, especially at home; they should get it done against the Blues tonight. Lay $100 on the Stars - $175.

We've got a feeling about Washington beating the Tards tonight...but we'll leave that one.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Friday, December 28, 2007

An A-hole is an A-hole is an A-hole

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

"Boys, an A-hole is an A-hole is an A-hole - don't ever forget that." My best friend's crusty old Irish father spoke these words of wisdom to us, years ago, when we were impressionable teenagers. They are words to live by when you meet and deal with people in your day-to-day life or happen to read the Sports section of your favourite newspaper.

With that in mind, and given that it was a pretty bad night from our perspective (Leafs losing in Philadelphia to the crap heel Flyers), we turn our attention to Toronto's self-proclaimed "only objective hockey observer in the GTA" Mr. Damien Cox.

If you check in regularly, you know that Mr. Cox pulls double duty at Hazel's hometown paper - serving as associate editor and "columnist". Damien is a curmudgeon at the best of times and an A-hole most other times. Damien checked in this morning to advise Leaf Nation that the Maple Leafs' 2007/08 season is pretty much a wash - just short of the mid-way point of the season.

In his typical smug style, Cox points out that the Leafs 2-3-2 road trip is a preview of things to come in the second half. Damien, as he is wanton to do, focuses on the slump of a few of the Leafs notables and points to their 12th place standing in the Eastern Conference as a reason to give up on the season. Yeppers, being one point out of eighth spot and just two points out of 5th spot is reason enough to pack it in if you are a member of Leaf Nation - Hazel, if you are checking in., do you hear that?

According to Cox, the deficit the Leafs find themselves in is for all intents and purposes - insurmountable.

You could almost see his smug little smirk when he typed his last character on the entry. The sad thing is that his content is largely predicated on pointing out all of the negatives when it comes to the Maple Leafs - when the Leafs are winning, he falls strangely silent. To put it in terms most of you in Red Sox Nation would understand - he's a wanna-be Dan Shaughnessy; only, he doesn't know enough about anything to come off as controversial.

Thanks for consistently being an A-hole Damien.

Minnesota Wild G Niklas Backstrom made 46 saves in a 3-2 win over Phoenix yesterday.

Pittsburgh Penguins D Sergei Gonchar had the game winner in a 4-3 overtime win over the Washington Capitals.

And a few SenaTards had good performances last night.

That's right...our three stars are related to yesterday's three play picks. Speaking of which

We were 3-1 last night - meaning the total for the week is + $200 if you took our suggestions - kudos to you if you ignored our Maple Leafs pick. Tonight's suggestions:

Carolina over Boston - the Canes possess the one quality the Bruins struggle with, team speed. The Canes quick forwards should generate plenty of scoring chances against Boston's somewhat slow D. Lay $100 on the Canes - $165.

Buffalo over New Jersey - we don't often suggest going against the Devils at home, but the Sabres have dominated New Jersey in the last 20 odd games - so go with the trend. Lay $100 on the Sabres +125.

San Jose over St. Louis - the Sharks have been unbelieveable on the road lately, winning seven in a row to improve to 13-3-2 - best to go with them while they are smoking. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $125.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Apologies for a Toronto-centric entry...this week's NFL pool has taken all the attention.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Play to win or don't bother

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Week 17 of the NFL promises to be interesting – especially if you are a poolie. The talk of the week is who is going to play and for how long? The Cowboys and Colts are being asked these questions as they go into games with playoff implications for their opponents. The Titans and Redskins both get in if they win – in the case of Tennessee, a loss means they are out – so what do the Colts and Cowboys do? Do you rest your stars and do what’s best for your team? Or, do you respect the integrity of the game and play to win the game, and risk injury to one of your key guys?

If you have been with us for a while – you know where we stand on this issue (refer back to last April, when the New Jersey Devils “rested” Martin Brodeur in the final game of the season against the New York Islanders – which had a direct impact on the playoff hopes of the Maple Leafs); you play to win the damn game. The circumstances around the decision by the Devils is a little different than this week’s NFL games – the Cowboys and Colts both know they have next week off, so the “resting” players doesn’t hold water here.

Everyone should heed the words of Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Herm Edwards “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” (repeat six times then make a face). The Titans and Redskins shouldn’t get free passes into the post-season and we’re hoping that Wade Phillips and Tony Dungy feel the same way – at minimum, Romo and Manning should play a full half (if not three quarters) with the first team. Will they do it? Probably not – but karma has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass. If they decide to let up on these two post-season hopefuls – what happens if the unthinkable comes to pass and you end up losing to one of them down the road? For that reason, amongst others (read: our hatred of the Redskins), we’d be coaching our team to pound these chumps who left it until week 17 to make it to the post-season.

A much more interesting story line is the game between the Giants and the Patriots – with the prevailing thought being that Giants coach Tom Coughlin is going to rest a number of first team players, with Eli Manning’s name being on that list, as they face an unbeaten New England Patriots team looking to make history by going 16-0.

The Giants can’t possibly think they have a legitimate chance of doing jack-squat in the playoffs – they are without a doubt one of the worst 10-5 teams in the history of the NFL. The Giants should be looking at Week 17 as their Super Bowl – a chance to avoid going down in infamy as the team the Patriots beat to complete their perfect regular season. The Giants should be looking at the game against the Patriots as a good tune up for the playoffs – there won’t be any cream puff games for them from here on in – so why downplay the importance of a game with historical implications?

The Giants will pass this game off as just another game and will likely rest their players – we’re not buying the crap about “resting” banged up players. We know the Giants better than that – Coughlin is going to try to protect his team’s false sense of confidence as they go into the playoffs. The Giants will sit Manning (we think it is more a case of “benching” him) and a few others and say the game means nothing to them – pointing to the Bucs as the only game that matters. This only proves how dumb this organization really is – they could salvage what will invariably end up being a season they view as “disappointing” by upsetting the NFL’s best team and maybe use it as motivation as they go into Tampa – but no, these are the Tom Coughlin-led Giants…you can always count on them to be donkeys. They’ll get pounded by New England, they’ll lose to the Bucs and then they’ll wonder where it all went wrong. If you don’t believe that, ask yourself this – why else would Jon Gruden throw a game against the 49ers if he DIDN’T want to play the Giants? Chuckie knows what we know.

Our predictions for this weekend? New England pounds the Giants, the Colts lose to the Titans (but cover the ridiculous number) and the Cowboys will beat the stinking Redskins. Take the points with the Cowboys and Colts – give the points and go with the Patriots.

We don’t want to talk about hockey today – nothing good to say. On a good note, Manchester United won in Premiership action yesterday with, you guessed it, Cristiano Ronaldo scoring one of the Red Devils’ four goals – in case you are counting (we know you’re not but…) that’s 16 goals in 16 games.

We finished off last week on a positive note - the total for the year is still ugly, but we’ll continue to whittle away at it. Tonight’s suggestions:

Ottawa over NY Islanders – the Isles are likely to be without Rick DiPietro tonight (he left last night’s game against Toronto after the 1st period) not good news when they are coming in to play the Tards – we hate to do it, but… Lay $100 on the Tards - $250.

Pittsburgh over Washington – the league’s marquee names face off tonight. Crosby’s Penguins have dominated Ovechkin’s Caps, going 8-1 over their last nine – it doesn’t look good for Washington, who played the Lightning last night. Lay $100 on the Penguins – $180.

Minnesota over Phoenix – the Wild had it handed to them last night in Dallas, so expect them to come out with a better effort against Gretzky’s boys who have been playing way over their head recently – clock strikes twelve in Phoenix tonight. Lay $100 on the Wild even.

Toronto over Philadelphia – upset special. Raycroft was front and center in last night’s abysmal performance against the Islanders, but his career numbers against the stinking Flyers are good. Also, the Flyers have been poor at home, so expect the unexpected with the Leafs tonight. Lay $100 on Hazel’s favourite hockey team + $135.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world and that you enjoyed your holiday.

We’re Out!

Donkey of the Year...

And here I thought I was going to award the Donkey of the Year award to someone like A-Rod (for simply being an all around dick) but then Rocket Roger comes through. Suffice to say, I have all the respect in the world for Clemens for what he has accomplished in baseball. HGH, steroids or not, the man has had an exceptional career in MLB and while some would discount his "records", I would argue taht Clemens was just doing what was being done throughout the league at the time. The same holds true for Bonds. Should be be criticized? Sure - why not. Should his records be debated...obviously. Like all great athletes there will be arguements about who was the greatest. Rather then simply acknowledging that he may have made a "mistake" Clemens and his legal team have hired their own team of investigators to clear his name. WTF!!! Just admit it, be done with it, take your entry in to the Hall of Fame with some degree of dignity.

Just for being that stupid, Clemens deserves the Donkey of the Year award.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A very special "Christmas Day Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she has found a second or two to check in.

So, Santa didn't come through for us this year - so we're calling on Hazel to deliver what Santa wouldn't or couldn't. The Twelve Days of Christmas - Thoughts of Hazel Mae style. You know the tune.

On the twelveth day of Christmas I wish Hazel gave (guaranteed) to me

Twelve great quarters of Cowboys football

Eleven playoff wins for the Dodgers

Ten 20 goal scorers for the Maple Leafs

Nine Euro 2008 goals for Ronaldo

Eight good Dodgers hitters

Seven post season TDs for T.O

Six Euro 2008 wins for Portugal

Five Dodgers 20 game winners

Four playoff series victories for the Maple Leafs

Three Cowboys playoff victories

Two wins for the Patriots

And for Leaf Nation Lord Stanleeeeeeeey

That's it for today gang - enjoy time with your family.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, what else could it be on this Christmas Day?

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world and that you are enjoying down time - we're not greedy, if the twelve days is too much, we'll take championships for the Portugal, the Maple Leafs, the Cowboys and the Dodgers. Here's hoping Santa was good to you.

We're Out!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A very special "Christmas Eve Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

So much to write about Week 16 in the NFL - and very little of it good; plus, its Christmas Eve, a time to spend with friends and family and be thankful for everything we have in life.

So our Christmas present to those of you checking in for the Three Play is the Monday Night Lock of the season. Our total for the week is - $100 (more or less) - so we are going to suggest one play to leave you with a little extra in your pockets.

San Diego - 9 over Denver - go big baby, this is going to be ugly. Lay $200 on the Chargers.

That's it for today gang - enjoy your time with your family and friends and be thankful for everything you have. The mere fact that you can check in here means you have a lot more than many others around you.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - our heartfelt best wishes for a very safe and happy holiday to you, your family and friends - all the best to you.

We're Out!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Six Pack

For those of you checking in for today's suggestions - we almost had a great night last night, Cowboys not covering hurt but we'll take the win.

Today's suggestions - check out our NFL Picks for the "why".

DETROIT -5 over Kansas City - Lay $100 on the Lions.

BUFFALO +2.5 NY Giants - Lay $100 on the Bills

Green Bay -8 over CHICAGO - Lay $100 on the Pack

ARIZONA - 10 over Atlanta - Lay $150 on the Cards

Tampa Bay - 6 over SAN FRAN - Lay $150 on the Bucs

SEATTLE - 11 over Baltimore - Lay $150 on the Seahawks.

That's it for today gang - we'll check in later this afternoon for night time NHL and NFL picks. Good luck if you play them.

We're Out!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Freakin' Christmas

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Well, Santa showed up yesterday with a kick to the snuts - a blown transmission means a Merry freakin' Christmas here. Bah humbug. All we want for Christmas is a new transmission and a 15-1 in the NFL. We started out on the wrong foot picking the Rams and the points against the Steelers - so we're shooting for a 15-1 week.

16) SAN DIEGO - 8.5 over Denver - We're over our hatred of the Chargers for bouncing us out of a suicide pool when they lost to the Chiefs. Two teams going in opposite directions - the Broncos are dead in the water and playing out the string, the Chargers are playing their best football of the season. No brainer, give up the points.

15) SEATTLE - 9.5 over Baltimore - things can't get worse for the Ravens; well, actually they can, but nothing can be more embarrassing than losing to the Dolphins. For the record, we think the Seahawks are counterfeit - losing to the Panthers solidified that in our minds - but they're playing at home, which should make this a laugher over the Ravens.

14) Tampa Bay - 6.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - the Bucs are playing for positioning, while the 49ers aren't playing for much other than auditioning next year's backup. Bucs should win this one going away.

13) TENNESSEE - 8.5 over NY Jets
- the Jets just want to get the season over with, the Titans still think they have something to play for - Titans get it done tomorrow in a big way.

12) ARIZONA - 10.5 over Atlanta
- We're looking for the Cards to have a big day on the offensive side of the ball against the Falcons. Not much else to say in this one.

11) JACKSONVILLE - 12.5 over Oakland
- Fred Taylor is running with an attitude, he'll be even more angry after being snubbed for the Pro Bowl again. Jacksonville won't let up against the Raiders.

10) DETROIT - 4.5 over Kansas City
- Herm Edwards has given up on the season, so why shouldn't his team? The Lions, looking to salvage a bit of pride, should lay a beating on the Chiefs as an eight win season is now the goal.

09) Green Bay - 7.5 over CHICAGO - the Bears are dead, they force four turnovers against the Vikings and still lose. The Packers won't turn the ball over four times (Favre is good for two though). Packers should win this one easily.

08) Washington + 6.5 over MINNESOTA - Monday night hangover for the Vikings. The Redskins D is good enough to keep Minnesota's rushing game in check and force Tarvaris Jackson to throw - not good for the Vikings. Washington generates enough offence to keep this close (we actually think they'll win outright).

07) Dallas - 10.5 over CAROLINA
- the Panthers are going to find out that in terms of division leaders - there is a huge difference between the road wimp Seahawks and the Cowboys. Cowboys will run the ball down the Panthers throat and go deep off the play action. Romo ends his mini-slump with a huge night against the Panthers. Jessica Simpson won't be there tonight.

06) NEW ENGLAND - 21.5 over Miami - do we have to explain?

05) CINCINNATI + 2.5 over Cleveland - this will be Cincinnati's Super Bowl. We think the Bengals will rebound from losing to the 49ers and win this one outright.

04) ST. LOUIS + 7.5 over Pittsburgh
- what were we thinking?

03) BUFFALO + 2.5 NY Giants
- the Giants aren't good enough to be giving up points on the road, especially against the Bills who have cover guys in their secondary. Eli Manning has another forgettable game.

02) Houston + 7.5 over Indianapolis - Colts don't have much to play for; they'll win tonight, but it won't be by a big number. Backdoor cover a real possibility in this one.

01) Philadelphia + 3.5 over NEW ORLEANS - everything in this game points to a Saints win, but the Eagles are playing well on D and should pose some problems for Drew Brees.

We had a tough night on Thursday - so the total for the week is + $30. We found out this week that hockey players are human beings too - they have the same stress at holiday time as we do (yeah, the malls are killers on these guys) - and playing at home so close to Christmas impacts their focus. With that in mind, we're going with the road warriors tonight.

Dallas - 10.5 over Carolina - see above. Dallas is going to pound the Panthers tonight, it is going to get ugly early. Lay $150 on the Boys

Toronto over Florida - the Leafs have been getting great goaltending from Vesa Toskala and have lost a couple of heart-breakers. An earlier Christmas present for Hazel - a Leafs win. Lay $100 on the Leafs + $110.

Anaheim over San Jose
- these two are meeting for the third team in a week - they split the first two. The Ducks are playing better than the Sharks right now, so we'll call their number tonight. Lay $100 on the Ducks + $120.

Buffalo over Philadelphia
- the second of a home and home (the Sabres won last night). The Flyers have been a below average team at home this year, Sabres get it done tonight with a smart road game in Philly. Lay $100 on the Sabres even.

Detroit over Minnesota
- the Wings finally lost a game in regulation, so we think they'll come out fired up in Minny. Gaborik is coming off a five goal, six point performance - but he'll find it a little tougher against the Wings. Lay $100 on Detroit - $125.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

It has been while since we have done a song of the day - but we are going with one today and dedicating it to the ultimate curmudgeon - Damien Cox of the Toronto Star. Damien will tell anyone who will listen (or read) that he isn't a Leaf basher, that he is objective. Leave it to Cox to write the Leafs off at Christmas with another "objective view of the Toronto Maple Leafs". Merry freakin Christmas to you Damien. From Leaf Nation to Cox

If Venice is Sinking - Spirit of the West

"If Venice is sinking, I'm going under"

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.

We're Out!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Night Threep

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in.

We were knee deep in the NFL today - these Thursday night games are killers when doing pools - which is why we haven't checked in earlier. The picks for the week will be posted tomorrow.
For those of you checking in for today's three play suggestions:

Ottawa/Atlanta over 6 - the Thrashers lost to the Tards last Saturday night by a count of 7-3 and responded with a 6-2 win over the Lightning - what does that have to do with tonight's game? The trend for these guys is goals by the boatload - either for or against. Expect them to give up a few and score a few. Lay $100 on the over - $140.

St. Louis +7.5 over Pittsburgh - expecting the Steelers to cover more than a TD on the road, where they have been average at best, is too much to ask - even against the Rams. Need more convincing? Anthony "Toast" Smith of the Steelers is in the lineup - good news if you have Torry Holt in your fantasy football league. Lay $100 on the Rams plus the points.

San Jose over Phoenix - ok, the Coyotes are doing to us again - winning games they have no business being in. The clock strikes 12 on Gretzky's boys tonight as the enter the Shark tank in San Jose. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $180.

St. Louis over Detroit - upset special. The Wings have been on fire lately, but are playing their 3rd game in four nights. The Blues are a good home team, so expect them to pull the upset tonight. Lay $100 on the Blues + $135

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don Chevrier Remembered

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Sad day for Canadian sports fans - one of the truly great Canadian sportscasters, Don Chevrier, passed away suddenly at his home in Florida at the age of 69. Chevrier, in addition to covering a number of high profile international events, was the first Toronto Blue Jays television broacaster - of course, Hazel would know that from her days growing up as a Jays fan. Canadian press story here

Tough night in the NHL if you are a member of Leaf Nation or a Bruins fan - we both lost last night in games we had every chance to win. In Toronto's case, they blew a two goal lead in the last minute and a half before losing in overtime to the Canes. What killed the Leafs was Alexei Ponikarovsky's giveaway at the Canes blue line when he had a chance to ice the game with an empty net goal. While the result stung - Leaf Nation could not have felt good about their chances going into last night's game, so we'll take the point. Still waiting for the Toronto media to tell us how much we missed McCabe last night.

In Boston's case? Three breakaways and nothing to show for it. Enough said.

Must be a slow day, the idiot (pimp) in a box Jim Rome spent twenty minutes talking about how Britney Spears' sister is pregnant - of course he blamed it on his phantom emailers. Ya Jim, some of us just don't get your show...idiot.

Calgary Flames G Miikka Kiprusoff stopped 36 shots in a 3-1 win over Columbus - honourable mention goes to Jarome Iginla who had a goal (even though it cost us $200 on a Pro-Line ticket).

Anaheim Ducks G J.S. Giguere stopped all 20 shots in a 2-0 win over San Jose.

Dallas Stars G Marty Turco stopped 33 shots in a 2-1 shootout win over Edmonton.

All of the above mentioned players are on the Maeple Leafs roster in the yahoo league.

2-1 last night, but we only netted $30 thanks to the stinking Flyers dropping one to the Coyotes last night. The total for the week stands at + $330. We're back baby...tonight's suggestions:

Anaheim over Colorado - the Avs will again be without Joe Sakic which will hurt - the Ducks are the play tonight. Lay $100 on the Ducks - $130.

Nashville over Chicago - both of the Hawks goalies have miserable records against the Predators, take a chance on the visitors. Lay $100 on Nashville + $125.

We'd suggest taking the underdog Kings tonight - the Red Wings have to lose in regulation sooner or later...but we aren't confident enough to have you risk cash on it.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Hazies - The Champs & The Chumps

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Time to take a look back at the week that was in the world of sports and award those who distinguished themselves as champs with an honourary "Hazie Award" - the lucky few have the title of "Hazel's Hero" bestowed upon them for the week. On the flip, we take a look at those who bumbled, fumbled or crumbled their way into the news. To these chumps we have nothing - maybe a bit of sympathy from Hazel, but we're not going on record with that one. While Hazel herself hasn't officially approved this week's list - we'd like to think she give her trademark smile and thumbs up.



While it was pretty much a forgettable weekend in the NFL - we have to give it up to Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre who passed former Dolphins great Dan Marino for number one on the all-time list of passing yards by a QB. Favre isn't one of our favourites - but he has been pretty humble about the milestones he's reached and yesterday was no different. Favre gave it up to Marino by saying that Marino achieved the mark the way you are supposed to do it - the way a coach would want you to play the position. Favre as is his custom, took a bit of a self-depricating shot. We'll see how funny he is when the Packers lose to the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game in January.

Calgary Flames RW Jarome Iginla was named the NHL's First Star of the Week. Iginla was a dominant force in leading the Flames to four consecutive road wins - scoring seven goals, including two game winners, and adding three assists. Iginla's monster week left him second to Vincent Lecavalier in league scoring. Like we said this morning - one of the three best players in the league this season.

Dallas Stars D Sergei Zubov was named the Second Star of the Week. Zubov had a goal and seven assists in helping the Stars win three games last week. Zubov leads all defencemen in scoring with 32 points in 33 games.

Philadelphia Flyers RW Joffrey Lupul was named the Third Star of the Week. Lupul, who had a six point game against the Penguins, finished the week with six goals (two hat tricks) and four assists in three games - the change of scenery from Edmonton has rejuvenated this guy.

Pittsburgh Penguins C Sidney Crosby won the Lou Marsh award as Canada's top male athlete, beating out NBA MVP Steve Nash for the award.

Speaking of the Penguins - we are going to give it up to Pittsburgh's Georges Laraque this week for proving the old adage that there is honour amongst the tough guys. Laraque has SenaTards tough guy (trash talker) Brian McGratten dead to rights when he dropped him with one punch - Laraque, rather than pounding McGratten let up knowing that McGratten had hurt his shoulder. If this one sounds strange - if things were reversed and Laraque was fighting a punk like Chris Neil - Neil would have taken two or three more shots...but then again, Neil is only a tough guy when he fights lightweights.

AC Milan Midfielder Kaka was named the FIFA World Player of the Year. The Brazilian beat out Barcelona's wonderkid Lionel Messi and Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo. We aren't taking anything away from Kaka - who had a great season in Italy; however, Ronaldo got screwed in this vote that was more of a popularity contest.

Ronaldo dominated the world's best domestic league like no one has for years, he dominated in qualification games for Euro 2008, and played his heart out in Champions League. The vote was given to Managers and team captains around the world. The British propaganda machine played a big role in this year's vote. Ronaldo's reputation - built and exaggerated by the British media - came back to haunt him. Muito parabems Kaka e Ronaldo.


See yesterday's entry for the "why(s)".

Individual awards
Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna ties a career-best in throwing five interceptions against the Lions - way to go big guy.

New York Giants QB Eli Manning almost ties Broadway Joe for most incomplete passes in a single game - 34 for Eli. I wonder if he would tell Hazel that he really wanted to kiss her - would that launch "Kissing Hazel Mae" dot com?

Team awards
Baltimore Ravens - for bringing the standard of sucking down to an all-time low.

Seattle Seahawks - they normally beat up on bad teams, losing to the Panthers proves these guys are a joke.

Cincinnati Bengals - they rival Baltimore after their performance against San Francisco.

New York Islanders LW Chris Simon has been asked to leave the team after another ugly on-ice incident. For those of you who missed it - Simon stamped on Penguins' forward Jarko Ruutu's leg - which could have resulted in a very serious injury. We had Simon's back after the incident with Ryan Hollweg of the Rangers - but there is no excuse for what he did to Ruutu. That could very well be the last game Simon ever plays.

Carolina Hurricanes LW Scott Walker was suspended for a game after head-butting SenaTards C Mike Fisher after a fight last week - it was a weak response to having been dusted by Fisher.

All the donkeys who didn't vote for Ronaldo - we're sure you have your reasons, and we're even more sure they were all the wrong ones.


We're not putting much credence in the Mitchell Report - but we have to say that Andy Pettitte has to be given some amount of credit for standing up and offering an explanation for his involvement with performance enhancing substances. Whether you believe his explanation or not - Pettitte has stood up and admitted he used them; unlike others who have said that they will address the allegations and remain silent. Fans of the Blue Jays are still waiting to hear from a certain catcher who said he would make a statement.

We got off to a very good start last night - going 3-0 and starting off the week with a + $300 cushion. We told you, the long road back to respectability starts this week. Tonight's suggestions:

Philadelphia over Phoenix - the Coyotes won their road game for the month last week - the Flyers haven't been great at home, but they have more than enough to beat Phoenix. Lay $100 on the Flyers - $170.

Atlanta/Tampa Bay over 6 - two teams with plenty of offensive firepower and lingering questions about their goaltending - ok, it sucks in both cases. Lecavalier vs Kovalchuk should be fun to watch - those red lights better have a fresh set of Energizers in them. Lay $100 on the over - $125.

New York over Pittsburgh - the Rangers are coming off one of their worst performances of the year in dropping a game to Phoenix on Sunday - they should respond against the Penguins who have issues between the pipes. Lay $100 on the Rangers - $145.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A glass half empty kind of weekend

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

You’d think that being the first to reach 3 wins in one of our pools would be enough to brighten what was for all intents and purposes a lousy weekend – you’d think huh? Well, if you one of our regular readers, you would know that that assumption would be wrong.

Special thanks to my man Quikdraw who started out the week by reminding us (recapping) how bad the Cowboys were yesterday against the Eagles – for good measure, Quikdraw summed up Tony Romo’s performance with a word – “bonehead”.

If 17 inches of snow on an NFL Sunday wasn’t bad enough - it was a weekend where we didn’t practice what we preach. For some stupid reason, we put our faith in teams that we know to be counterfeit and it came back to bite us in the ass…big time.

The Cincinnati Bengals lose to the San Francisco 49ers who were down to their 3rd string QB (Shaun Hill) – we didn’t watch the game as we were waste deep in Black and Tans at a Christmas party, but the final score was enough to confirm what we have thought all year long. Marvin Lewis is a terrible coach and he needs to be fired (and beaten) immediately. Come on Marvin, for the sake of your team and Bengals fans – pull a Petrino.

Leave it to the stinking Baltimore Ravens to get in the way of history. They had a chance to end New England’s dream of an undefeated season and blew it – they had a chance to extend Miami’s losing streak to 14 and blew it. The Ravens are now the proud owners of the league’s longest losing streak – 8 games – and it looks damn good on these donkeys. How Brian Billick still has a job in the NFL is beyond us – but his employment is proof positive that anyone coaching an NFL team is a dream we can all hold on to; after all, if a donkey like this can be employed…

The two donkeys cost us a week in the spreads pool – this might be the first year we haven’t won a week in this pool. Thanks for nothing.

Leave it to Jon Kitna do out-do himself in terms of sucking. Kitna went into yesterday’s game talking about how the Lions were playing well enough to beat San Diego. Kitna, who’s dream of a 10 win season went out the window last week – backed up his big talk by throwing five picks on Sunday. The best thing was that the five picks only EQUALLED his career high – way to go Jon.

Where are all the experts (hello Pete Prisco) who were fawning all over the Seattle Seahawks last week? The Seahawks proved once again what we have always known – they are road wimps; losing to the Carolina Panthers, who were starting their 3rd string QB, should put an end to any and all thoughts about these guys being a legit contender in the NFC. The Seahawks are a joke – the coach is a donkey, the QB is a head case, and their once MVP running back is looking like an old worn out sack of shyte. We’re hoping these guys make it to Dallas for a playoff game – we are going to ground and pound these chumps.

The New York Giants, ah the stinking Giants, had a chance to lock up a wild-card berth with a win at home to an under-manned Redskins team. The Giants do what they do best – fold. These clowns made Redskins QB Todd Collins look like a Pro-Bowler who could move the offence at will. Eli Manning must have thought this was a huge game for the Giants – how else can you explain the performance of the ultimate big game no-show? 34 incomplete passes on 52 thrown – the most since 1967. Giants coach Tom Coughlan must have been on the crapper for most of the game – had he been on the sideline, he would have pulled Manning for being a donkey.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, fresh off a beating at the hands of the Patriots, get beaten and manhandled again – this time by the Jaguars. Their big bad defence was manhandled by the Jags – Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew had huge holes to run through all day, and when they didn’t, they ran over and/or through the Steelers. Dan Dierdorf’s man-love for Troy Polamalu almost ruined the early afternoon…almost.

We’re not pushing the panic button in Big D – the last two weeks have been gawd-awful, but we aren’t ready to panic. Romo and company get things straightened out in Carolina this week and in Washington the week after. They lost the buffer over the Packers with yesterday’s loss – but they’ll win their last two to clinch home field through the playoffs…count on it.

To top this weekend off – in the vernacular of “be careful what you wish for”, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that D Bryan McCabe would miss the next six to eight weeks with a broken wrist. We have long advocated that the Maple Leafs should find a way to get rid of McCabe – while this wasn’t the way we wanted to see it go down, we still think the Leafs will find they can get along without him. We’ll see.

Jacksonville Jaguars RB rushes for 147 yards and a touchdown on 29 carries – good enough to keep the Maeple Leafs in 1st place over Tilt in the yahoo pool.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees completes 26 of 30 passes for 315 yards and 2 touchdowns – good enough to keep Tilt in second place; he played Romo instead of Brees.

Calgary Flames RW Jarome Iginla had two goals and two assists in a 5-3 win over St. Louis – this guy has NOT gotten enough credit for his play this year; he’s been one of the three best players in the league.

We finished the week at a reasonable number, + $200; the total for the year is still ugly - $2500. The long road back to respectability continues tonight:

Colorado over Los Angeles – the Kings are in such bad shape that they are asking the Maple Leafs about the availability of Andrew Raycroft – that says it all. Lay $100 on the Avs - $120.

Detroit over Washington – the Red Wings are now the league’s best home team with a 14-2-1 mark; they’re also on a 8-0-2 run over their last ten. Ovechkin and the Caps won’t get it done tonight. Lay $100 on the Wings - $260.

Chicago + 10.5 over Minnesota – we aren’t on the Tarvaris Jackson bandwagon just yet – the Vikings will win the game, but covering 10.5 against a division rival on a Monday night game may be too much to ask for. Lay $100 on the Bears.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Special thanks to Tilt for posting. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world and that you survived the stormy weekend.

We’re Out!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Night Suggestions

For those of you checking in - our early afternoon picks went 4-1, with the late afternoon picks looking like they are going to split - it leaves the total for the week at a very respectable + $260.

NY Giants - 6.5 over Washington - Giants get it done in a big way tonight. Lay $150 on the G-Men

NY Giants/Washington under 35 - don't see much offence tonight, weather could be a factor. Lay $100 on the under.

That's it for tonight gang. Good luck if you play them.

We're Out!

Sunday Afternoon Suggestions

Sorry for being late - mountains of snow to shovel before Cowboys/Eagles game. The early afternoon looks pretty good - so we'll go with two from the NHL for this afternoon.

New Jersey over Philadelphia - the Flyers have been better on the road, but they are facing a pretty tall order in trying to beat the Devils at home - Devils have been pretty hot lately, and we expect it to continue. Lay $100 on the Devils - $150.

New York over Phoenix - no explanation needed, the Coyotes aren't going to get it done at MSG today. Lay $100 on the Rangers - $235.

That's it for this afternoon - we'll be back before the night game for a couple of Sunday night selections.

We're Out

Sunday Three Play

For those of you checking in today - suggestions for the early games. Rationale for the picks in Friday's NFL Picks entry - the suggested wager for each is the standard $100.

New Orleans -3.5 over Arizona

Tennessee -3.5 over Kansas City

Seattle -7.5 over Carolina

New England/NY Jets Under 41

Jacksonville +3.5 over Pittsburgh

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Here's hoping the weather is better in your part of the world than it is here today.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your NFL Sunday.

We're Out...until late afternoon games.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Would you trust this man?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

So Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner, held a press conference to respond to findings in the Mitchell Report. According to Bill, a tow the line "mouthpiece" if there ever was one, the NHL doesn't have the same problem as baseball when it comes to use of performance-enhancing drugs. In his statement, Daly talks about how hockey players have long been tested at the international level and, since January 2006, three times a year by the NHL.

Ummm, ok, if you say so Bill. Obviously Bill hasn't heard of "stacking" or "cycles" of use - which would allow a player to avoid detection during the season. Hell, the NHL doesn't even test for that many substances. Again, we ask- "Would you trust this man?"

Leafs win again in Atlanta last night - Alexei Ponikarovsky comes back from a semi-cheap shot courtesy of Bobby Holik and scores two third period goals to seal a 4-0 win over the Thrashers. The Leafs played a somewhat boring road game - only pressing the play when Sundin-Antropov-Ponikarovsky or Wellwood-Blake-Tucker were on the ice. Really though, Sundin and Antropov dominated the game again - they were strong on the puck and controlled it inside the Atlanta zone resulting in three goals where the Thrashers D were left watching. Vesa Toskala continues to play like the number one guy Leafs fans hoped he would be when he was aquired. Talk on TSN last night was the the Penguins and Lightning might be looking at a guy like Andrew Raycroft to help their putrid goaltending situation. We can only hope.

Read re-cap of Leafs/Thrashers game and pick - Toskala with a shutout, Sundin with a goal and an assist, Ponikarovsky with two goals and an assist, or Nik Antropov who was again dominant with three assists. Good day for Leaf Nation...just ask Hazel.

Another 2-1 night results in a minimal gain - even with picking a big dog (Calgary over Carolina); still can't understand how the Ducks lost to the Wild. Total for the week stands at + $85. Tonight's suggestions:

Ottawa over Atlanta - if you saw the Thrashers play last night, you'd know why we are suggesting the Tards as the play of the night. Lay $100 on Ottawa - $260.

Detroit over Florida - we had an uneasy feeling about Detroit/Edmonton, now the the Wings have lost their home game for the month, expect them to pound on Florida tonight. Lay $100 on Detroit - $250.

Tampa Bay over Washington - the Caps played last night against a fast skating and somewhat physical Buffalo team, so they'll be a little gassed. The Lightning are coming off an awful game against Calgary on Thursday - so they should be better. Lay $100 on the Lightning - $170.

Buffalo over Chicago - Sabres need to get on a roll at home, it should start with a win over the road wimp Blackhawks. Lay $100 on the Sabres - $140.

We'd also suggest Toronto and Columbus over Boston - but we'd be accused to suggestions based on the heart; they'll both win tonight.

Cincinnati -8.5 over San Francisco - this one looks like a gift; maybe people think Frank Gore can control the game and keep it close - we wouldn't subscribe to that line of thinking. Carson Palmer will have a big game tonight and the Bengals win by 10 or more. Lay $100 on the Bengals.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night Suggestions

For those of you checking in for the Three Play - we went 4-2 last night, meaning our total for the week is even. Tonight's suggested plays - good luck if you play them.

Buffalo over Washington - the Sabres seem to have gotten their game back after a bit of a rough road trip and the 1st home game hangover. We like them to beat the Caps in a game that should feature some goals. Lay $100 on the Sabres - $140.

Calgary over Carolina - we don't normally go against the Canes at home, but the Flames are coming off a huge win in Tampa last night and should carry the momentum into tonight's game against a Canes team that can be pushed around a little. Upset special. Lay $100 on the Flames + $150.

Anaheim over Minnesota - the Ducks had a brain cramp against the Canucks earlier this week, expect them to get their act together tonight against a Wild team that isn't nearly as good on the road as they are at home. Lay $100 on the Ducks - $165.

We'll stay away from the Maple Leafs/Thrashers game - but the Leafs will win tonight.

That's it for this afternoon gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

NFL Thursday means you have to plow through your picks early in the week, with little if any opportunities to change your mind - in our case, Thursday games have resulted in some pretty good weeks for us. A tough week with a number of big favourites and a huge one - New England. Those of you who check in regularly know that it is a weighted pool. This week's NFL Picks - they're solid.

16) NEW ORLEANS -3.5 over Arizona - Cardinals have injury issues, while the Saints look like they've gotten their collective act together; perhaps a case of too little, too late. We like the Saints offence to move the ball against Arizona who are traveling a pretty fair distance for the second week in a row.

15) TAMPA BAY -10.5 over Atlanta - the Falcons are a mess right now and looking to secure the number 2 pick in the draft. The Bucs D should be able to hold Atlanta to less than 10 points - the offence, with Garcia coming back, should be good for at least 20.

14) Tennessee -3.5 over KANSAS CITY - the Titans blew a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter last week against the Chargers, expect them to take it out on the Chiefs this weekend. We can't see the Chiefs moving the ball against the Titans.

13) Cincinnati -8.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
- the 49ers are so desperate they signed Chris Weinke, they are going nowhere. Cincinnati's D should look like champs this week against a porous 49ers offence - look for Carson Palmer to have his best game of the season against the 49ers this week.

12) Seattle -7.5 over CAROLINA
- the Seahawks are impressing a lot of the so-called experts with this late season surge - we still think they're counterfeit, but they have more than enough to pound the Panthers, who want to forget this season ever started. For the record, we think Matt Hasselbeck is the white Donovan McNabb - he looks like a champ against bad teams, he disappears and melts down in big games - so we aren't putting too much stock in the donkey's recent performances.

11) SAN DIEGO -10.5 over Detroit
- forget what the Lions did against Dallas, they always play the Cowboys tough. The Lions are traveling, which they don't handle very well, and they are going up against a defence that will be in Kitna's face all day. L.T. scores four times on Sunday against the Lions.

10) CLEVELAND -5.5 over Buffalo - the Bills are thought to be a team on the rise - maybe; but we'll put our faith in the Browns who have shown they can score points against almost anyone. The Bills aren't a playoff team, period.

09) Baltimore -3.5 over Miami - here's hoping you won't have to watch this game. Baltimore will be looking to salvage a little bit of pride this season after having lost to the Patriots and the Colts - who better to do that against than the Dolphins?

08) Indianapolis -10.5 over OAKLAND - can't see Manning and the Colts letting up against the Raiders. That's all we've got on this one - a gut feeling.

07) DALLAS -10.5 over Philadelphia - no explanation needed, our only concern here is that the Chunky Soup lovin' mama's boy leads his team to a back door cover.

06) Jacksonville +3.5 over PITTSBURGH - what have we said about the Steelers all season long - all together now...THEY'RE COUNTERFEIT. The Jags have more than enough on D to handle the Steelers - they can cover man to man and have a safety cheating against the run. Jags QB David Garrard has shown that he is a legitimate threat in the pocket, which should loosen things up for the running game.

05) NY GIANTS -5.5 over Washington - the only concern here is that the Skins have had 10 days to prepare for this one; we still think the Giants cover here, but we aren't going to trust Eli Manning with any more than a 5 point pick.

04) HOUSTON +1.5 over Denver
- too late to explain, but if you've been here before, you know how we feel about Shanahan.

03) NEW ENGLAND -24.5 over NY Jets - our favourite Puerto Rican Boricua says it snowed like crazy yesterday in Boston - could weather be a factor on Sunday? We aren't going to take too big of a chance laying 24.5 points.

02) Chicago +9.5 over MINNESOTA - still not believing in the Vikes...not enough to lay 9.5 points on a Monday night game. Devin Hester could keep this game close with a few great returns.

01) St. Louis +9.5 over Green Bay
- we're banking on Bulger playing and keeping this one close - if he doesn't play, all bets are off. That's why we're only laying 1 point. 1 point picks = YUCK.

That's it for tonight gang - as we type this, the Texans are beating the Broncos by a score of 17-6...told ya! - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

With baited breath...sorta

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

So is everyone waiting with baited breath today? A huge day in the world of sports with the Mitchell report to be made public this afternoon – ESPN is reporting that Roger Clemens name is on “the list”. And perhaps even more important – we’ll be giving out our NFL picks – thankfully we have no moles here that leak out info on our picks (Tilt doesn’t get to see the picks until an hour before game time, so he can’t spill the beans.

Does anyone else think this report – and “the list of 60-80 players” – is going to amount to anything? Really? Does anyone think that the players mentioned will be any of the star players in the game (Clemens is retiring – so big whoop) or will it finger the likes of the Paul Byrds, or former bit players like David Segui?

We’re not holding our breath here for any major news – it’ll probably disappoint most of the purists who want to point to the big guys as a product of the steroid generation and harken back to a time was baseball was supposedly “clean” (whenever that was). We’re not expecting much from the report because, frankly, we don’t really care who is or isn’t using performance-enhancing substances.

We’re not expecting any really prominent names to be part of the report – after all, it would be horrible for business if fans were to lose faith in the legitimacy of the accomplishments of their favourite stars. The report will name names – but it will it be accompanied with an explanation or a caveat that will say they used substances before they were banned? We’re thinking the latter.

What will be more interesting that the report itself is the fallout now that Roger Clemens’ name has been associated with the report. What records will the mobs want erased from the books? Will Barry Bonds still be baseball’s only villain, or will one of the most celebrated pitchers of all-time be lumped in there?

We’ll wait – not with baited breath mind you, but we’ll wait and see “who’s who” in the report. Anyone else wondering about the timing of the trade of Miguel Tejada? We’re not suggesting anything…we’re just asking.

We’ll post our NFL Picks tomorrow – but as a teaser, we took Houston +1.5 over Denver – we’re not believing in the Broncos.

We were out celebrating at the “office holiday party” so we weren’t really paying attention to what went on last night – yeah, yeah, the Bruins won – so what? They still suck.

A tough night last night, still trying to figure out how the Canucks drop a game to the Kings and come back and beat the Ducks. Total for the week is now in the negatives ($130). We’re going big tonight – we’re going back to the well against teams that should have lost this week but didn’t, the clock strikes twelve for these donkeys tonight – in case you were wondering, yes we feel good about tonight’s suggestions:

New Jersey over Boston – the B’s are playing their fourth game in six nights, combine that with the fact that it is their first game at home after a long road trip…well, you know that means a loss. The Bruins will be playing against a team that invented their crappy style – the teacher teaches the C+ student a lesson tonight. Lay $100 on the Devils - $130.

San Jose over Vancouver – while we can’t say “no Luongo, no chance” anymore, we still can say “No Luongo, very little chance”. The Canucks responded to news that their leader may miss more than a few games – that type of adrenaline usually is good for one game; they’ll go down tonight against the league’s best home team. Lay $100 on the Sharks – $200.

Dallas over Los Angeles – the Stars have been scuffling lately but we can’t see them dropping one to the Kings tonight; it just won’t happen. Lay $100 on the Stars - $220.

St. Louis over Florida – the Blues have dominated the Panthers at home, and we expect them to continue it tonight – especially after dropping their last game to the Oilers. Lay $100 on the Blues - $150.

Ottawa/Pittsburgh over 6 – both teams have some goaltending issues and both teams can score – this one should be “over” by the end of the second. Lay $100 on the over - $120.

Houston +1.5 over Denver – we read today where the home team has won 3 of 5 games played on Thursday night, with away wins going to Indy over Atlanta and Green Bay over Detroit – is there a real advantage to playing at home on a Thursday – we’re thinking “yes”. Lay $100 on the Texans.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Special thanks to Tilt for posting. Have a great one peeps – let’s check back to discuss the Mitchell report.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We’re Out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Petrino Protocol

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

A lot to talk about today and not enough time – so we’ll pick one topic for your consideration.

Atlanta Falcons Coach Bobby Petrino announced he was leaving the team to take a job with Arkansas. The question of the day is – Bobby Petrino, coward or realist?

From our perspective, we are giving him credit for admitting defeat and walking away from a situation that is too far gone for him to fix – even if he partly to blame for some of it.

There are those who will criticize him for quitting on his players and walking away from his team – but think of it from the perspective of the 15-20 (or so) remaining Falcons fans; would you want him to stay there when he is clearly in over his head?

Fans across the NFL should be looking at their teams and asking their coaches to do the honourable (if somewhat cowardly) thing and just resign. Fans in Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Kansas City, St. Louis, San Francisco, Washington and, to a lesser extent, Philadelphia should be organizing marches outside their home stadiums and demanding their coaches commit the act of “Petrinoism”, for the good of their respective cities and teams.


FC Porto Midfielder Lucho Gonzalez scored the opening goal, with winger Ricardo Quaresma scoring the insurance goal in the Dragoes 2-0 win over Besiktas in Champions League. The little team that could finished 1st in their group and move into the knockout round.

Tampa Bay Lightning C Brad Richards logged 30+ minutes of ice time on one leg (after leaving the game against the Leafs with an injury) to lead his team to a shootout win over Montreal – an assist and a goal in the shootout. Good times whenever the Habs lose.

Pittsburgh Penguins C Sidney Crosby was awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s Outstanding Male Athlete. Word is there was a game against the Flyers last night…meh.


We were 2-1 last night and have a correction to one of the lines posted – the Blues were - $160 last night (according to Bowmans – our normal source for lines/spreads). So the total for the night was + $40, brining the total for the week up to + $80. Tonight’s suggestions

Buffalo over NY Islanders – the Sabres should recover from the Bruins hangover to lay a beating on the offensively-challenged Islanders tonight. Waking up after losing to a crap hole team like Boston has to be like waking up to late night hook up after having 20 beers – you can’t believe you did it and swear you won’t do it again. Lay $100 on the Sabres - $170.

Anaheim over Vancouver – no Luongo, no chance. Initial reports are that Canucks G Roberto Luongo won’t play tonight – bad news on most nights, devastating news when you are traveling to Anaheim to play the Ducks. Lay $100 on the Ducks - $165.

Atlanta over Boston – Alex Auld has obviously forgotten that he is a journeyman in the NHL – he’ll be reminded of that tonight when Thrashers LW Ilya Kovalchuk makes him look like the back up he really is. Lay $100 on the Thrashers - $140.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one Peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We’re Out!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blue & White Baby!!!!

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Quick entry today, given we had computer issues this morning.

Our eyes have been on Champions League today with the "little team that could", FC Porto for those of you who are new here, playing Besitkas from Turkey. Porto went into the game needing a tie to progress to the knockout round of 16. They won 2-0 with Quaresma scoring one of the two.

Things are looking up in Leaf land after Hazel's Maple Leafs delivered a "s--t kicking" (Tampa Bay coach John Tortorella's words) on the Lightning last night at the ACC. A lot of members of Leaf Nation are (or should be) eating some crow now as Leafs forward Nik Antropov had another impressive game - scoring a goal and setting up Chad Kilger on another.

In what could only happen in Toronto, certain Maple Leafs hating members of the media (cough cough Damien Cox cough cough) still refuse to admit that this team may have turned a corner. These "impartial observers who have no vested interest in the fortunes of the Maple Leafs (cough Damien Cox's words cough) have decided to completely ignore the last seven games that have seen Toronto post a 5-1-1 record, opting instead to look at the upcoming nine game road trip as a true measure of where this team stands. A certain columnist tries to make a compelling argument on why the road trip is make or break for the Leafs - with the underlying tone being that they will flop - forgetting that Toronto has been a better road team than home team for the better part of last season and the current one. Damien is a donkey - period.

For those of you checking in - karma has a way of getting you. We crapped on the Canucks yesterday and suggested a play on them - only to find out today that Roberto Luongo took himself out of the lineup during the pre-game warm up. Total for the week stands at a paltry + $40. We'll get it right tonight. Suggested plays:

St. Louis over Edmonton - Oilers lost a tough one last night and face a rested team that has owned them of late - hoping karma doesn't come back to bite us on this one. Lay $100 on the Blues - $200.

San Jose over Minnesota - we are still hating Joe Thornton. The Sharks are the league's best home team, so you have to think they'll respond after getting their "aces" handed to them by the Sabres on Saturday night. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $175.

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia - the Penguins are playing pretty good hockey right now - the Flyers? Well, they haven't had anyone suspended this week. Crosby has owned the Flyers during his brief career - expect it to continue tonight. Lay $100 on the Pens + $110.

That's it for today gang - we'll get the Hazies up soon. Thanks for taking the time to check in -
have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.We're Out!

To bad for Vick that...

Adam Sandler already did a remake of the Longest Yard.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Check the warranty on that guarantee

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Through the good graces of Tilt – who is coming off another horrible beat at the poker table last night, don’t ask – we’re checking in with a recap and a few questions from weekend that was in the world of sports.

Was anyone, outside of the so-called experts, really shocked that the Patriots humiliated the Steelers? We weren’t buying the hype going into this game – especially with the media sensationalizing the “guarantee of victory” by Steelers CB Anthony Smith – for the simple fact that we’ve been saying all year that the Steelers are counterfeit. First off, the media’s portrayal of Smith’s guarantee being a motivating factors for the Patriots is retarded – the motivation for the Patriots was to silence the so-called experts who actually gave the Steelers a hope in hell of winning; second, we’re finding hard to believe that a group of media-savvy professionals like the Patriots took much notice of Smith’s “guarantee” (which was a stretch at best – the media hyped the “guarantee” part to the point of nausea). The bottom line was that the Patriots squashed a group of pretenders, relegating the clowns in black and gold (more like yellow to us) to also-rans.

We’ll give the Steelers credit for one thing – they ran out the clock at the end of the game, rather than go for a meaningless touchdown.

Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna doesn’t get enough mention (credit???) for being the biggest jackass in the league. For a guy that hasn’t accomplished very much in his NFL career – Kitna talks much more than he should. His “guarantee” of a ten-win season went out the window yesterday, thanks in large part to his ineffectiveness in the red zone. In yesterday’s loss to OUR Dallas Cowboys (minus Tilt and Quikdraw who are haters), Kitna whined about missed calls, complained about receivers not getting open and so forth. Kitna probably should have looked at himself in yesterday’s loss – Detroit’s offensive co-ordinator Mike Martz took the game out of Kitna’s hands and relied heavily on the run, with short safe passes sprinkled in. Kitna was relegated to the role of “game manager” – no turnovers, no scores, no big plays with NO RESULTS in the red zone. Part of the latter goes to Dallas’ D, but Kitna shoulders part, if not most, of the responsibility. As was the case in Buffalo, Dallas didn’t play their best game of the season – but, much like New England, they found a way to win – and that’s what matters. See you in the Super Bowl Pats fans.

We all know gambling is taboo if you are affiliated with a professional sports team – but you have to wonder what was going in yesterday’s game between the Jets and Browns. The Jets, down by 6 with a little over two minutes, are in a fourth and 11 on the Browns 21 yard line – you would think that Eric Mangini would go for the win, but instead opted to go for a field goal to close the gap to three points. In case you were wondering, the Browns were favoured by 4.5 yesterday. Still trying to figure out what made him think his team had a chance of recovering an onside kick and going back down the field for another score - why wouldn’t he take his shot right there and then? Worst-case scenario was that he didn’t make it and would have to rely on his team to stop the Browns on the 21 yard line – best case scenario his team gets a first down and has a chance to win outright. As it turned out, the Browns scored after recovering an onside kick and the Jets go back down the field for a field goal – we’re wondering what the over/under was in the game. We’re not saying Mangini laid money on the game – but its one of those things that make you go “hmmmm”.

Are there two worse 9-4 teams that the New York Giants and the Seattle Seahawks? Seriously, do these guys scare anyone? The Giants do what they do best, squeak out wins against the league’s weak sisters and fold when they play a good team – watching Matt Hasselbeck jump around like an idiot yesterday against the Cardinals – imploring the ref to call a personal foul on Cards for an altercation started by one of his offensive lineman - was enough to make you want to reach through the screen and slap his bald head – does this donkey ever show up when it counts? The Giants can celebrate that 9-4 record and get into the playoffs – but the Bucs will beat these clowns. As for the Seahawks – we’ll see how much baldy is dancing when they travel to Dallas for a beatdown in the NFC Divisional games.

Nice to see Donovan McNabb’s back up his coach’s statement that the Eagles were still in the playoff hunt – McNabb was 20 of 30 for 179 yards (with a bunch of them coming on their last drive) with one TD; just good enough to lose. Sounds like a broken record when it comes to the Chunky Soup lovin mama’s boy.

The NHL is trying anything and everything to make the game more appealing and more exciting to television viewers in the United States – after watching some of the action this weekend, we have to ask why bother?

The NHL’s Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are making it unbearable to watch hockey. We speak of Bruins coach Claude Julien, Islanders coach Ted Nolan, Canucks bench boss Alain Vigneault, and Andy Murray of the Blues. These guys have their below average teams in the hunt for a playoff spot by having them bore their opposition to death with craphole trap hockey.

The Bruins were awful on Saturday night at the ACC – rarely having one guy forechecking in the Leafs zone – opting instead to clog up the neutral zone with four and five skaters. The Bruins weren’t playing to win – they were playing to hold on. It made for an excruciating two and a half hours of garbage. Julien is such a donkey that his response to the media when told that Leafs coach Paul Maurice said it was a “dog of a game” with the Bruins playing the trap was to say “they play it too”. We’re guessing that is what Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli meant when he said he wanted his team to be a tough team to play against. The only redeeming thing about the Bruins is that Hazel covers these clowns.

These teams all have a winning record – but can their fans really say they like watching them play? Why anyone would pay to watch these clowns is beyond us – they are killing the game.

We’ll recap this weekend’s three stars in our Champs & Chumps segment – as a teaser, Sharks C Joe Thornton is one of this week’s chumps, he’s officially on the crap list here.

We wrapped up another disappointing week and the total for the year is ugly (- $2,700) – the long road back to respectability starts tonight.

New Orleans –3.5 over ATLANTA – no Reggie Bush for the Saints tonight; maybe that’s a good thing since Sean Payton will have to simplify and streamline the game plan (no reverse calls). The Falcons are just playing out the string, while the Saints are delusional enough to think they can make the playoffs and accomplish something. Lay $100 on the Saints.

DALLAS over Edmonton – both teams have hit a rough stretch of late, but the Stars have dominated the Oilers in recent years. No reason to think the Oilers, who have been blowing third period leads of late, can get it done tonight. Lay $100 on the Stars - $200.

Vancouver over LOS ANGELES – we have no shame. Yes we can criticize the Canucks and suggest playing them in the very same entry. The Kings are a bit of a mess right now – which isn’t good news when you are playing the craphole “trapping Canucks”. Lay $100 on the Canucks - $160.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We’re Out!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday's Picks

For those of you checking in for the Sunday Three Play - no time to post our NFL Picks for the week. Today's suggestions

NY Giants +3 over PHILADELPHIA - This line seems a little high for a divisional game - especially with two teams that play each other pretty tight. We think Manning manages the Giants to an outright win in this one. Lay $100 on the Giants.

Dallas -10.5 over DETROIT - Kitna's dream of a 10 win season ends today. The Cowboys should be able to run away with this game against a weak Lions D. The loss of Roy Williams means Dallas' secondary will be able to focus on Calvin Johnson. Kitna gets sacked at least 6 times today. Lay $100 on the Boys

JACKSONVILLE -10.5 over Carolina - the Panthers have been decent on the road this year, but the Jags will be out for blood after dropping a game they could have (probably should have) won against the Colts. It's going to be a long day for the Panthers. Lay $100 on the Jags.

CINCINNATI -10 over St. Louis - Bulger won't be playing for the Rams today, which means the Bengals (as bad as they are on D) should be able to play eight in the box to take away Steven Jackson. Look for Ocho Cinco to have a big day. Lay $100 on the Bengals.

That's it for this morning - we'll check back in before the late afternoon games.

Thanks for taking the time to check in. Good luck today with your picks.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - where was the Karma last night?

We're Out!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

While Julien make a Rask decision tonight?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

There's one thing we are sure of tonight - Hazel's attention will be on the ACC tonight as the Bruins visit Toronto to take on the suddenly, somewhat hot Toronto Maple Leafs; we have to think she'll be watching the game - Hazel Karma for Toronto tonight? Leaf Nation is hoping she's still on our side.

Tonight poses an interesting dilemma for the Bruins in terms of who gets the start in goal tonight. With Tim Thomas out, will Julien go with former Leafs draft pick Tuukka Rask and hope the duplicates his last performance at the ACC? Or does he prevent the Leafs from gaining any psychological advantage they might get in beating Rask and play newly acquired, journeyman goalie Alex Auld? On the flip side, does Paul Maurice stay with Vesa Toskala tonight? Or does he go with former Bruins G Andrew Raycroft?

The statement might seem a bit foolish - but we never underestimate the psychological mind games that go into a divisional game, especially between two teams who might be fighting for one of the final playoff spots come April. If we were betting on it - we'd say Auld gets the start for Boston - no question. Rask has lost a couple of games in a row and he isn't going to put more pressure on him by throwing him in against the team that drafted and traded him - Rask has the upper hand on Toronto right now and Julien keeps it that way. On the Leafs side of things - we'd put a few sheckles on Raycroft starting - Maurice needs to do something to keep Raycroft's head in the game, giving him tonight's game against his former team might inspire a good performance.

Interesting stuff. Speaking of interesting stuff - a quick scan of the Toronto newspapers shows that Leaf haters in the media aren't writing much about the Leafs these days. Noted Leaf hater, and all around smug dickhead Damien Cox (funny connection huh?) wrote an editorial about a couple of John Ferguson's "good moves" - but has stayed away from writing about the team - opting instead to write about Anaheim and Scott Niedermayer's return. Typical of Cox, he's such a donkey.

We'll be back later to post our NFL Picks for the week - we got off to a rough start picking the Bears, but we didn't put much on it.

We didn't check in yesterday - opting to take the day off and letting Quikdraw and Tilt post - any thoughts on the Friday Fox entry? Because of that, we are going back to Friday for today's stars.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nik Antropov had a natural hat-trick against the Rangers Thursday night in a 6-2 pasting of the Blueshirts.

Detroit Red Wings LW Henrik Zetterberg also had a hat-trick in a 5-0 beatdown of the Minnesota Wild last night.

St. Louis Blues C Brad Boyes had two goals in a 4-3 win over the Edmonton Oilers last night - who should be more disappointed here? Leaf Nation or Bruins fans...we both had this guy and let him get away.

Tough night on Thursday night with the Bears and Sabres both losing (Habs beat the Bruins) so the total is minimal on the negative side for the week. Tonight's suggestions:

Los Angeles over Phoenix - Coyotes played a tough game against the Sharks last night and they'll probably come out a little flat against the Kings. Lay $100 on the Kings - $160.

Anaheim over Nashville - the Ducks won against Chicago last night and we expect them to carry it over tonight in Nashville - the Ducks look like they have their road act together. Lay $100 on the Ducks + $130.

Carolina over Montreal - the Canes have a history of playing Montreal pretty tough and they aren't intimidate playing at the Bell Centre (let's hope these guys didn't party too much as some of Montreal's "Gentlemen's Clubs") - Habs have been pretty bad lately, even though they beat the Bruins. Lay $100 on the Canes +$110.

We might check in later with a few more...for now that's it.

That's all for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

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