Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Think you're a Red Sox fan? Guess again

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Good afternoon to all you members of Red Sox Nation waking up from your World Series Championship celebration on the streets of downtown Boston. If you were one of the thousands of people celebrating with the Sox and Hazel and the rest of the NESN gang - we're sorry to inform you that you aren't real Red Sox fans.

That's the word we are getting after checking in at a number of Boston based message boards. According to "real" Red Sox fans, 99% of you aren't real fans - you are just suckers that have bought into the Red Sox publicity machine. The message board champs are calling all of you out
- from the hotties who wear pink Red Sox hats;
- to those of you who refer to yourselves as "members of Red Sox Nation";
- to any and all of you who weren't at Fenway Park during the late 80's and early 90's to watch those less than stellar Red Sox teams play.

You're all a bunch of bandwagon jumpers who don't know what it means to be a Red Sox fan. Frankly, we don't get it - who cares? Look, we're down with the Red Sox and what they mean to the city of Boston - we saw the passion when we made our way down to Fenway this past summer. But really, why would anyone be pissing all over someone who is happy to see a team win a championship?

Since when is there a hierarchy of "fandom" attached to any professional sports team? It is actually laughable that these so-called "real Sox fans" don't (or won't) acknowledge the fact that it is indeed the pink hat/t-shirt wearing, "card carrying" member of Red Sox Nation that generates the revenue necessary to make it possible for Red Sox management to put a championship together.

The argument goes that most of these "fans" know jack squat about the team - they just show up at Fenway because they have the bucks and its the in thing to do. Maybe, after all, who are we to argue? But we humbly submit the following - "Who cares if 90% of Red Sox Nation doesn't know everything about the team or each and every player in the minor league system? Why is that a measure of your level of passion for a team? What does it matter? " We wonder if these people have figured out that the guys holding up that trophy today don't care half as much as those who spend their entire day on message boards hating on everything about their team.

Hell, we'll bet $100 to be donated to the Jimmy Fund that most of your Boston Red Sox (current players) wouldn't make the grade if they were questioned by the message board champs on what it means to be a member of the Red Sox.

These geniuses, while professing to be "true fans" hate on everything connected to the Red Sox - from ticket prices at the park, to marketing of the team, to the broadcast crew that covers them, and to the media that covers the home town team - they are just going to sit on their couch and bitch until next year, when once again they get to tell 90% of you that you aren't a Red Sox fan because...

Meanwhile these "tried and true" fans are giving each other internet high-fives over a picture of Jonathan Papelbon celebrating - something we think goes totally against the grain of Boston's baseball tradition. We saw a clip where the Boston Globe's Gordon Edes mentioned, rather uncomfortably by the sounds of it, that you wouldn't see Yaz doing something like this - we agree. But the message board champs see the humour in it as they give the rest of the baseball world their collective middle finger. Way to go are all as much of a donkey as our Donkey of the Day:

He may be a lights out closer, he may be the toast of Boston, and he may have a great future ahead of him - but if he were on any other team, you'd all be ripping him for being a classless moronic hillbilly.

On to the good news - the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that manager Grady Little had resigned, paving the way for former Yankees manager Joe Torre to join Big Blue. Speculation (fear) is running rampant on Dodgers' message boards that ARod will follow Torre to Los Angeles. God help us, we friggin hope not. As much as we HATE to take on anyone who worn the pinstripes - we'll take Torre as he seems like class guy. However, ARod is not welcome - he can go to Chicago, he can go to the Angels, he can go to Boston - just NOT the Dodgers.

Question for Red Sox Nation - fans and "real fans" - if ARod goes to Boston, what then? How can you stomach welcoming public enemy number 1 in Boston to the Red Sox? Just wondering...

Pittsburgh Penguins C Sidney Crosby scored the insurance goal and set up the game winner in the Pens 4-2 win against the Wild in Minnesota; Sid the kid finished the night with a goal and three assists.

Calgary Flames G Mikkaa Kiprusoff stopped 39 shots in a 5-1 win over the Nashville Predators. RW Jarome Iginla help our the cause with two goals and an assist.

We'll be back later (through Tilt) with the Wednesday night Three Play. That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one Peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world and that you enjoy the celebrations yesteday.

We're Out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay Red Sox fans the parades over and the players have gone their seperate ways to enjoy their 3 1/2 month vacations. Speing training 2008 begins mid February.
November will be somewhat busy as players await to see if they won any post season awards or enter into free agency.

I will give you a preview of my opinion on who will come,go or stay with the Red Sox for 2008.
I am not an "insider" . These are merely opinions for thought and predictions....
So here we go...

Hey I gotta start off with an easy one okay? Gagne came to Boston at the trade deadline from Texas for rookie pitcher Kason Gabbard and of David Murphy.
Gagne can not get out of Boston fast enough and file for free agency. He was hated here in Boston and pretty much blew enough Red Sox wins to keep the Yankees in the hunt to the end.
Without Gagne's shitteous pitching the Sox would've clinched the AL East by the first or 2nd week of Sept. as well as best overall AL record.
Hey Eric Gagne waived his no trade clause to come to Boston to win a World Series ring and he got one. If I'm John Henry I give Gagne a ring made of cheap fucking fake stones and put it in a cheap paper bag and give it to him at his new teams park by a smelly bum wearing a Scott Boras
eats shit. T-Shirt.
PREDICTION: TEXAS..Gagne wants to close but after all of baseball saw what a horror show he turned out to be he'll have a tough time selling teams on him as a closer. He had success in Texas and returns there where he, Gabbard and Murphy (who get rings for their service in Boston) will have Red Sox WS bling.

Eric Gagne's replacement will be someone the Red Sox have coveted for years.
Linebrink is a right handed set up guy who will become a FA this offseason.
He's had great numbers pitching in SD before being dished to Milwaukee to help out Brewers closer Cordero. Linebrink made $2+ M in 2007.
PREDICTION: Linebrink to Boston for $4.5M per for 3 years with a club option.

Eric Hinske proved valuable to Boston because of his defensive ability to play both corner positions in the OF and INF. He sucked as a hitter.
He got his ring and will file for FA. The Red Sox would like a utility guy who can hit and at $5M Eric Hinske proved an expensive bench warmer.
His memorable Fenway moment was when he dove face first in the RF turf to catch a sinking fly ball.
PREDICTION: Any AL/NL team he can start. Hinske wants to be an every day player not a back up. He can play 1B/3B/OF and DH . Just wants to be in the lineup every day.
He'll have to take a paycut to get that chance .

Kielty made $2M for the Sox as a platoon OF who took over the job when Wily Mo Pena couldn't hit here in Boston.
Kielty delivered key hits,played great defensively and oh yeah won the World Series with a HR.
I think he'll get a lot more playing time next year when JD Drew gets hit with the injury bug .
Hard to let this guy go.
PREDICTION: Stays in Boston with a 3 year deal worth $3.5 M plus bonuses

Curt wants to play one more year and wants to play in Boston.
He made $13M last year but had to be shut down for a while mid season to be ready for the stretch run. I think Theo will go to a younger veteran pitcher to replace Curt.
The Red Sox weren't really to excited with Schilling calling up WEEI sports everyday with a
daily Curt Flash like a special Red Sox WEEI correspondent.
Schilling is a media whore. When he retires you can bet your ass he will be looking for a Fox or ESPN analyst job. He could be their MLB gossip correspondent.
I'm surprised as anyone Curt Schilling has not put a web cam on his hat brim so he can do live webcasts on CURT TV. All Curt. All day.All night Just send in $200 a month and live life with Curt.
PREDICTION: Gone to Philadelphia. 2 years $15M plus reachable bonuses and includes mutual options. Phillies a contender too.
Its a thin pitching market and Curt will continue his farewell tour with former clubs.

Thats it for now. Feel free to post your comments..

More in a day or so.

The Hazies - The Champs & The Chumps

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Time to take a look back at the week that was and award an honourary "Hazie" to those who made news for all the right reasons. On the flip side, we'll look at those who made news for less than stellar performances.


Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox who swept the Colorado Rockies to win their second championship in three years (four seasons). They came out of spring training as one of the favourites to win it all and they did it - leading the AL East from the get go and destroying the opponents in the playoffs (we are lumping Cleveland in there - they didn't choke, they WERE choked by the Sox). Special mention goes to 3B Mike Lowell who was named the World Series MVP - the guy has overcome a lot of things in his career and has persevered...that pretty much epitomizes a champ. We also have to mention P Josh Beckett who only pitched in one game but set the tone for the series by dominating the red-hot Rockies in Game 1 of the series.


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady had another great week - this time against the Washington Redskins. Brady accounted for five touchdowns, passing for three and rushing for two more, in a 52-7 beat down of Washington. Brady finished the day completing 29 of 38 passes for 306 yards.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees finally found his game, throwing four touchdown passes in a 31-10 win over the 49ers. Brees completed 31 of 39 passes for 336 yards. Didn't we tell you he'd team up with Marques Colston to have a big day?

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward had eight receptions for 88 yards and had two touchdowns in a 24-13 win over the Bengals.

In case you are wondering - the tie that binds these three is that they are all members of a Maeple Leafs fantasy football team; they were responsible for wins in two different leagues.


Los Angeles Kings G Jason LaBarbera was named the NHL's First Star of the Week, backstopping the Kings to three wins, posting a goals against average of 0.67 and a save percentage of .976. We think Hazel would be down with this one, for no other reason that it makes the SenaTards look like jackasses for floating out a rumour that the Kings were ready to trade LW Alexander Frolov and another player for one of the Tards donkeys (goalies).

Carolina Hurricanes C Rod Brind'Amour was named the Second Star of the Week, leading all NHL scorer with five goals and four assists in leading the Canes to a 3-1 record for the week. Brind'Amour is one of the NHL's classiest players - the guy is a champ in every sense of the word.

Washington Capitals LW Alex Ovechkin was named the Third Star for scoring two goals and assisting on five others. We mention Ovechkin here because we aren't going to talk about what he did to the Maple Leafs last night.



New York Yankees (or former Yankees) 3B Alex Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras, announced last night that ARod had opted out of the remaining three years of his contract ($72M) and pursue free agency. This sucks on so many levels - making the announcement as the Sox were winning the World Series is obviously bad form - but also, it shows how much of a selfish prick he is. The story is that ARod is leaving due to uncertainty with the team - but obviously its about getting more money. The Yankees have said they aren't going to negotiate with him - talk is that the Cubs, Angels, Dodgers and a few others (including YOUR Boston Red Sox) may pursue him. If MLB owner had a brain cell between them - they would refuse to sign the jackass and let him twist in the wind. One day someone will broker this kind of agreement - and that someone will receive a the Hazie for lifetime achievement.

We are all about hating everything New York - the Empire State's two joke franchises who call New Jersey home screwed us big time yesterday.

The New York Jets "lead" (can you read the sarcasm behind the quote?) by noodle-armed Chad Pennington (13 of 20 for 106 yards) laid another egg yesterday against the Buffalo Bills. We won't get into how the loss cost us the week in our football pool - that's nothing. The Jets imitation of the keystone cops on defence late in the fourth quarter, allowing Lee Evans to go 85 yards for a touchdown, cost us SIX HUNDRED bucks on $5 sports lottery ticket. We needed the game to finish within three points either way and the Jets blew it. Here's hoping they lose each and every game from here on out - and may God make it painful on those pricks.

We should have known better than to trust the stinking/counterfeit Giants. We burnt a 15 point pick in our pool, but like the Jets that was nothing. We didn't trust them enough to cover the spread on our $10 ticket, but we figured these donkeys would win by at least four. You likely saw the Dolphins score a meaningless touchdown to make it 13-10 - that touchdown cost us another $250. Today's donkey is Eli Manning, Archie's little jerk off wowed the crowd at Wembley by completing 8 of 22 passes for 59 yards - typical, this guy folds in any spotlight game.

"Colon" Campbell, the NHL's disciplinarian handed Philadelphia Flyers D Randy Jones a two game suspension for a questionable hit on Boston Bruins C Patrice Bergeron on Saturday. In "Colon's" own words

"While it is my determination that Jones did not intend to injure his opponent, he did deliver a hard check to an opponent that was in a vulnerable position. There have been suggestions by some that this hit was comparable to other incidents earlier this season where players received significant suspensions for blows to the head. These comparisons and suggestions are wrong."

With respect to the hit - we don't think it was particularly dirty; the problem was that Bergeron went into a corner with his back to the play. So we are at a loss to understand what the suspension is for - hits like that happen each and every single game. Campbell, and the NHL, claim they want that stuff out of the game - but instead of punishing the action, they punish the result. This guy is a joke and his decisions are making the league look like a damn joke.

San Jose Sharks RW Devin Setoguchi had two goals in San Jose's 4-2 win over the Stars in Dallas last night.

New York Rangers RW Jaromir Jagr had a goal and an assist to lead the Rangers to a 3-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre completes 21 of 27 passes for 331 yards and two touchdowns, including an 82 yard bomb in overtime, to lead the Pack to a 19-13 over the Broncos.

After a good day on Sunday, we finished the week at - $195; the total for the year stands at - $400. We'll get things back on track tonight.

Montreal over Atlanta - we think both teams suck, but the Habs have one of the league's best power plays, which is how they survive. Montreal gets the nod tonight based on special teams and Atlanta's suspect goaltending. Lay $100 on the Habs - $200.

Calgary over Nashville - the Flames are rock solid at home, the Predators are a shadow of what they were last year. This one is a mismatch - lay $100 on the Flames - $200.

Detroit over Edmonton - the Red Wings build their incredible seasons on beating bad teams like the Oilers. The Red Wings rarely ever let up against weak teams - they'll get it done in Edmonton tonight. Lay $100 on the Wings - $200.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. To members of Red Sox Nation - enjoy your parade today, we'll talk later about "who is and isn't a 'real' Red Sox Fan"

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies to capture their 2nd World Championship
in 4 years and it was just like the way they captured the flag in 2004 over the St. Louis Cardinals.
In 2004 the Red Sox went a hard fought 7 games to beat the NY Yankees to capture the AL flag. Everyone thought the Red Sox played their World Series with their miraculous comeback over the Yanks.
The Sox were facing Albert Pujols and the powerhouse NL Champs St. Louis Cardinals.
Baseball fans were in shock as the Sox whipped the Cardinals 4 straight in St. Louis.
Here in 2007 the Red Sox lead the season from beginning to end and captured the AL East flag something the Yankees always won every year.
Boston finished 2007 with the best record in baseball,having beaten the Cleveland Indians 5 games to 2 during regular season play.
In the ALDS Boston swept an AL West champion team LA Angels most everyone
picked to win it all.
Instead of a showdown with their 2004 ALCS rival Wild Card NY Yankees,they got the AL Central Champs Cleveland Indians who was the 2nd best team in baseball.
How fitting that 2 of baseballs best teams duke it out for the AL title and the right to go to the World Series.
Boston shocked experts by beating the Indians big aces CC Sabathia and Fausto Carmona.
However the series ended up going 7 games where Boston utilized its homefield advantage and ace and ALCS MVP Josh Beckett to go to the World Series.
The Nl wild card Colorado Rockies captured the NLCS in very quick fashion beating the Cubs and Diamondbacks while the Sox/Indians took their street fight to 7 games.
Rockies had to wait 8 days to find out who their World Series dance partner would be.
Prior to the World Series the Red Sox roster was a shocker. Struggling reliever Eric Gagne whom most figured to be left off the roster was left on. Senior Red Sox member Tim Wakefield
announced due to physical injury could not compete. He was replaced by Kyle Snyder not
Julian Tavarez.
The Red Sox were clearly the better talented team than the Colorado Rockies.
Sox mgr. Terry Francona was brilliant in his line-up moves,yanking pitchers who faltered.
This World Series win was not won by 2004 ALCS MVP David Ortiz,2004 WS MVP Manny Ramirez like in 2004.
It was won by guys like Ellsbury,Pedroia,Youkilis,Papelbon,Okajima and Kielty who barely made $1M each.
How ironic was it that the 2007 ALCS MVP Josh Beckett and 2007 WS MVP Mike Lowell were teammates on a Florida Marlins WS team and obtained in the biggest trade in Red Sox history.
The Red Sox are the first repeat WS winners in the new Millenium.
Celebrate and enjoy the title Red Sox Nation !

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Afternoon Suggestions

Things are not going according to plan in the first half today - but there is still lots of time.

New Orleans - 2 over SAN FRANCISCO - go with the team who is playing better. Lay $100 on the Saints.

Jacksonville + 3.5 over TAMPA BAY - gotta like the Jags D to keep it close. Lay $100 on Jacksonville.

NY JETS - 3 over Buffalo - Chad Pennington says he has to be back to Chad Pennington Football - whatever that means. Lay $100 on the Jets.

Good luck if you play them...enjoy.

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

We're Nyquil free this week - considering how we did last week, we probably should have had a shot or two last night. If you have followed the page for a while, you know what the deal is with our NFL picks - spreads are locked down on Wednesday, weighted pool with 16 being your best pick. On to this week's games.

16) Indianapolis - 6.5 over CAROLINA - thanks to Brady and the Pats, little chance of the Colts taking this game lightly as they look ahead to the Pats. Manning and the Colts will find the Panthers D a lot more accommodating than the Jags were. Colts D has enough to keep the Panthers down.

15) NY Giants - 10.5 over MIAMI - neutral site game, which might as well be a home game for the Giants. This pick has more to do with Miami being absolutely awful than any faith we have in the Giants (they're counterfeit). Manning and Burress should have another big day this week against the Dolphins who can't stop anyone.

14) Pittsburgh - 3.5 over CINCINNATI - we don't think much of the Steelers, but their offence should be able to control the clock against a bad Bengals D. The heart says Cincinnati, but the head says "did you see what noodle arm Pennington did to them?" Pittsburgh wins this one easily, which means every annoying Steelers fan will think they're back.

13) New Orleans -3.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - two teams going in opposite directions, the Saints aren't the team they were last year, while the 49ers are looking more and more like they are the team they were last year. Brees and Colston have a big day today.

12) Green Bay +3.5 over DENVER - we still aren't sure how the Broncos managed to upset the Steelers last week, but we're sure they'll have a tougher time against Favre and the Packers. Green Bay has enough offence to keep it close and maybe sneak out a win.

11) Jacksonville +4.5 over TAMPA BAY - we're going with the Jags defence to keep this one close, everything about this game screams 10-9. We don't like Garcia's chances going up against that D.

10) Detroit +4.5 over Chicago - still aren't sold on the Bears. We aren't sold on the Lions either, but the Bears main weakness on D goes to the Lions main strength - throwing the ball. Kitna and the Lions should keep this one relatively close.

09) Cleveland -3.5 over ST. LOUIS - the Rams could quite possibly go 0-16 with the way they are going. Cleveland's D should be able to hold the injured Marc Bulger in check and the offence should be able to take advantage of a Rams D that is certain to tire in the second half.

08) NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Washington - if the Skins had anything on offence, they would be a great pick to cover; but they have Jason Campbell and a very overrated Clinton Portis. Brady might have a bit more trouble against Skins secondary, but he should be able to pick up 24 points against them. Can you see Washington scoring more than 6?

07) Philadelphia -1.5 over MINNESOTA - the Vikings couldn't move the ball against Dallas last week, things are only going to get tougher against the Eagles (the 96 yard drive by Griese notwithstanding). You know what we say about how McNabb plays against bad teams - he'll look like a Pro-Bowler today...but we all know better now right?

06) NY JETS -2.5 over Buffalo - the Jets will be kicking themselves for blowing it against the Bengals. The Bills had a nice win over the Ravens last week - but something tells us that Pennington will have a good game today.

05) Oakland +7.5 over Tennessee - the Titans have a habit of playing down to their opposition so we are going to take the Raiders and the points in hopes of a backdoor cover.
04) Houston +12.5 over SAN DIEGO - too much turmoil in San Diego this week to think they will be 100% focused on the game. They'll win, but Houston will keep it close or get a meaningless touchdown late to cover the spread.

Road Warriors win in MSG
The Toronto Maple Leafs won their second straight game on the road - this time 4-1 over the Rangers. The Leafs survived a shaky first period thanks to Vesa Toskala who made a couple of great saves to keep the Leafs tied despite being badly outshot. The boys scored 3 goals in a span of 8 minutes in the second, with Nik Antropov's goal to make it 3-1 being the back breaker. Leafs played a perfect road game - keeping the Rangers on the perimeter for most of the night. Last night's game was a case of the Leafs playing well and the Rangers not playing very well - whatever, Leaf Nation will take it. In case Hazel didn't TIVO the game - our grades.

Goaltending B plus - as mentioned, Toskala was solid; his rebound control was as good as it has been all year and he came up big during a couple of crucial points in the first period. The Jagr goal was a little weak, but it would have been a different game without him.

Defence A minus - they gave up a lot of shots, but the majority were from the perimeter and they kept scoring chances down. Pavel Kubina's second period goal to make it 1-1 gave the team a big lift and the pairing of Hal Gill and Ian White kept Jagr in check. Anton Stralman didn't look out of place in his limited time on the ice. Tomas Kaberle set up two goals and made sure the Leafs got out of trouble by skating the puck out of the zone or making great outlet passes. The Leafs went into this road trip without Bryan McCabe and they play two very good games - go figure huh? TRADE MCCABE.

Forwards B plus - as a unit, they took care of things in their own end, and the forecheck led to a couple of goals. Sundin played a great two-way game and Nik Antropov controlled the puck every time he was on the ice. Jason Blake had a couple of great rushes up the ice to get the puck out of the zone (much to Hal Gill's relief). The line of Steen-Stajan-Tlusty created a few chances and looked good.

Hazel Karma last night? We'd like to think so.

As mentioned earlier this morning by our man Quikdraw, the Red Sox beat up on the Rockies last night by a score of 10-5. Julio Lugo saved the game last night when he snared that liner off the bat of Jeff Baker that would have scored two Rockies and perhaps changed the game. Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, who are poised to win their second World Championship in the last three calendar years.

Toronto Maple Leafs G Vesa Toskala stopped 31 of 32 shots last night - he should have had a shutout, but Leaf Nation would be happy if he continued to play the way he did last night.

Manchester United midfielder/winger Nani had the opening goal in Man U's 4-1 win yesterday. He deserved a star earlier this week for his play in Champions League action against Dynamo Kyiv.

Boston Red Sox CF Jacoby Ellsbury had four hits last night, including three doubles, drove in two runs and scored twice for the Sox last night. Coco Crisp had to have been kissing his job goodbye.

Tough night last night with the Sharks and Penguins both losing games they should have won - unbelievable. We finished the night 3-2 and broke even - we'll get it straightened out today. Today's suggestions, we've already posted the "whys" behind our suggestions:
Philadelphia - 1 over MINNESOTA - Lay $100 on the Eagles.
NY Giants - 9.5 over MIAMI - Lay $100 on the Giants.

Indianapolis -7 over Carolina - Lay $100 on the Colts.

Cleveland -3 over St. Louis - Lay $100 on the Browns.

We'll check back later this afternoon for the 4:00 pm games.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world; enjoy your NFL/Game 4 Sunday.

We're Out!

Red Sox Win Game 3 ! Cue Papelbons Music!

Red Sox are a win a way from duplicating what they did in 2004 which is winning a 7 game series of an ALCS then sweeping a formidable NL champion for a World Series title.
Boston sends rookie John Lester against Colorado's Aaron Cook for the World Series sweep.
Red Sox are not winning this series with the veterans-they're doing it with the kids.
Papelbon,Ellsbury,Pedroia,Youkilis,Okajima..they'll do it Sun. with Lester.

2 World Titles in 4 Years For The Red Sox!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Three Play

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Not much to say today - Game 3 of the World Series goes tonight, and I (just me) is ready to concede defeat in the World Series prediction that the Rockies would win the series. I'll tip my hat to Quikdraw who has been pretty good this post-season. Rockies will probably win tonight - but the chances of them winning 4 of 5 are remote to say the least.

The Maple Leafs visit Madison Square Garden to face off against the Rangers tonight - the Leafs will be looking to build on Thursday night's upset win of the Penguins. The media up here (outside of Toronto) is lining up to mock the Buds after their win on Thursday - instead of giving Jiri Tlusty some credit for scoring two goals in his first game, they are mocking Leaf Nation by calling the kid the saviour. Here's hoping Tlusty shuts their pie holes tonight with another good game. With Game 3 of the Series going tonight - might be a little much to ask for Hazel Karma at MSG tonight. Boston better wrap it up soon - Toronto needs the karma.

A rough couple of days with our suggestions - but we'll do better tonight. Total for the week stands at an ugly - $475. Tonight's suggestions:

San Jose over Columbus - the Sharks got spanked against the Wings so they'll be looking to take their frustrations on out someone - the Jackets are always a good candidate to be on the wrong end of a beat down. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $125.

Ottawa over New Jersey - the Tards have been off for a week and are back from a group hug/love in up in Gravenhurst. They've got too much for Martin Brodeur and that suspect Devils D. Lay $100 on the Tards - $160 (hating myself for suggesting it).

Pittsburgh over Montreal - see explanation for Sharks. The Penguins are scuffling a bit these days, but with the Habs having played a tough game against the Canes last night, they're ripe for an ass-kicking. Lay $100 on the Penguins - $180.

Tampa Bay/Buffalo over 6 - the Sabres aren't the force they were last year, especially in their own end where Ryan Miller has been struggling. Expect there to be a lot of goals tonight. Lay $100 on the over - $135.

Dallas over Phoenix - the Coyotes shocked everyone (but me) by beating the Ducks this week (we remember them doing it twice in a week and killing a good three play week) - but the Stars should be ready for them. Lay $100 on Dallas - $160.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. We'll post our NFL picks tomorrow morning. Have a great one peeps - enjoy game three (Colorado pounds Dice-K tonight).

Hazel, here's hoping that things are groovy in your world.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Leafs Win

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

We're in a rush this a.m. - we'll check back tonight with NFL picks for the week. We're guessing 95% of the people reading the page are all smiles today - there's always a Maple Leafs' hater or two lurking.

Boston takes a 2-0 stranglehold on the World Series - Quikdraw checked in last night with his thoughts on the game.

The Maple Leafs get two goals from Jiri Tlusty, who was making his NHL debut, as they beat Sidney Crosby and the Penguins by a score of 5-2. We're hoping that this is a sign that, much like last year, the Maple Leafs will be road warriors. The Penguins aren't exactly looking like the juggernaut many predicted them to be - we had our doubts about the Penguins, Sabres and Devils this year.

Relax Bruins fans - this great start is only temporary...much like last year, they'll fall apart after Christmas. Let's not get into the "Cam Neely is making a difference this year". We'll discuss more later.

Pick your stars from last night - but from our perspective, Jiri Tlusty would definitely make Hazel's list.


We'll add up the total tomorrow - a few suggestions for tonight.

San Jose over Detroit - the Red Wings have always had a hard time with the Sharks, we expect that to continue. Lay $100 on the Sharks + $125.

Carolina over Montreal - the Canes are flying right now, make you money on them while you can. Lay $100 on Carolina - $170.

Calgary over Colorado - the Flames woke up against the Wild the other night, they'll continue that against the Avs. Lay $100 on the Flames - $145.

That's it for today's abbreviated post gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Rocks Crumble AGAIN in Game 2! Red Sox Win 2-1..Up 2 Games To 0!

After thumping the Rockies in game 1 the Boston Red Sox showed Colorado that they can win the close ones too edging out the Rox 2-1 in Game 2 of the World Series at Fenway Park.
Boston takes their 2-0 series lead to Denver, Colorado for 3 games in 3 days beginning Sat. night.
In game 2 Sox mgr. Terry Francona got a solid effort from starter Curt Schilling who left the game in the middle of the 6th with a very tight 2-1 lead. Hideki Okajima who has become baseballs most dominant set up guys in 2007-shut out Colorado for 2 1/2 innings.
Okie gave way to Sox stud closer Jonathan Papelbon who basically challenged and beat the Rox for the save.

In Game 3 at Colorado Saturday night-the Rockies are in a must win game.
I don't see Colorado winning game 3. I think Dice K whom Colorado hasnt seen before,
will pitch with a lead into the 7th inning. Manny Delcarmen and Javier Lopez will get the ball
pitching for the Red Sox victory.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Destiny Mugged In Boston! Red Sox Win Game 1 !



The Colorado Rockies looked completely over matched by the Boston Red Sox in game 1 of the World Series at Bostons Fenway Park.

Red Sox ace Josh Beckett DOMINATED what was supposed to be a great hitting Rockie lineup

and Sox thunderous bats chased Colorado ace Jeff Francis out of the game before the 5th inning.

Rockies will send rookie Jimenez to face playoff veteran ace Curt Schilling in game 2 Thurs,

night in Fenway.

So much for Destiny.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Destiny vs Divine Right

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "World Series Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Game 1 of the 2007 World Series opens tonight at Fenway Park, with Red Sox Ace Josh Beckett taking the mound against Canadian-born Jeff Francis for the Rockies. While everyone expected Boston to be in this position - you'd be hard pressed to find someone who predicted that Colorado would make it to the World Series.

Colorado looks like a team of destiny - they overcame a number of injuries to their pitching staff and were forced to call up a couple of rookies to take starting spots in the rotation; they won 14 of their final 15 just to make it to the playoffs, and have followed that up with seven straight wins against teams that most predicted would beat them. They have used speed on the bases, timely hits and solid pitching to get the job done.

Which brings us to the Red Sox - a team that everyone, outside of New York and Missouri, were cheering for in 2004; they had the whole continent celebrating with them when they ended their 86 year World Series drought. Things are a little different this time around though - the media in Boston has all but crowned them, and an emerging sentiment out of Boston (at least according to messageboards) is that it is somehow their divine right to win the World Series. We can't blame the good people of Boston though - when you have the best pitcher in the game in Josh Beckett; the best 1-2 punch in David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez; and a lights out closer like Jonathan Papelbon (we still hate that stupid jig). Why wouldn't Red Sox Nation think that it is their God-given right to win?

We've listened with some amusement, and a healthy dose of disgust, as so-called experts try to impress us with their in-depth analysis and insights on how the series will play out. If we hear one more jackass say "you just don't know how the layoff will affect the Rockies" - instead of what they really think, which is "Boston is by far the better team" - we are going to slap someone.

All this to say - we are picking Colorado to win this one. That's right - we are calling for a Colorado win over Boston. Nothing personal, no hatred of the Sox or the Nation - Colorado just seems like they are destined to win the whole thing - much like Boston was in 2004. Colorado's pitching might surprise Boston, playing in Coors Field without a DH will hurt Boston, and the speed at the top of the order for the Rockies will create havoc for the Sox. We'll take Colorado in six games.

We'll take destiny over divine right in this one. Sorry Red Sox Nation, but in 2007, God's next miracle will be to turn the fortunes of the Toronto Maple Leafs around...while Leaf Nation waits for Hazel Karma to kick in.

Speaking of the Maple Leafs, another freakin loss to a bad hockey team starting their backup goaltender; this time a 5-4 shootout loss to Kovalchuk and the Atlanta Thrashers. Thankfully, they are heading out on the road for a bit - they were a better road team last year. While we are the kind of fans to over react - we'll say this - if things don't get markedly better on this upcoming road swing, Paul Maurice and John Ferguson Jr. have to be fired. Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment needs to bring Pat Burns back to Toronto to fix this mess.

Champions League Matchday 3 went yesterday in Europe - three games of note from our perspective
  • Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in Manchester United's 4-2 over Dynamo Kyiv, with Nani setting up a goal by Shrek (aka Wayne Rooney);

  • Sporting Lisbon fell 2-1 in Italy against Roma yesterday;

  • Inter Milan beat CSKA Moscow 2-1, as former Portugal Captain Luis Figo set up the winner late in the game on a great free kick that was headed home for the win.
FC Porto travels to France today to take on Marseilles - we're calling for a tie today; and Benfica welcomes Celtic to the Estadio da Luz for a beat down in Lisbon, Benfica wins 2-0 this afternoon.

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo (see above).

Inter Milan midfielder Luis Figo - the old guy sets up the winner.

St. Louis Blues C (and former Maple Leafs draft pick) Brad Boyes had two goals in a 4-2 win oer the Anaheim Ducks.

Another tough start to the week with another loss by the Leafs and the Rangers and Penguins deciding to play some defence. The total for the week stands at - $175. Today's suggestions, we aren't going to suggest Beckett over Francis tonight - don't be surprised if Francis wins to start the series, like he did against the Phillies and DBacks.

Philadelphia over FLORIDA - the Panthers have had some issues lately, while the Flyers are rolling - especially G Martin Biron who was last week's First Star in the NHL. Lay $100 on the Flyers - $110.

DETROIT over Vancouver - the Canucks always seem to have a tough time in Detroit, the Wings are coming off a western swing but they have had enough time to recover. Lay $100 on the Wings - $190.

Minnesota over CALGARY - Flames coach Mike Keenan has already started messing with Miikka Kiprusoff's head - things aren't likely to get better for the kipper tonight against the Minnesota Wild who are flying right now. Lay $100 on the Wild + $120.

For those of you who do check in for the Three Play - if you bet online and want soccer plays, I'll post picks. Yesterday was an unbelievable day in Champions League, all 8 games predicted correctly (including Barcelona tying Rangers, Fenerbahce tying PSV, AND Lyon beating Stuttgart). I have the two winning pro-line tickets to prove it. Those 8 picks yesterday, including betting the ties would have been worth close to $1,000 on $50 plays. If you want to do soccer, I'll start with Premiership games this weekend. Leave a comment.

No links for Hazel today - its all bad in Toronto; plus she has enough to read up on for Game 1 tonight.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy Game 1 tonight.

We're Out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Hazies - The Champs & The Chumps

Hey "Peeps" and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Time to take a look back at the week that was and award an honourary "Hazie" to those who made news for all the right reasons. On the flip side, we'll look at those who made news for less than stellar performances.



Boston Red Sox P Josh Beckett was named the American League Championship Series' Most Valuable Player for winning both of his starts vs the Indians. Beckett gave up nine hits, struck out 18 and walked one in 14 innings of near flawless pitching, posting an ERA of 1.93. He pitched as well as he did for the Marlins in their World Series win against the Yankees. We won't refer to him as Nook Laloosh anymore.

Boston Red Sox Manager Terry Francona has taken more than his fair share of heat and venom from Red Sox Nation this year; but to his credit he has stuck to his guns and gotten his team to the big show. Francona stuck with Dustin Pedroia early in the year when people were saying he wasn't ready - Pedroia was the star of Game 7; he stuck with J.D. Drew who had a horrible season - he only showed up for one game, Game 6, but without his grand slam...; and without a lot of fanfare, made the decision to sit Coco Crisp for Ellsbury. He got the job done...he deserves some credit.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was perfect yesterday, 21 of 25 for 354 yards and six TDs for a passer rating of 158.3. Unfortunately for Brady, his great day came on the same day the Sox win the ALCS. The best player in the NFL takes a back seat to the best team in baseball at this time of the year.

Tennessee Titans PK Rod Bironas set an NFL record yesterday with eight field goals, including the game winner on the last play of the game, in a 38-34 win over the Houston Texans. While most of them were chip shots, he started the game off with a 52-yarder - so you have to say he earned it.


Calgary Flames RW Jarome Iginla was named the Second Star of the Week in the NHL last week. The NHL's best power forward had three goals and five assists in three games last week - without him, the Flames are not a playoff team.

Toronto Maple Leafs C Nik Antropov is quietly off to a great start this season - many in Leaf Nation criticized the Leafs for resigning him this past off season, but Leaf Nation's whipping boy of years' past has six goals and five assists in nine games and has consistently been the team's best player.

Portugal winger Cristiano Ronaldo scored the decisive goal against Kazakhstan in a 2-1 win last week - the win put Portugal into second place in their group and a good bet to make it to Euro 2008. The team is young and in flux right now - he's steadying the ship until they get to the show.


Boston Red Sox P Jonathan Papelbon series victory celebrations have crossed the line from annoying to downright retarded. The ALCS jig he did during the victory celebration was enough to make the boys from the movie Deliverance look normal. Shrek (aka Youkilis) is right there with "Paps" - the old saying "act like you've been there" may not apply to Papelbon, but someone should pull him aside and tell him to tone it down. Shrek should know better. Wanna know what is behind the growing resentment towards the Red Sox - look no further. While we're talking about last night - what was with Kevin Millar throwing out the first pitch? We get the fact they were honouring the 2004 Sox - but seriously, he's under contract with the O's. This guy's got a four Viagara dose hard on for a team that doesn't want him.

When the Cleveland Indians look back on Game 7 against Boston, they'll look at the decision by third base coach Joel Skinner as the turning point in the game - maybe. But the goat of the night was Kenny Lofton - he was the guy who lost it for Cleveland. Lofton was thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double off Manny Ramirez to lead off the fifth inning - three hits later and the Indians had one run. In the seventh, it is incumbent on Lofton to read the play - the ball was hit in front of him - he should have known Ramirez would not have thrown him out. Skinner takes the heat, but it was on Lofton. Speaking of goats - Travis Hafner is the most over-rated player in the American League; he is a poor man's ARod, NEVER coming through when it counts. Grady Sizemore was almost as bad as Hafner.

The state of Pennsylvania - home of the counterfeit - is front and center this week.

Start with the Philadelphia Eagles - facing a Chicago Bears team with issues on both sides of the ball, the Eagles managed to blow it by allowing Brian freakin' Griese to drive the Bears 96 yards for a game winning touchdown. As should have been expected - McNabb was for the most part a non-factor. They're a joke - and no one is laughing louder about this than fans Dallas Cowboys.

The Pittsburgh Steelers laid an egg in Denver yesterday, losing 31-28 to a Broncos team that was 2-3 going into the game, and could have just as easily been 0-5; oh yeah, the Broncos were also without Champ Bailey. The Steelers are proving to be road wimps - dropping games in Phoenix and Denver. Roethlisberger is looking more and more like McNabb.

We'll have no more talk about these guys being legit contenders in the same class as the Patriots and the Colts.

The week ended off on a bad note - though we don't think any of you took us seriously (or listened) when we suggested the Indians last night. The total for the week was - $115; for the year it stands at - $290. Tonight's suggestions:

Toronto over Atlanta - the Leafs are coming off an awful loss to the Blackhawks on Saturday night, so they'll be looking to make things right before heading off on the road for a while. There's a trend that says teams playing the last game of an extended home stand usually win. Who knows? We're going with them tonight. Lay $100 on Toronto - $170.

Colorado over Edmonton - former Oilers LW Ryan Smyth returns home to face the team he once captained. The Oilers are in awful shape right now - things won't get any better against the Avs tonight. Lay $100 on the Avs - $145.

Pittsburgh/NY Rangers over 6 - both teams have issues, the Pens in goal and the Rangers on defence; all of which means there should be plenty of scoring chances and plenty of goals tonight. Lay $100 on the over +$105.

Ho-hum, Damien Cox tries to be provocative with expose on MLSE Board of Directors

More great news - Tucker out indefinitely with knee injury

Anton Stralman (aka Lidstrom Jr.) might get play vs Thrashers

Top 100 Leafs of all-time

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

If YOU are checking in

While I don't touch base with you often enough, it doesn't mean that I don't think/wonder/worry about you and how things are with you. I've been listening to this song all weekend, and I don't know why, but it reminds me of you. Download it, it has an unbelievable beat and a great groove. If you are checking me a favour and listen to it.

The Police and The Private - Metric
Get straight, wait here while I try to find the exit sign
When we stop asking strangers, no one wants what we want
Keep one eye on the door, keep one eye on the bag
Never expect to be sure

You're working for the police and the private, the pirates and the pilots
Fingerprinted waiting for the train
The doctor, the writer, the hairdresser,
Felt up and fingerprinted waiting for the train

Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing mama
Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing something I don't got

There's a place that ends here I know
When they close the gates I'll cry
I'm so tired of never sleeping
The whole world wants what we're on

Didn't make this up I learned, I learned it from a friend
My friend is coming clean, she told me
Keep one eye on the door, keep one eye on the bed
Never expect to be sure, who you're working for

You're working for the police and the private, the pirates and the pilots
Fingerprinted waiting for the train
The doctor, the writer, the garbage collector
Fingerprinted waiting for the train

Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing mama
Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing mama

Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing mama
Lord lord mother, you're all losing love
Lord listen lover, you're all missing love

Got to get out
Got to get to you, the orphanage is closing in an hour

As always, I hope things are well with you.
Take care of yourself kiddo and touch base when you can.

Red Sox VS Rockies In World Series! Red Sox in 6 Games.

The Red Sox will host the Colorado Rockies beginning Wed. night at Fenway Park for the 2007 World Series Championship.

The Rockies beat Boston at Fenway park in an Interleague Series in the middle of the season 2-1 and that stuff doesn't mean anything in postseason.

I like the Boston Red Sox to win their 2nd World Series in 4 years in 6 games.

The Sox have a lot of guys that've been to the World Series on their roster.

They have players that've played at Coors Field. Schilling, Lowell,Beckett,Tavarez,Gagne, to name a few so the experience will be helpful in dealing with the nuances of the field.

I like Boston winning the first 2 here in Boston with Beckett and Schill. They may have trouble when Dice K and Lester pitch in Colorado . Red Sox should clinch this at home.

The World Series Schedule....

WED Game 1 @ Boston.......THURS Game 2 @ Boston....FRI Travel Day Off

SAT Game 3 @ Colorado....SUN Game 4 @ Colorado....MON Game 5 (if necessary)@ Colorado,

TUES Travel Day Off ....WED Game 6 (if necessary)in Boston...THURS Game 7 (if

necessary) in Boston...

Bullpen: OKAJIMA -lhp,LOPEZ-lhp,...SNYDER-rhp,DELCARMEN-rhp,GAGNE-rhp,
2b/ss CORA-L,1b/3b/of-HINSKE-L, 1b/DH-ORTIZ-L

Sunday's Stars

Dustin Pedroia - three hits, one home run, five runs batted in, and three runs scored in the biggest game of his career.

Tom Brady - completed 21 of 25 pass attempts for 354 yards and SIX touchdown passes.

Karma baby

That's it for this morning - thanks for taking the time to check in. Back later with our three play suggestions.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

We're Out!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Night Picks

Pretty good day today, though some tough luck with loser Eagles.

Tonight's suggestions

Pittsburgh -4 over DENVER - Lay $150 on Steelers.

Cleveland + $160 over Boston - sorry Red Sox Nation...we're not trusting Dice-K. Don't worry, we know that no one reading this page is going to take our advice on this one.

Enjoy the game!

Sunday Afternoon Suggestions

For those of you checking in for 4:00 pm games - may we suggest:

CINCINNATI -6 over NY Jets - big day for Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco. Lay $100 on the Bengals.

SEATTLE -8.5 over St. Louis - Rams have too many issues, Seattle comes up big at home. Lay $100 on the Seahawks.

PHILADELPHIA -5.5 over Chicago - you know what we say about McNabb vs bad teams (Chicago is a bad team). Lay $100 on the Eagles.

Back later for the night games. Good luck if you play them.

We're Out!

The most expensive start in the history of sports

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

It looks like all of Hazel's good karma was used up at Fenway last night - the Sox get a grand slam home run from J.D. Drew on the way to pounding the Indians and the Leafs somehow blow a two goal lead in the third period to the Blackhawks.

Given that Game 7 of the ALCS goes tonight, and its NFL Sunday, we won't dwell on the awful turn of events at the ACC last night - we just want the Sox season to wrap up one way or another, out tonight or a quick World Series appearance, in hopes that Hazel can focus the good karma on the Leafs.

Speaking of tonight - the posting fee was $52M, the contract was $51M over six years, but does anyone else think the $103M the Sox committed to Dice-K comes down to tonight's start? He has to be feeling like it all comes down to tonight - if he isn't feeling it, he has to be hearing it. A loss tonight and Red Sox Nation will have to feel like the Dice will be part of the off-season free agent acquisitions ever - Drew, Lugo and Dice.

The question is - how will he deal with the pressure of living up to the expectations of his management, his teammates, and one of the most passionate group of fans in all of professional sports? Perception of what is or isn't the biggest game of your career is subjective - this may or may not be the biggest start of his career - in his heart and mind, for all we know, the biggest start of his career could have taken place in Japan or at the World Baseball Championship.

Is it the biggest game of his career? Who knows. What we can say is it is likely the most pressure he will ever face (unless he finds himself in the same predicament with a World Series on the line). He'll figure it out by the time his first pitch crosses the plate - he's NEVER been in anything like this before. A win tonight goes a long way to how he will be remembered by Red Sox Nation...a loss? We don't even want to think about what the next five years are going to be like for him.

Interesting side notes to last night's game - while Red Sox Nation is in rapture today, we have to wonder about a couple of things -

Did Schilling do enough last night to get a contract offer after the season?

Was J.D. Drew's grand slam enough to erase the memories of a horrible first season in Boston?

It might not matter to the Nation - you might all think, who cares? Today? Maybe no one...we're guessing that it will be the main topic of conversation tomorrow. We said at the outset we were "bucking the trend" and picking Cleveland in seven - we're going to stick with it. We're not convinced about Dice-K's mental or physical strength to get through a game like tonight. Tonight's game will come down to the bullpens - and from what has happened so far - you have to go with Cleveland.

No stars today - Leafs lost and we'd feel like hypocrites nominating J.D. Drew for one great moment.

Tough night last night in terms of the bottom line, going 4-2 and winding up +$80 on the night isn't a good result. The total for the week stands at - $30. Today's suggestions:

NY GIANTS - 9 over San Francisco - the Giants are on a roll right now, the 49ers are a mess. This one is a no brainer. Lay $100 on the Giants.

WASHINGTON - 8 over Arizona - will Kurt Warner start today? It doesn't matter, because even if he does...he won't finish. The Skins D has too much for the Cards to deal Leinhart, no Warner, NO CHANCE. Lay $100 on the Skins

BUFFALO +3 over Baltimore - the Ravens have issues on both sides of the ball and the Bills have to be feeling better about themselves after the Monday night game against Dallas. This one will be CLOSE. Lay $100 on the Bills.

No six pack today - we'll be back mid-way through the 1 pm games to post our late afternoon picks.

That's it for this morning - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps - enjoy your NFL/Game 7 Sunday.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yep yours truly WRONGLY predicted the Red Sox would lose game 6 Sat. night and I'm eating a nice helping of big black crow tonite.

J.D. Drew every fans whipping boy this past season went from the outhouse to the penthouse in game 6 hitting the grand slam that sparked the Red Sox offense and broke Indians Fausto Carmona's confidence.
JD? There are a lot of Red Sox fans that are now writing apology notes for cursing/doubting you
this season... Curt Schilling did okay. Wouldn't call his perfermance spectacular because I think once the Sox offense tattooed the Indians after the Drew slam-the Tribe pretty much packed it in....I thought Laffey for Cleveland did a great job holding Boston in check for 4-5 innings after being summoned from the bullpen for mop up duty....The Dane Cook MLB "One October" commercials are now so irritating and overdone on Fox that they probably will hurt Cooks
movie career-everyone hates them.....Those embedded camera's in the field make me feel
like a gopher in Caddyshack when those shots are shown....CONFESSIONAL:
How many of you out there watching the 9th inning cussed at your TV and how many Red Sox fans thought the Indians had a chance when Eric Gagne came in? I did. Gagne took his perhaps his final bow in a Red Sox uniform sitting the Indians down. I doubt you'll see Gagne in game 7 and if Boston goes to the World Series Gagne will not be on the WS roster.

I love the Red Sox beating Jake Westbrook Sun. to go to win the ALCS.
Daisuke Matsuzaka will be on a very short leash Sun.
If Dice is starting to get roughed up in the 2nd or 3rd? Tim Wakefield (Varitek catching),John Lester,Josh Beckett (Francona said he's available for 2-3 innings),Hideki Okajima,Papelbon for 2 innings.
Jacoby Ellsbury will be back in CF for Game 7 Francona said.


Boston College Eagles ranked number 3 in the College football polls move
up to #2 in those polls by virtue of a #2 Fla. loss. The Eagles had a bye this weekend as they prep for a huge showdown with Virginia Tech.

Boston Bruins beat the NY Rangers at the Boston Garden 1-0 on a shootout goal by Phil Kessell.
Bruins one of the top NHL teams (for now) in the early opening of the season.

New England Patriots are undefeated and could clinch the AFC East in a couple weeks.

Boston Red Sox a win away from winning the AL title and the World Series.

Boston Celtics look unbeatable in preseason.

New England Revolution are in the MLS playoffs again.

Boston Top Sports City in USA?


Red Sox will start rookie CF Jacoby Ellsbury and bat him 8th tonight in game 6 of the ALCS at Fenway. Struggling CF CoCo Crisp will be on the bench tonight. There is hope Sox fans!

Week 7 NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.
Week 6 wasn't very good to us - so we've decided to change things up a bit. For those of you who check in regularly, you know yours truly is suffering from a man cold. We've shrugged off the after effects, or so we think, of a double dose nyquil coma and forged ahead with this week's picks. We aren't sure if it will help - but considering the brutal week we had in week 6, we're thinking that it can't hurt. If you check in regularly, you know the drill - weighted pool, with spreads attached; 16 being our best pick, 3 being our least favourite pick.

Week 7 Picks vs Spread

16) WASHINGTON -7.5 over Arizona -
the Redskins will be looking to get back on the right track after dropping a game they should have won against the Pack. The Cardinals look like they are going to give Tim Rattay the start - Skins defence will eat him alive. Washington wins this by 10 or more.

15) NY GIANTS - 9.5 over San Francisco - the 49ers say that Trent Dilfer will get the start, so you can count on the 49ers to score less than 10 points. The Giants have been playing a lot better of late (we still think they are counterfeit), and you have to figure Manning & Co. are good for at least 23 on Sunday.

14) Pittsburgh -3.5 over DENVER - the Steelers don't travel well (see Arizona game) but the Broncos rush defence is so bad that Willie Parker should be able to run enough to control the time of possession and wear Denver's defence down. Things aren't looking good for the Broncos on offence as they announced Javon Walker will miss six weeks. Steelers get it done big time on Sunday night.

13) SEATTLE -8.5 over St. Louis - the Rams are a mess right now, which means that Matt Hasselbeck will probably come up with a big game and look like a Pro-Bowler. The Seahawks have built their rep by pounding bad teams at Qwest Field...they'll continue the dominance on Sunday - but make no mistake, they aren't legit.

12) CINCINNATI -6.5 over NY Jets - Chad Johnson is going to stop the end zone celebrations until the Bengals get back to .500; we think he'll change his mind by the time he hauls in his 2nd TD reception on Sunday. The Bengals have been one of the biggest disappointments this year - they'll make it up to their fans with a big on one Sunday.

11) New England -16.5 over Miami - big number, but with Brady's consecutive games streak with at least 3 TD passes, you have to think they won't let up on the woeful Dolphins.

10) DALLAS -9.5 over Minnesota - Cowboys put last week behind them and get a big win over the Vikings. Two things to consider - Minnesota's pass defence is bad, not good when you are facing Romo and the Cowboys; Cowboys run D is very good, not good for the Vikes who are counting on Adrian Peterson.

09) PHILADELPHIA -4.5 over Chicago - two over-rated teams that everyone keeps thinking will eventually come around - the best thing about this game is that the loser's season will be down the toilet. The Eagles will get some points against Chicago - not sure if we can say the same thing about the Bears offence vs Eagles D.

08) JACKSONVILLE +3.5 over Indianapolis - the Jags always play Manning and the Colts tough. They'll look to control the game by running the ball against the Colts D, which we still think is soft against the run; while the defence will look to pound anyone who touches the ball. The Colts may win this one, but not by more than a field goal.

07) BUFFALO +3.5 over Baltimore - the Bills are getting healthier each week and their D will welcome back a few injured starters. The Ravens have issues on D and their offence doesn't scare anyone. Buffalo's D has enough to keep this one very close and maybe even pull out a win.

06) Kansas City +2.5 over OAKLAND - Hazel rule still in effect, but this week we do like the Chiefs to control the ball and the time of possession to move the ball on the Raiders.

05) DETROIT -2.5 over Tampa Bay - we still can't figure out how the Bucs are doing it; sure they have a very good defence, but how that offence moves the ball is beyond us. Lions coming off a by week and the Bucs likely to be feeling the after-effects of last week's game against the Titans.

04) HOUSTON +1.5 over Tennessee - Vince Young is going to be a game time decision, which means he probably isn't going to start. We like the Texans D to keep Collins in check. It is going to be an ugly game either way.

03) Atlanta +7.5 over NEW ORLEANS - if you think the Saints are back, think about their defence. The Saints will win this game - but we think Atlanta will get some points and are good for a backdoor cover against the Saints. To sum things up in a word - YUCK.

That's it for this afternoon gang - enjoy the game tonight - we're with Quikdraw on this one (see post from earlier today), Tribe wins it tonight behind Carmona. Is this the end of the line for Schilling?

Hazel, hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy Game 6, but don't forget about the Maple Leafs tonight.

We're Out!!!


The Red Sox send Curt Schilling to the hill at Fenway against Indians ace Fausto Carmona.
Will this be Schillings final game as a Boston Red Sox or will Curt be pitching in the 2007 World Series?
Unless you've been living in a cave with Eric Gagne the Red Sox trail the Indians in the ALCS 3
games to 2. Boston either comes home to raise the flag or dig their 2007 grave in front of the Yankee slayers.
Carmona and Schilling were rocked in their ALCS series debut. Carmona who earlier this season baffled Boston through 8 innings suddenly looked like he was pitching batting practice at Fenway.
Schilling a career Mr. October starting pitcher-was pitching like he was serving up meatballs at a deli.
For Boston-Its do or die. For Cleveland-They'll want to shower in champagne after the game.

The Red Sox will be hoping they can get 7 strong innings from Schilling with a lead.
After that-Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon should close the door.

I think the Red Sox will lose tonight to Carmona bringing back his A game.

Take heart though. If you lose to the Indians you lose to the other best team in the AL.

Pitching for his Red Sox life

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Game 6 of the ALCS goes tonight (we're guessing Hazel is going to TIVO the Maple Leafs v Hawks tonight and opt to head over to Fenway tonight and bring her good karma to the Sox) and, from our perspective, it is the most interesting game of the series.

Curt Schilling is pitching for his Red Sox life tonight - a sub-par performance resulting in a loss would almost certainly result in the Sox taking a pass on Schilling next year. Sox fans are well aware of the drama between Schilling and the team earlier in the year, when he was fairly outspoken about Sox management not offering him a contract extension as he entered the last year of his contract. How fitting is it that he is pitching for his life with the Sox in a game that he claims to be born to pitch?

Schilling, outside of his one-hitter earlier in the year, has been for the most part a decent pitcher, but has hardly been the dominant pitcher he was in 2004. Schilling is saying all the right things as he heads into the biggest game of his career with the Sox, "if he pitches the way he is capable the Sox have a good chance to win." Is Schilling talking about the way he pitched in 2004? He can't be talking about this year...can he?

Yes, we said it, tonight is THE BIGGEST game of his career. Schilling has to know that if he lays an egg tonight, he won't be back with Boston next year - not at a "bargain" price of $13M per season. Tonight's game will be part of Schilling's legacy in Boston - ya the bloody sock game will go down in Red Sox history, but a loss tonight will be remembered as another blown opportunity. To borrow a tired old saying, we think Schilling's mouth is writing cheques his body can't cash.

Tonight's game will be compelling, not because the Sox are playing for their playoff lives, but because Schilling is pitching for his place on the 2008 Boston Red Sox.

Who cares what happened last night? We're going back to Thursday night for three big performances.

Toronto Maple Leafs G Vesa Toskala stopped 26 of 28 shots and held the Leafs in the game when they were down 2-0 to come back and beat the Florida Panthers by a count of 3-2. Leaf Nation's former whipping boy, Nik Antropov, scored his sixth goal of the season, including the game winner with 30 seconds left in the game.

Boston Red Sox P Josh Beckett solidified his reputation as one of the best, if not THE best, playoff pitchers of his generation. Beckett pitched eight great innings against Cleveland, giving up five hits and a walk while striking out eleven. Curt who?

Sorry gang, we've been fighting the man-cold of all man-colds this week. The total for the week stands at - $110, it Saturday night hockey, so you know we'll get it all back tonight. Suggestions for tonight.

Toronto over Chicago - the Leafs have been better of late and they face a Blackhawks team that played last night. Word is that Chicago will be going with their backup goalie tonight. Add that with speculation that Hazel will TIVO her Leafs tonight and they won't want to let her down and you've got a Toronto win. Lay $100 on the Leafs - $200.

New York over Boston - no Hazel Karma at the TD Banknorth Garden tonight. The Bruins are off to a decent start this season, but they won't be in for a good time tonight with the Rangers who have too much offensive firepower for the B's. Lay $100 on the Rangers - $120.

Ottawa over Florida - ugh, a pick on the Tards. We hate picking an Ottawa win, but if we are going to suggest a winning play for - this is about as good as it gets. Lay $100 on the Tards - $220.

Detroit over Phoenix - the Red Wings don't let too many points slip away against bad teams - and the Coyotes are REALLY bad....Boston Bruins bad. Lay $100 on the Wings - $200.

Calgary over Edmonton - a battle for provincial bragging rights tonight. The Oilers are going into this one undermanned tonight, so expect the Flames to take full advantage and pound their hated rivals. Lay $100 on the Flames - $230.

might as well go for a six pack tonight - bonus pick

San Jose over Nashville - the Sharks are off our shitlist, if only for tonight. San Jose has laid a couple of eggs this year, so they won't be taking the Preds lightly tonight. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $220.

We'll be back later to post our NFL picks for Week 7.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy game six tonight.

We're Out!

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