Sunday, September 30, 2007

A.L. Post Season Dances-Who Ya Got?

The American League title chase starts Wednesday night in Fenway Park when the Western Division champs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play the Eastern Division champs Boston Red Sox.
Thursday night Central champs Cleveland Indians host the Wild Card winners NY Yankees.
Its best of 5.
I've been on a roll prediction wise and the AL is easy.
Red Sox In 3 Games
First off I hate-detest the whole Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim team name. Its too fucking long. It should be LA Angels because lets face it folks there are no angels in LA. None.
Zip. Thats why I like it.
The baseball Angels start the series Wed. with their ace John Lackey up against Sox ace Josh
Beckett. The Red Sox have beaten John Shel-lackey twice already and they'll do it again here in Fenway. The Sox are expected to pitch Curt Schilling in game 2 and he just seems to pick it up a noth in postseason and in a contract year he'll be on even more.
In game 3 on Sun. Dicey K Matsuzaka takes the hill in Lala Land.
Hard to believe the Angels have never faced Dice. Because of this factor he'll win.
A game 4 if possible on Monday will feature Beckett on normal rest.
The teams here will go with a 4 man rotation as they'll play Thurs-Fri in Cleveland .
Yanks never faced 1st game starter C.C. Sabathia.
The Yanks are just too powerful offensively to lose and of course we're destined to see another Red Sox showdown for the AL Flag like in 2004.
hands down lock. ARod had a phenomenal season becoming a 1 man wrecking crew offensively.
Without ARod the Yankees would've kept company with the DevilRays in the cellar.
delmon young of TBay will get considered but Pedroia finished in the top 10 in AL batting.
not bad for a rookie eh? playing and being vital to a championship of the Red Sox doesn't hurt either.
it'll be close real close. The Sox did have the best record in baseball due to Beckett stopping
losing streaks.
Torre turned the Yanks from chumps to champs in the 2nd half of '07 . Eric Wedge of Cleveland will be close.
no errors at 1b and best fielding percentage at 1B
one of the few standouts defensively for the Tigers...
why the Red Sox ever let this guy go will be written about even more when the gold is won.
not bad for a rookie Japanese 3B playing MLB for the first year. Well earned.
edges out Carl Crawford of the DRays ...
this will be an upset over the guy who usually wins it Ichiro of Seattle. Crisp was Superman in CF for Boston...The Gold Glove will add to his trade value when the Sox ship him in offseason.
why not? Markakis was brilliant with the glove in RF check his stats.
was the best fielding percentage P in the AL
He was the toughest catcher to run on the AL

Sunday Three Play

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in today. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in today.

Picks vs the Spread - no time for explanations this week, but we're still posting them.

16) DALLAS -12.5 over St. Louis

15) Seattle -2.5 over SAN FRANCISCO

14) New England -7.5 over CINCINNATI

13) Baltimore -4.5 over CLEVELAND

12) INDY -9.5 over Denver

11) ARIZONA +5.5 Pittsburgh

10) MIAMI -3.5 over Oakland

09) Philadelphia -3.5 over NY GIANTS

08) ATLANTA +3.5 over Houston

07) Tampa Bay +2.5 over Carolina

06) MINNESOTA +2.5 over Green Bay

05) BUFFALO +3.5 over NY Jets

04) DETROIT +2.5 over Chicago

03) Kansas City +12.5 over SAN DIEGO

Quick post for this afternoon's Three Play - we're hot...SMOKIN' HOT this week. We went 3-1 yesterday, including our upset special on the Cubs, so the total stands at + $925 for the week. No six-pack today, not trusting any MLB team, so we'll go with three picks in early afternoon games today.

Detroit +2.5 over Chicago - why are Bears fans getting so excited about Brian Griese? Their D is still in trouble with injuries and very susceptible to the pass - we like the Lions to score through the air. Lay $100 on the Lions today.

Dallas -13 over St. Louis - the Rams are really banged up - Dallas should dominate an offensive line missing four starters today. It is a big number, but Big D covers today. Lay $100 on the Boys.

Miami -4 over Oakland - Trent Green should be able to move the ball against the Raiders and we don't believe in Culpepper. Plus there is a nasty trend going against west coast teams playing early games on the east coast. Lay $100 on the Fish.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one.

Hazel, we hope you enjoy your NFL Sunday.

We're Out!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Suggestions

For those of you checking in for the suggestions for tonight's games.

Red Sox West over San Francisco - a meaningless game to be sure, but Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley has been good all year, no reason to think he won't continue that tonight. Lay $100 on the Dodgers - $190.

Chicago over Cincinnati - Cubs P Rich Hill has been better of late, Aaron Harang has been very good too, but the Reds are playing out the string. Upset Special - Lay $100 on the Cubs +$180.

Detroit over Chicago - see explanation for Dodgers/Giants game. Verlander pitches to win tonight - Gavin Floyd gets pounded again. Lay $100 on the Tigers - $165.

That's it for today gang - on our way to Tilt's for a poker game, and I'm taking it down tonight.

We're Out!


Yep take a look at these guys and you would definitely think these guys were twins huh?
Above Left: The Boston Globe Red Sox and baseball guru Gordon Edes who looks exactly like former Saturday Night Live legend-actor and pitchman for Subway Subs Jon Lovitz...
"Eat Fresh!" "Yeah thats the ticket!"
Next up is pop star Jason Mraz and Red Sox 2B and Rookie of the Year candidate
Dustin Pedroia.

NFL Picks - Straight Up

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Our man Quikdraw has you covered on the Sox, especially with them having won the AL East last night - hopefully he'll check in with his unique perspective on things and predictions for the playoffs.

We're posting our NFL Pool picks in the straight up pool - we were a forgettable 9-7 last week for 44 points. The negative scores on a few highly weighted picks killed us last week. This week's suggestions

14) DALLAS over St. Louis - Bulger is playing with broken ribs and Steven Jackson is out with a bad groin, unless God took time off from hanging on on Detroit's sidelines miraculously curing Kitna's concussion, St. Louis goes into this game banged up and undermanned. Long day in Big D for the Rams.

13) SAN DIEGO over Kansas City - we're going with new "Hazel hasn't publicly committed to Chiefs" policy - no love for the Chiefs here. Plus, fantasy geeks tell us that THIS is going to be the week L.T. busts out for a few TDs. Who are we to argue?

12) INDIANAPOLIS over Denver - we were told that Manning has had huge days in the past against Champ Bailey and the Broncos. This pick is more about Denver's inability to score points - though Manning and the Colts get their share.

11) New England over CINCINNATI - if Derek Anderson and Matt Hasselbeck can beat the Bengals pass D - imagine what Brady and Moss will do.

10) Pittsburgh over ARIZONA - Steelers have a new offensive game plan, Arizona using Steelers' 2006 playbook, think the Steelers D will be able to anticipate what is coming?

09) Baltimore over CLEVELAND - Derek Anderson won't be throwing against a cream puff pass D this week, the Ravens D might outscore Cleveland.

08) MIAMI over Oakland - Culpepper starting for Oakland, you should know by now what we think of him.

07) Seattle over SAN FRANCISCO - 49ers D has trouble with teams that feature balanced attack - the clock strikes twelve on everyone's sexy week 2 pick.

06) Philadelphia over NY GIANTS - a counterfeit team against a bad team, Eagles win this battle of the pretenders.

05) NY Jets over BUFFALO - There aren't many starting QBs that Chad Pennington has a clear advantage over - JP Losman is one of them. If Losman doesn't go - the Bills go with a rookie. It'll be close, but the Jets win this one.

04) Tampa Bay over CAROLINA - expect Bucs WR Joey Galloway to be flexing his muscles after a few big plays - we aren't sold on the Panthers and we definitely aren't sold on David Carr. Remember Terrell says Garcia doesn't like "cats".

03) MINNESOTA over Green Bay - Favre has had some forgettable days in domed stadiums. Vikings will look to control the clock with Adrian Peterson and Kelly Holcomb managing the game. Upset special.

02) DETROIT over Chicago - the Bears can be beaten through the air, the one thing the Lions can do is throw the ball. Does anyone really expect Brian Griese to be THAT much better than Rex Grossman?

01) ATLANTA over Houston - yuck. Something tells us that the Falcons are due to win one, might as well be against the banged up Texans.

Philadephia Phillies P Cole Hamels pitched eight shutout innings, giving up three hits and a walk while striking out thirteen in a 6-0 win over the Nationals.

Chicago Cubs P Carlos Zambrano shut the Reds out over seven innings on six hits and a walk while striking out four in Chicago's 6-0 win.

Boston Red Sox DH Daviz Ortiz had three hits, including a solo home run - his fourth in seven games, to lead Boston to a 5-2 win over Minnesota.

Kudos to you if you figured out that these three guys figured prominently in yesterday's successful Three Play suggestions.

We had another great night going 4-0 again bringing the total for the week up to + $610. We'll go with one early game and post a couple for the night later on this afternoon.
New York over Washington - the Mets may very well choke and find themselves out of the playoffs - but it won't be this afternoon. They have to win this game to stay alive in the AL East and they'll get it, especially after losing to the Nats last night. John Maine vs. Chris Seddon - that should be enough to say New York wins today. Lay $100 on the Mets - $250.

Time for Hazel to consider coming home???

Leafs win over Red Wings

Leafs still have issues in goal

Damian loves goaltending controversies

Cola out for season opener against Tards

Back to the days of firewagon hockey for Leafs

That's it for today - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!


Red Sox AL East Champs 2007! I predicted 2 weeks ago they'd win it on a Fri didn't I?
Yankees CHOKE again!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sox Win AL East As Predicted By Quikdraw

The New York Yankees lost in the tenth inning in Baltimore tonight - Sox win division.

More to come from Quikdraw at some point this weekend.

Friday Night Suggestions

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. We're late today apologies for not getting this on site earlier. Today's suggestions for the Friday Night Three Play.

Philadelphia over Washington - a good matchup tonight with Cole Hamels vs Tim Redding, both have pitched well against the opposition, but you have to go with the Phillies who are looking like they are going to win the AL East. Lay $100 on the Phillies - $250.

Chicago over Cincinnati - this is an ugly matchup with the Big Z going against the Rockstar (Arroyo). Both have average numbers against the opposition over their careers, but we'll go with the Cubs who are playing for a division over the Reds who are looking to end the season. Lay $100 on the Cubs - $140.

Cleveland over Kansas City - a no brainer with C.C. Sabathia taking the mound against Kyle Davies who has been getting pounded by everyone this year. Davies numbers over 7.1 innings against the Indians are ugly. Lay $100 on the Tribe - $190.

Boston over Minnesota - we're going to suggest back Dice-K tonight for no other reason than we think Kevin Slowey has to lose sooner or later. Sox won't want to go into tomorrow's game having to win or else...they get it done tonight and finish the deal tomorrow. Lay $100 on the Sox - $205.

That's it for today gang - good luck if you play them. Thanks for taking the time to check in - apologies for the timing of today's suggestions.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!


US Womens Soccer coach Greg Ryan and veteran US Womens Goalie Brianna Scurry wins this weeks Head Up Their Ass of the Week Award.
Greg Ryan in the most explosive brain fart known to modern mankind-was about to face Brazil in the semi final game of the womens World Cup.
He had an undefeated goalie in Hope Solo.
Suddenly this fucking moron experienced his Mind Fart.
Why not bench solo and instead start the veteran
and undefeated VS Brazil- Brianna Scurry.
Scurry and the ladies soccer team got shut out by the Brazillians 4-0.

Great fucking move Ryan!

After the game the dumbass defended his decision for benching Solo saying he could sleep fine with his idiotic decision and has no regrets.
Okay shithead. Your girl Hope Solo plays stellar goaltending and gets your team to the semi finals. Then you reward her in the BIG GAME she earned the right to play by having a seat on the bench for who? An older goalie who looks like that horrible folk singer Traci Chapman.
Now in a way I'm going to put my runner up Head Up Their Ass award to Brianna Scurry.
Brianna should've been a classy veteran and told her coach that she's refusing the offer and let Solo play instead.
Memo to Ryan.. You start Solo. If Solo lets in a couple of softies then you pull her. You gave her a chance and she failed. No problems.
Ryan obviously does not give a shit or even care about the prestigious World Cup stage to let it bother the fact he fucked up. It'd bother me! Solo defied team policy by coming out and blasting Coach Ryans decision (BIG APPLAUSE!).
She came right out and said that she could've made those saves and I love that! She ripped Ryan and the aged veteran skills of Brianna Scurry.
The US womens team in my opinion also should've stood up to Coach Ryans decision too.
You defend your goalie that got you to the dance. Coach Ryan said he would try to mend fences with Hope Solo.
If I was Solo and Ryan asked me to start the game to win 3rd place? I'd tell Coach Ryan
to go fuck himself. I'd say listen shithead-Go start that douche bag Scurry. Lets see if she can
win another big game.
Solo should refuse the start and let Ryan watch the old keeper blow another game.
So Coach Greg Ryan and Brianna Scurry-enjoy the view of your colons.
You're the Head Up Your Ass of the Week award winners.

Friday Fox

Today's Friday Fox is a throw back to the 80s. We've all come to love Alyssa Milano as "Sam" on the hit sitcom Who's the Boss. Milano is an avid baseball fan and has created a line of clothing for female fans. Had to throw in a pic of Milano in a Dodger's jersey for Pogue...wonder if the Canadian wonderkid Russell Martin has hit this yet...

Cam Neely's A Champ - Bruins Are Chumps

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

The start of the NHL season is less than a week away, so its time to start talking a little hockey. There isn't much point in talking about the pre-season - especially when you are a member of Leaf Nation - so we are going to look two of the big stories in the NHL this week.

Days after playing host to the Toronto Maple Leafs in front of an embarrassingly small crowd (even by pre-season standards), the Boston Bruins announced that former Bruins great Cam Neely had joined the team's front office, accepting the position of Vice President (of hockey operations we assume). The Boston media has welcomed the move as a sign of better things to come - fan reaction, for the most part, has ranged from lukewarm to indifference.

First off, we will applaud Cam Neely for being the ultimate team man. The man Bruins fans love and refer to as "Sea Bass" is no fool - he knows that the organization as it now stands is in deep trouble, with barely a flicker of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. He knows that what's left of the Bruins eroding fan base will be looking him to do the impossible - turn this craphole franchise around and fast.

Neely's reputation will always be good with fans of the Bruins so he isn't risking much - he will never be faulted for this team's (read Chiarelli's) problems and mistakes - however, he also has very little to gain in this ventur. The Bruins fortunes aren't going to turn around in the foreseeable future so the odds of him being associated with the resurgence of the B's are long at best. Still, Neely decided to try and help the team in whatever way he could - by being the face of a sagging franchise. Neely will be looked at to be an ambassador for the team - by wooing fans to the TD Banknorth Garden to representing the team at Board of Governor meetings that the Jacbos don't want to attend. Neely is taking a hit for the team - by signing on, he'll take some of the heat off the people currently running the team. Neely's a champ.

Now for the Bruins. Shame on the Bruins management and members of the Boston media for portraying this stunt as anything other than a sham.

We wouldn't expect the Bruins management to own up to what this is really about - banking on Neely to rekindle fan interest and get the focus off how irrelevant this team has become under their so-called leadership. Bestowing the title of VP on Neely is one thing - fine; telling Bruins fans that he is there to provide input and help GM Peter Chiarelli is full of crap.

If Jeremy and Charlie Jacobs were serious about Neely's opinion on the state of the hockey team - the hiring would have included an announcement that Peter Chiarelli had been relieved of his duties. A team only considers bringing in the experience of a consultant when they have a lame duck GM - see the Maple Leafs search for a senior hockey consultant to "help" John Ferguson Jr. Which brings us to an interesting angle; is Neely's hiring a sign that GM Peter Chiarelli is on his way out? We found it rather amusing that Peter Chiarelli told the Boston Herald that he "had been wooing Neely for some time." What kind of GM would want to bring back an icon at a time when people are questioning his ability to get the job done. The fact that a quote wasn't attributed in the story makes us believe that Chiarelli didn't want to say it on the record because it wasn't true.

As dysfunctional as the Bruins are - it wouldn't surprise us if the Jacobs were using the hiring of Neely to get rid of Chiarelli at the end of the season. It'll go something like "philosophical differences in the management team" - Bruins fans will see this as Chiarelli and Neely not agreeing on the on-ice product and Neely winning the battle in Jacobs' boardroom. The pressure would be off Bruins ownership for another bad hire at the GM position. This one stinks folks.

Speaking of stinks. The Boston media who are painting this as the beginning of the return to old-time Bruins hockey are dreaming...or smoking crack. Peter Chiarelli is not going to be looking to Cam Neely for advice and guidance - regardless of what he and the ownership tell the media. Chiarelli was schooled in Ottawa, a team noted for lacking heart, toughness and balls - most of Chiarelli's moves have been directed towards turning the Bruins into the SenaTards. From what Chiarelli has told fans and the media about his philosophy - other than the standard "we want to be a team that is tough to play against - his ideas are almost polar opposite to Neely's view of what a team should look like.

If they did their job, and actually followed the happenings across the league, they would know that this type of hire is one of two things:
  • a job as an ambassador - to show up at team marketing events, shake hands with fans and invite them back to the Garden, and in Boston's case, having a credible hockey person to spend some time talking to Hazel on The Buzz. It is NOT about providing input or suggestions related to the on-ice product. The Leafs did this with Darryl Sittler a few years back - it didn't do much for the on-ice product.

  • a corporate killer - to create friction with the GM currently occupying the job. When there is serious disconnect and dissatisfaction between ownership/upper management and the lower level management - a person will be brought in to accelerate the departure of the person occupying the position in lower management. Again, the talk of the Maple Leafs hiring a hockey consultant was leaked shortly before the Leafs announced that JFJ would not be offered an extension to his contract that will expire at season's end.
We see Neely being a better fit as an ambassador. People in Boston shouldn't be getting excited about this year's Boston Bruins - but look on the bright side, the Patriots and Red Sox are looking good.

For those of you remarking on the irony of our belief in the Maple Leafs chances this year when their front office woes are very similar to Boston's; we have two words for you - HAZEL KARMA! Leafs make the playoffs this year.

We're pretty sure that most of you have seen the hit that has brought the NHL to the forefront of the sporting news in North America (ok, it was big news in Canada) - if our girl Hazel didn't bring it to you on SportsDesk, we're pretty sure ESPN carried it. Philadelphia Flyers forward Steve Downie laid out Dean McAmmond of the SenaTards with a vicious and totally illegal head shot.

There have been calls to have Downie suspended and the Flyers fined. We say big deal - what would it mean to suspend a guy who isn't going to make the team? For those of you who think a return to old-time hockey where a team's policeman would put an end to guys like Steve Downie, Jordin TooToo, and Ryan Hollweg by beating them to within an inch of their life - forget it. These guys play in the grey zone - often crossing over to the dark side with cheap dirty hits because that is the only way they will stay in the league. To guys like this, getting a beating or two is the price they are willing to pay to pick up a big NHL paycheck.

If the NHL was serious about cleaning up head shots - from the owners who say they want to protect their investment in players, to the players themselves who talk about their peers not having any respect, to the commissioner's office who dole out banana republic justice - all three sides would get together and agree on a suggestion we made last year.

It would be almost impossible to pass - but if they were serious they'd do it. It goes something like this: the suspension should not be given to the player committing the act, but rather assessed by the league to a member of that player's team who is of equal value to the person who was on the receiving end of the infraction.

We'll go back to the Cam Janssen/Tomas Kaberle incident. Janssen was given a three game suspension for a dirty hit on the Leafs defenceman. The decision to suspend the meat head had little, if any, effect on New Jersey. Toronto lost Kaberle for eight games and with it a shot at the playoffs last year. If the NHL was serious about eliminating this garbage the New Jersey Devils would have paid for Janssen's indiscretion by having the suspension applied to a player on their roster of equal value to Kaberle - in terms of minutes played, points, position on team (ie. number one defenceman). If guys like Janssen want to go after front line players - their team should lose a front line player as punishment (though we wouldn't suggest withholding salary from the player serving suspension - the offender still loses salary).

You can bet that NHL coaches would be cutting guys like Janssen, TooToo, Downie, etc if they were losing front line players because of their stupidity. That is the only way to clean up the NHL - make the coach and organization get rid of these guys.

As we have mentioned before - we don't know if Hazel checks in here, and we wouldn't tell you if we knew she did. But nonetheless, we are providing you with discussion topics if you ever bump into Boston's most loved sports media personality - apologies to the devilishly handsome Bob Ryan. Warning - its all about being a member of Leaf Nation; we'd like to think she still is.

Toskala isn't getting to worked up yet

Cox spends the week writing questions to himself and answers them on Fridays

Cola might not be ready to start season with Leafs

Newbury tries to spark Leafs in right way

Maurice tells Leaf Nation to chill out

Report on Leafs v Sabres - things were ugly at ACC

Leafs lineup taking shape

Sundin marks 10th year as Captain of the Buds

Questions on goaltending - Toronto/Boston/Florida

Mickey Brantley becomes President of the J.P. Ricciardi Fan Club

Florida Marlins SS (and former Red Sox prospect) Hanley Ramirez had two hits, including a home run, and two runs batted in to lead the Fish to a 6-4 win over the Chicago Cubs.

St. Louis Cardinals (and former Red Sox) P Joel Pineiro pitched eight shutout innings, limiting the Mets to three hits and a walk while striking out six, in a 3-0 win.

Baltimore Orioles (and former Red Sox) LF Jay Payton had three hits, including a home run, and drove in three runs in an 8-5 win over the Blue Jays.

Oh relax Red Sox Nation - we aren't laughing at the Sox - you guys are fine...the magic number will go down tonight.

Apologies for not checking in yesterday - technical issues. We finished Wednesday night 4-0 bring the total for the week up to + $210.

We'll take a look at things and get Tilt to post tonight's three play later today.

That's it for today gang - we'll be back later tonight with the NFL picks - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Celebration On Hold..Sox Choke-Yanks Win With Reserves

Magic number remains at 2 and the champagne back in the fridge.
The Red Sox had the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth with 1 out . Minnesota closer Joe Nathan whiffed Jason Varitek and a pinch hitting Kevin Youkilis for the 5-4 win.
In Tampa-the Yankees rested Derek Jeter,Jorge Posada,ARod and Bobby Abreu and still managed to beat the Devil Rays.
This was a night where the Yanks were giving the Sox the AL East title.
Now instead the Yanks are 2 games back.
Should the Red Sox lose and Yanks beat Baltimore Fri the Yankees will be 1 game back going into Sat.
It is conceivable the AL East champion could be crowned in either Fenway or Baltimore on Sun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Magic Number Is 2!

Red Sox beat the A's and New Yawk victors over Tampa Bay!
Magic Number is 2!
Will we clinch tonight ? Fri? Sat?
The East is ours!

Face The Nation

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Apologies to those who checked in this morning for the Three Play - we had blogger issues today.

Time for nervous members of Red Sox Nation to exhale - the magic number is down to three games now and the Sox are a virtual lock to win the AL East Division title...please, no emails about jinxing the Sox.

So with that in mind we have a question for members of Red Sox Nation - that would be you reading this page. Why are some fans in the Nation blaming manager Terry Francona for the Sox recent woes?

Last week a vocal minority, at least we are hoping they were a small percentage of fans, were on a number of message boards blaming Francona for everything that was wrong with the Sox. Judging by the way the threads were going, some of the message board champs were ready to blame him for Buckner's error against the Mets and the collapse of 1978.

We are having trouble understanding why the arrows are being pointed at Francona. There were comments about how a number of Francona's decisions led to losses, others pointing to the perception that he is too laid back and that attitude rubs off on the team, and yet others blaming him for the decision to play guys who were struggling (read Gagne, Drew, and a few others).

It could be that we are missing something here - but it seems, in our humble opinion, that in this particular case the lion's share of blame should be directed at the man who put the team together, rather than the man who fills out the lineup card and makes changes. Before you point your arrows this way - here us out on this one.

For those criticizing Francona's personnel decisions, we ask a simple question. What options does he have? The man can't be held responsible for injuries to Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis, and he certainly can't be held responsible for personnel decisions made by upper management that leaves him with the likes of Eric Hinske and Bobby Kielty as fill ins. Francona wasn't the man who went out and signed the likes of J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo to free agent contracts, he wasn't the man who traded Kason Gabbard for Eric Gagne. He didn't make any of the personnel decisions that have backfired on Boston this year - that would be young Mr. Epstein.

To those who criticized Francona's quiet, "laid-back" style - where have you been? The fire and brimstone guys like Lou Piniella are a one to two year act; today's players don't respond to managers who piss vinegar and are forever calling them out in the press. Plus, who knows what happens when the door to the locker room closes - for all anyone knows, Francona could be in there ripping them a new one or just talking to them like men about what is going on. The theory that his laid-back style has rubbed off on players is laughable, and not befitting of a fan base whose knowledge of baseball is supposed to be second to none.

And to those who criticized him for trotting (no pun intended) out players who weren't performing or giving it their all - we refer you to the first point. What viable options did the man have? You can hate J.D. Drew all you want - Eric Hinske is NOT an adequate replacement, not even close. Alex Cora is a great guy to have around, but could he replace Julio Lugo on a long-term basis? You don't think Francona would love to have Alex Gonzalez back? He can't say it, but he probably wishes Epstein would have re-signed him. As good as the Sox starting staff is - their bullpen has questions. Those who lambasted him for going to Gagne in late innings - his options were???? A struggling Hideki Okajima? Mike Timlin who has had his share of days where he has been lit up? He can't pitch Manny Delcarmen til his arm falls off and he can't throw Buchholz out there in those situations. In short, the bullpen has become the weakness many thought it would be when the season started - you can't blame Tito.

Come on - you guys are supposed to be better than that - you should be pointing at the man who put the team together and left his manager with a very thin and inadequate bench.

So again we ask - why are some fans blaming Terry Francona? Where do you stand on this? Quikdraw will probably wade in on this one.

As we have mentioned before - we don't know if Hazel checks in here, and we wouldn't tell you if we knew she did. But nonetheless, we are providing you with discussion topics if you ever bump into Boston's most loved sports media personality - apologies to the devilishly handsome Bob Ryan. Warning - its all about being a member of Leaf Nation; we'd like to think she still is.

Colaiacovo to spend the rest of pre-season in the training room - audition time for Kronvall and Stralman.

Recap of Leafs vs SenaTards - it was like the Tards had won the Stanley Cup here, luckily the sky isn't falling in Toronto, yet...

Never too early to talk about the 07/08 Leafs lineup - Chad Kilger as second line C? Jeezus give us strength.

Who is the best Maple Leafs player ever - we're hoping Hazel would vote for Borje Salming.

Damian being Damian - he's obviously never been to the sunny side of the street.

Pohl dancing - no we aren't referring to a dear departed blogger on this page.
More on 07/08 Leafs projected lineup - Sundin reunited with Ponikarovsky.

Leafs top prospect Tlusty isn't going anywhere yet - the kid might just make it.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays C Dioner Navarro had two hits, including a walk off home run in the 10 inning, and drove in two runs to lead the DRays to a 7-6 win. A former member of Red Sox West helps the Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz had a home run and drove in two runs to lead the Sox to a 7-3 win over Oakland. Schilling has to do better than six good innings to get mention here.

Detroit Tigers P Yorman Bazardo (we asked "who???" too) kept Detroit's Wild Card hopes on life support by pitching seven shutout innings, giving up six hits and three walks while striking out five, in an 8-0 win over the Twins.

We had a tough night last night finishing the night at - $190. If it makes you feel better, Seattle and the Dodgers killed a Pro-Line ticket for yours truly. Tonight's suggestions:

Cleveland over Seattle - Fausto Carmona takes the mound against Ryan Feierabend which should tell you everything you need to know. If that isn't enough, Cleveland is playing for the best record in the AL East - that should be enough. Lay $100 on the Tribe - $185.

San Diego over San Francisco - Padres will look to Jake Peavy to keep them alone atop the Wild Card standings - pretty good option to be looking at. The Giants send lefty Patrick Misch to the mound. Lay $100 on the Padres - $200.

Toronto over Baltimore - Roy Halladay always gives his best, no matter where the Jays are at in the standings - we think his best is infinitely better than Victor Zambrano's best (if he comes up with it). We're looking for the Jays to finish with their usual late season flourish. Lay $100 on the Jays - $190.

New York over Tampa Bay - Chien Ming Wang vs. J.P. Howell should be enough of a mismatch to point you to the Yankees; if not, try this - Howell's ERA is 6.80, not good when you are facing the Yankees. Lay $100 on the Yankees - $280.

That's it for today gang - apologies to those who checked in early for the Three Play - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!


You would have to think that Mike Tyson has taken one to many shots to the head after hearing that the former heavyweight champion was arrested for drug possession (cocaine) and driving under the influence. How do you go from heavyweight boxing champ to a cocaine snorting chump?

Tyson may be one of the most self-destructive people in the world and if his idea of returning to the limelight is getting arrested, then so be it. Seems to me that some people have a propensity to find trouble (even when they say they have changed) and Tyson is a perfect example. Personally, I think he may miss the confines of a prison cell - at least there he has structure and someone to ensure that he behaves. Who knows...perhaps we'll see "Iron Mike" back in the ring after this latest run in with the law.

"There's Just One Thing Left To Do. Win The Whole Fucking Thing." Jake Taylor in Major League

Red Sox beat the A's 7-3 and the Devil Rays victorious over the Yankees 7-6 in 10 innings.
Earliest the Red Sox can clinch AL East Title is Thurs. VS the Twins at Fenway Park!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Do me a favor folks okay?
If you're attending attending any of the Red Sox games at Fenway Park this week
please bring a sign showing your love and support for NESN field reporter Tina Cervasio.
Why? Because signs for NESN game announcers Don "Giggles" Orsillo and Jerry "RemDawg" Remy are so overdone,passe and quite frigging boring.
Cervasio works harder than those two guys.
When Tina first came to Boston on NESN-fans were turned off by her. They missed her successors Hazel Mae and Eric Frede. Fans wrote in blogs,sports sites how they didn't like her look and made nasty comments which Cervasio read. She was new in town and wanted to see how she was going over. When Tina read the criticisms she was upset. It was Hazel Mae who advised Cervasio not to read the blogs and message boards.
Tina C. got her hairstyled,got tanned and just let her personality come through.
Fans just fell in love with her and it shows in Cervasio how much she loves the fans back.
I gotta be honest with you I'd much rather look at Tina even not doing anything in the field crew box than Dumb and Dumber trying to do their
game shtick with their grey hair and receding hairlines.
Especially with a blow out. Just show Tina sitting there. Smiling. Reading.Eating. Making Faces.
Tina reports to the park early in the afternoon taking in club press conferences, getting interviews with both teams players. Then she writes her scripts for her segments.
Tina C. then gets all glammed up to do the pregame show with Tom Caron and various Globe insiders.
Then that time comes at 7pm when Giggles and RemDawg take over the NESN airwaves in the comfort of their TV studio to call the game.
Where's our girl Tina? She's braving the weather elements outside.
Yep. Hot sun? Tina's out there tanning and sweating her fine ass off by the sweltering field.
Pouring rain? Cervasio's out there getting soaked to her bones out in the field box or camera's box.
Freezing cold? Tina C's out there freezing her tits off to make sure you get the clubhouse info you need.
High Wind? Tina's sacrificing her expensive salon hair style to give you an interview with a player.
She's out there for you and me in the trenches getting the job done!
Damn she looks great doing it too.
Where are Don and Jerry? In the comfy booth.
After the game she's got to get the interviews with everyone win or lose while Don and Jerry are homeward bound.
Yeah Tina Cervasio earns the Sign Love!
Cervasio is married to her lucky husband Kevin who's been very supportive of his wife's
brilliant career. We should be equally supportive of his wife's work.
Tina's gorgeous,has a smile that can light up fenway Park if the Sox don't pay the electric bill,
intelligent,funny and a true pro in the business.
She works hard and her success is reflective of her talent and dedication to her work.
So when you go to Fenway Park this week... bring a sign of support and love for Tina Cervasio.
Aim it at the camera and let Tina, her bosses at NESN,hubby Kevin and fans know that you love this lady's work. I do and you should too.
Lets see some Tina Cervasio signs this week at Fenway! Do it for Tina! Do it for me!
Tell her QuikDraw from the Thoughts of Hazel Mae blog mentioned her!
She's a true NESN hottie!
Tina if you're reading this-If you're reading this I know an autographed swimsuit photo of you is out of the question but I'd take an autographed pic.

Bruins Hall of Famer Cam Neely Named Bruins V.P.

The Boston Bruins announced today that Bruins Hall of Famer Cam Neely will serve as the teams Vice President.
Great for Cam Neely....!
In Honor of Cam Neely a Hockey Site I highly endorse....

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

For those of you who are new to the page - we like to start each week (we're a little late this week) by taking a look back at some of the more notable newmakers from the week that was in the world of sports. To those who have risen above the rest, we salute them by honouring them as one of Hazel's Heroes and awarding the Champs a "Hazie". On the flip side, we look at those who have distinguished themselves for less than stellar performances - The Chumps.

While Hazel hasn't officially approved this week's list of winners and "runners-up", we'd like to think she would give her trademark smile and thumbs up.


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady had another great game against the Bills completing 23 of 29 passes for 311 yards and 4 TD passes. What might be the most impressive part of Brady's game is that he hasn't changed a thing to try to keep Randy Moss happy - he continues to do what he has always done...distribute the ball and keep each and every one of his teammates happy. Speaking of Randy Moss, to all of you who thought he was a bad fit for the Patriots - how do you like him now?

Dallas Cowboys CB Anthony Henry picked off two Rex Grossman passes, taking one back for a touchdown, in the Cowboy's 34-10 win over the Bears; Henry had two interceptions in week 2 against the Dolphins - we have to show him some love this week, because the way he gets burned he might never be on this list again. Honourable mention goes to Tony Romo who passed for over 329 yards and two TDs against the vaunted Bears D (ok, they were missing a couple of guys) and Marion Barber who had 108 yards, including a 54 yard run, and two TDs.

Philadelphia Eagles WR Kevin Curtis had 11 receptions for 221 yards and 3 TDs in a 56-21 win over the Detroit Lions...whatever. In case you were wondering, McNabb gets no love here - he's still on probation for being a chump last week. Come to think of it, he might be one of the All-Time Chumps here.


Boston Red Sox P Josh Beckett won his 20th game of the season last week and hosted a charity bowling event to help out children in need - that qualifies him as a champ.

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho parted ways with his employer last week - "by mutual consent" were the words used in Chelsea's official announcement. The British press has hounded him since he got to England three years ago - tauntingly referring to him as "the special one" - but they can't argue with the success he had there; six trophies in three years, including Premiership championships in his first two years. Mourinho stood up for what he believed in - that the team concept was more important that star power. When he called the shots - Chelsea won; when the owner got involved, they floundered. We'll let you decide who the Champ is. Bemvindo a Seleccao das Quinas Jose - Welcome to the Quinas Jose.


Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre made headlines on Sunday - for leading the Pack to a 3-0 start and throwing his 420th career TD pass, tying him with Dan Marino for first on the all-time list. We're putting Favre on the Chumps list for his post-game comments. When asked about tying Marino, Favre responded by saying that it wouldn't have mattered had the Pack not won. Let us be the first to call bullshit on Favre - it does matter to him, it is the ONLY reason he came back to play this year. Favre didn't think the Pack would win this year - calling out his management for not going after Randy Moss when he was available. Favre came back for one reason and one reason only - to set that record...he didn't give a rat's ass about the Pack.

Chicago Bears QB Rex Grossman had another forgettable game Sunday night against Dallas. While we would love to credit the Cowboys' dominant defence for smothering Grossman - we don't have stars in our eyes. Grossman was 15 for 32 for 195 yards and threw 3 INTS. The Bears defence could be included here too - the vaunted Bears D was shredded by Tony Romo. Memo to Lovie Smith - when Adam Archuleta is starting at safety for you, your team is in trouble.

Atlanta Falcons CB DeAngelo Hall had a meltdown on Sunday against the Panthers and likely cost his team the game. Hall was called flagged three times for 67 yards leading to a Panthers touchdown - which ended up being the winning margin. Most coaches would have cut him yesterday morning - maybe that's what Hall was hoping for. Hey, Dallas signed Tank Johnson - why not DeAngelo Hall?

San Diego Head Coach Norv Turner has to be considered one of the worst head coaches in the NFL. For the record, we love Turner as an offensive co-coordinator - he was a big part of Dallas' success in the 90's when he groomed Troy Aikman. But the fact of the matter is that his head coaching career has been an abject failure. We accept that the Raiders and Redskins were awful when he took over - but the Chargers were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders; under Turner they'll be luckily to win a very weak AFC West.

The New Orleans Saints and Head Coach Sean Payton. More in next week's entry.

The New York Yankees get a team award this week - we can hear members of Red Sox Nation saying "Hell ya". The Yankees, closed to within a game and a half of the Red Sox going into last weekend's series against the depleted Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees, facing what was essentially the Syracuse Sky Chiefs lineup, split a four game series against the Jays in the Bronx. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe their weekend against Toronto.

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced that C Kyle Wellwood would miss the next 3-4 weeks after undergoing surgery on his groin. At the end of last season, Leafs Management spoke to Wellwood about working on his strength and conditioning in preparation to start the season as the Leafs number two center. Instead, according to his father, Wellwood relaxed this summer and tried to get away from hockey. Way to go dickhead.

Chelsea's billionaire owner Roman Abromovich was the driving force behind Jose Mourinho's departure. The eccentric Russian had been at odds with Mourinho over the last couple of years because they didn't play the flamboyant style of football played by Manchester United and other top European teams - Abromovich was also upset Chelsea didn't manage to win Champions League. Winning the world's most prestigious domestic championship in his first two years wasn't good enough for Abromovich - Chelsea went out and lost to Manchester United by a 2-0 count in their first game without Jose. Karma huh Roman?

American Cyclist Floyd Landis was stripped of his Tour de France win after an independent panel judged that, based on the evidence presented, he had used performance enhancing drugs. Landis has maintained his innocence - claiming that he is more of a man than anyone, so much so that his body produces testosterone outside his body...never mind, we can't come up with a clever joke for Floyd.


Toronto Blue Jays P Jesse "Rojo" Litsch shut the Yankees down yesterday, giving up one earned run on five hits and no walks over 7.2 innings. We pretty sure the loudest cheers came from Hazel who could admit to being a fan of the Blue Jays for the day.

Tennessee Titans LB Keith Bulluck had three interceptions in the Titans 31-14 beat down of the New Orleans Saints.

San Francisco Giants SS Omar Vizquel had three hits and drove in four runs in a 9-4 win over San Diego.

We had a tough afternoon on Sunday - finishing the day at - $90 and finishing the week at -$245. So we are at - $250 for the year (after two weeks). Today's suggestions:

Boston over Oakland - we're going with our man Quikdraw on this one. We could give you some half-assed reason to go with the Sox - but know this, Quikdraw is HOT - predicting the Yankees would split with Toronto and that the Sox would win 2 of 3 in Tampa...good enough for us to say Boston wins Lay $100 on the Sox - $230.

Seattle over Cleveland - the Indians are probably still hungover after winning the AL Central. Felix Hernandez gets the nod over Aaron Laffey in this one. Lay $100 on the Mariners - $140.

Red Sox West over Colorado - Brad Penny has owned the Rockies this season and throughout his career - best to stay with the trend as the Dodgers try to avoid finishing fourth. Lay $100 on the Dodgers - $150.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shannon Sharpe Needs A Fucking Interpretor!

Has anyone ever watched CBS Sports Shannon Sharpe on the football telecasts?
Does anyone ever understand this moron?
I realize he was a great reciever and all but damn he is one painful bastard to listen too!
He sounds like Mushmouth from Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.
"Wellba Iba thing bat baybe doz befenbers wer asleeb on da feelb of blay ."
Translated: Well I think those defenders were asleep on the field of play.

Shannon Sharpe needs a fucking interpretor, When he rushes his point in speech he's even worse. His mouth is so damn big it can't move to ennunciate as quick as he talks.
So he babble talks.
He is the reason I dont watch the pregame-halftime and postgame show on CBS.
The folks at CBS who hired him all must of had earaches during Sharpes audition.

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Red Sox Magic # Is 5...Yanks Lose To Jays In Finale!

The Red Sox Magic Number is 5 and the New York Yankees dropped to 2 games back of the Sox .

The Yanks were beaten Monday afternoon by the Toronto Blue Jays 4-1 in the finale of their 4 game tilt in the Bronx. Yours truly predicted both series outcomes (applause) !

So here we go folks..6 games for the AL East title.
In 2007
The Red Sox were 2-4 vs Oakland and 2-1 vs Minnesota
Yankees were 8-7 vs both the Devil Rays and Orioles
Keep in mind that both the Red Sox and Yankees will battle hard for the AL East but you can bet they hope the titles settled early so they can rest their veterans earlier.
Tentative Pitching MatchUps:
Oakland VS Boston 2 game series (Boston sweep)
TUES: 1) Gaudin 11-12 vs Shelling 8-8......... Red Sox -W (Bullpen bails out Curt)
WED: 2)Blanton 14-10 vs Lester 4-0 and Buchholz -W (soon as Lester's in the shit Buchhs in the game.)
Yankees AT Tampa Bay 3 game series (Yanks 2-1)
TUES: Clemens 6-6 VS Hamel 2-5 ....Yanks W (Clemens bulldogs a great W)
WED: Wang 18-7 VS Howell 1-5........Yanks W (Wang got roughed up vs BJs-revenge is sweet.)
THURS: Hughes 4-3 VS Kazmir 13-9..... TBay W (I like the Kazmanian devil)
Minnesota VS Boston 4 game series (Boston wins 3-1) Sox miss Johan Santana
THURS: Baker 9-9 VS Beckett 20-6 Red Sox W (place goes crazy as Beckett wins 21st)
FRI: Slowey 4-0 VS Dicey K 14-12 Red Sox W (Sox Clinch AL East)
SAT: Silva 12-14 VS Wakefield 16-12 Twins W (Problems for Wake continue)
SUN: Garza 4-6 VS Shelling 8-8 Red Sox W (Shelling may not pitch long if at all if Sox clinch
he'll get a big fucking send off in his last game as a Red Sox)
Yankees AT Baltimore 3 game series Orioles win 2 - 1..Yanks rest veterans
FRI: Mussina 11-10 VS Leicester 2-3 (Yanks win)
SAT: Pettitte 14-8 VS Cabrera 9-17 (O's win..Pettite may not pitch)
SUN: Clemens 6-6 VS Burress 6-6 (O's win...Clemens rests for Playoffs)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Magic Number Is Still 6...Big Week Ahead For Sox/Yanks

My crystal ball is still working folks...yep.
In my original forecast the other day when I went out on a limb and predicted the home stretch
picture. I said the Red Sox would win 2 of 3 from Tampa Bay. They did.
The Yanks and Blue Jays would split the 4 game series in the Bronx and so far the Yanks hold a 2-1 series edge heading into the Monday finale.

Red Sox Magic Number is 6.
The Sox could not have had a better time to have a day off than Monday and a better place than Fenway Park to battle it out for the AL East crown.
The Sox are home for 2 vs the A's and 4 vs the Twins.
The Yanks after Monday are on the road for 3 in Tampa Bay and 3 in Baltimore.

Something has to give this week.

The Angels and Indians will be standings watching as they wait to find out who their AL East dance partner will be in October and whether they are hosting or traveling for their dates.
Both teams clinched their respective division titles Sun.

If the Red Sox tie with either the Angels or Indians (or both) for the best overall record in the AL,the Red Sox would be given homefield advantage. The Red Sox have won the regular season series with both of those 2 clubs.

Aaah the AL East..Gotta love it.

Sunday Afternoon Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Suggestions for late games - things are still up in the air with this afternoon's picks.

Cincinnati + 3 over Seattle - Bengals have enough offence to win in a shootout if it comes to it. Lay $100 on the Bengals

Oakland -3 over Cleveland - we don't believe in the all. Lay $100 on the Raiders.

Washington -3.5 over NY Giants - Skins defence holds Giants, Portis has a big day. Lay $100 on the Skins.

That's it for this afternoon gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope you are enjoying your NFL Sunday.

We're Out

NFL Sunday

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.
We won't spend too much time today talking about the Leafs win at the TD Banknorth Garden yesterday - judging by the empty seats there, pretty clear that New Englanders aren't even thinking hockey yet. Can't say we blame you with the Red Sox clinching at least a Wild Card spot with a come from behind win in Tampa Bay.

Quikdraw should be checking in with observations, thoughts and rants on your Boston Red Sox.

This week's NFL picks for the straight up pool - games are weighted with points being deducted for incorrect picks. We're 21 - 11 for the season.

16) NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo - no brainer, no explanation needed.

15) PITTSBURGH over San Francisco - 49ers finally play a good team, they'll find out they aren't as good as they think they are.

14) Indianapolis over HOUSTON - Peyton Manning and the Colts must be wondering what they have to do to get some attention - the defending Super Bowl champs are still taking a backseat to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Texans will miss Andre Johnson.

13) BALTIMORE over Arizona - Ravens offence isn't doing much, but their defence has more than enough to keep the Cards in check. Ravens win on a late field goal.

12) WASHINGTON over NY Giants - Redskins might be for real, we know Giants are real - real bad. Redskins D overwhelms Giants offence.

11) PHILADELPHIA over Detroit - we still think the Eagles are counterfeit, but they aren't bad enough to lose to the over-hyped Lions.

10) San Diego over GREEN BAY - see explanation for 49ers. The Packers haven't really beaten anyone good- the Chargers will be out to make up for last Sunday's humiliation in Foxborough.

09) NEW ORLEANS over Tennessee - the Saints and their should be pumped up for their first home game of the season, a must-win; they'll get it done, but it won't be a blowout.

08) DENVER over Jacksonville - two very good defences, two mediocre offences - we'll take the Broncos at home.

07) Carolina over ATLANTA - Falcons are waiting for Byron Leftwich, in the meantime they've got "Happy Feet" Harrington, you know what that means.

06) OAKLAND over Cleveland - the Raiders could very well be 2-0, the Browns should be 0-2; they say things have a way of evening out. Raiders win.

05) KANSAS CITY over Minnesota - home field advantage.

04) Cincinnati over SEATTLE - two suspect defences, we'll go with the advantage at QB. Palmer over Hasselbeck.

03) Dallas over CHICAGO - we're calling for a Sunday night upset, Dallas asserts themselves as the team to beat in the NFC.

02) St. Louis over TAMPA BAY - because we don't think the Rams are as bad as they have looked and we don't think the Bucs are as decent as they have looked.

01) Miami over NY JETS - yuck.

Boston Red Sox C Jason Varitek had three hits, including a game tying HR in the ninth, and two runs batted in to lead Boston to an 8-6 win over Tampa Bay - if he doesn't lead the inning off with that shot, the Sox would not have won.

New York Yankees CF Melky Cabrera had three hits and drove in five runs, including the game winner in the 10th to keep things interesting in the AL East. For the Blue Jays - another case of Josh being Josh.

Philadelphia Phillies 2B Chase Utley had three hits, including a solo home run for his 100th run batted in of the season, to lead the Phillies to a 4-1 win over Washington.

Tough night last night - going 2-1 and breaking even. Total for the week stands at - $155: we'll get it back today, as we start Sunday off with a six-pack. Back for the afternoon games later.

New York over Florida - John Maine hasn't been very good lately, but we'll go with him today against a Marlins team playing out the string. Lay $100 on the Mets - $175.

Detroit over Kansas City - the Tigers are pretty much out of it now, but they'll play for Verlander today against Gil Meche and the Royals. Lay $100 on the Tigers - $265.

Philadelphia over Washington - Cole Hamels goes for the Phillies today, he's been pretty good since coming off from the DL and he gets the nod over the Nats today. Lay $100 on the Phillies - $170.

San Diego -5.5 over Green Bay - LaDanian Tomlinson steps up today and Brett Favre gets put down. The Chargers win this one easily. Lay $100 on the Chargers.

Pittsburgh -9 over San Francisco - the 49ers are in for a long afternoon against a very balanced Steelers offence; would you trust Alex Smith to make some plays against a Steelers D that will put eight guys in the box to stop Frank Gore? - we wouldn't either. Lay $100 on the Steelers.

Arizona +8 over Baltimore - while the focus is on the Ravens D stopping Leinhart and the Cards - Arizona's D is good enough to keep the Ravens in check and make this a 3 point game. Lay $100 on the Cardinals.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Enjoy your NFL Sunday while you recover from your "Red Sox clinch a playoff berth celebration" hangover.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your NFL Sunday.

We're Out!

Red Sox Magic # Is 6..Play Off Berth Clinched-Thanks KC!

Let me tell ya A1 Sauce goes great with crow!
Earlier Sat. I predicted (and wrongly I might add) that the Toronto Blue Jays would beat the NY Yankees. WRONG! Yanks used 10 different pitchers to outlast the BJ's in 10 innings 12-11.
The 2nd game I wrongly predicted the Red Sox would lose a close one due to a struggling Dicey K. Well Dice did struggle again but the BoSox got the 9th inning come from behind win over Tampa. They did it with clutch HRs in the 9th from struggling Jason Varitek and Julio Lugo-8-6.
Thanks to the Kansas Royals drubbing of the Detroit Tigers and the Sox win Boston clinched an AL playoff berth.
They also reduced their magic number to win the AL East Division to 6 games.
The Yankees send Clemens to battle the Blue Jays McGowan Sun.
Boston sends an unbeaten in Tampa Tim Wakefield vs Jackson.
I like the Blue Jays and the Red Sox to win here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Three Play

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in - don't think so though, not with the Maple Leafs in town.

If anyone cares - Barry Bonds announced on his website that the Giants wouldn't re-sign him for the 2008 season. Bonds has said he would like to play next year - so it looks like he is going to wind up in the American League. We're putting our money on the Asterisk wearing Texas - don't ask why, we just are.

Again, if anyone cares - the Maple Leafs are in Boston this afternoon to visit Hazel and face off against the Bruins today.

We had a tough night last night and the total for the week reflects it - $150. We'll go with three today:

Atlanta over Milwaukee - We like John Smoltz today over Yovanni Gallardo, the Braves are out, but Smoltz will be up for playing spoiler today. Lay $100 on the Braves - $162.

Detroit over Kansas City - you look for value games and this is one. Kenny Rogers vs. Kyle Davies. Lay $100 on the Tigers - $205.

Arizona over Red Sox West - hate to suggest going against the Dodgers but you have to with Brandon Webb on the mound. Lay $100 on the DBacks - $215.

We'll be back tomorrow with our straight up picks in Week 3 of the NFL. That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel we hope things are groovy in your world and that you are out representing Leaf Nation today at the TD Banknorth Garden.

We're Out!


The Red Sox offense showed up in Tampa Bay last night with Josh Beckett winning his MLB leading 20th game. They managed to get to TBay ace Scott Kazmir (the worst move in Mets history was letting Kaz go,this kids electric!) and light up the bullpen for the win.

Toronto and Yanks dueled 14 innings last night with the BJ's outlasting the Bombers thanks to a Greg Zaun homer in the 14th to cool off the hot New Yawkers.

The Red Sox are now 2 1/2 games ahead of the Yankees and their magic number to clinch the AL East division title is now 7.

Todays pitching match ups....
1pm Toronto sends Shawn Marcum to the hill against the Yanks Roger Clemens.

prediction: Take Toronto.. Joba Chamberlain hurled 2 innings last night for NY so he'll be unavailable. A big factor.

7pm: Boston Red Sox will pitch Dicey K Matsuzaka against the Devil Rays Andy Sonnanstine.

prediction: this is the game I expected the Sox to lose because of Dicey's pitching slump.
I'm "hoping" for a win but predicting a close loss for Boston. Have my A1 sauce ready to eat my prediction.

Barry Bonds will not be playing for the Giants next year so get ready American League looks like we'll be seeing the Juice Head pulling DH duties for an AL team.
I'd love the Angels to pick him up or even Texas.
Actually I just wish Barry Bonds would just retire.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Fox

Her goal is to get into medical school, or modelling and acting, whatever works out. In the meantime, Jile, a 5-foot-5, brown-eyed 20-year-old, likes to watch movies, take pictures or try to meet a guy who's funny, smart -- and not crazy!

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

We don't have much to say today - still pissed at the Red Sox for Wednesday night's disaster; bad day in Europe for Portuguese teams playing in UEFA Cup Round of 32, and the Maple Leafs lost last night and everyone is focusing on Vesa Toskala's less that stellar performance - the first week of NHL Exhibitions games.

So, while we wait for Tilt to get off his lazy ass and post Friday's Fox - we'll try to keep you entertained with this week's NFL Picks. We were 7-9 last week, a forgettable week both in terms of winning percentage and points accumulated - the record for the season is 17-15. We'll get things back on track this week.


16) San Diego -4.5 over GREEN BAY - the Chargers must be licking their chops after tough games against Chicago and New England, they'll be looking to put last week's humiliation behind them. Green Bay is 2-0, but its a bit suspect after having beaten the sad-sack Giants and the Eagles - they'll find things much tougher this week. San Diego's LaDanian Tomlinson comes up big on Sunday.

15) WASHINGTON -4.5 over NY Giants - the Redskins aren't going to be as bad as everyone had thought, the Giants look like they are going to be worse than people thought - they've quit on Coughlan. The Redskins defense should hold the Giants on Sunday and the offense will be giving the boys in blue a healthy dose of Clinton Portis on the ground and Santana Moss off play action. Forget the division match-up stuff - Redskins win this one by at least 7.

14) PITTSBURGH -9.5 over San Francisco - the 49ers are counterfeit, they were very lucky to win both games and should probably be 0-2 right now. They'll face a much more balanced team in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Roethlisberger will take some shots down the field off play action and should exploit the 49ers D. Alex Smith blows this game in the first half - no back door cover this week.

13) Dallas +3.5 over CHICAGO - upset special, and not just because we love the Boys. Dallas has enough offense to score some points on Chicago's defense; and while Grossman might complete a few passes against a suspect Dallas secondary, he can be counted on to turn the ball over a couple of times at least - it will be the difference in a close game. Dallas wins and goes 3-0.

12) Indianapolis -6.5 over Houston - the Texans are getting a lot of love for their 2-0 start and they deserve it; but they'll miss WR Andre Johnson. Expect the Colts to put a lot of pressure on Matt Schaub - something he really hasn't had to deal with yet this year. The Colts still have too much on offense for the Texans, who beat the likes of the one dimensional Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers. Indy blows the Texans out this week - leaving only one 3-0 team in the great state of Texas.

11) NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Buffalo - J.P Losman vs Tom Brady - who would you take? The Bills are having trouble scoring, which doesn't bode well for them on Sunday. The Bills defense might keep it close in the first half - but New England will win time of possession battle and wear them down in the second. We aren't expecting Brady and the Patriots to let up anytime soon - not with videogate controversy still being talked about - they're on a mission to punish everyone.

10) Arizona +8.5 over BALTIMORE - the Cards defense is good enough to keep this one close against an anemic Ravens offense. We like the Cards to get a few big plays from their wideouts and a touchdown or two from James. This one looks like a field goal game.

09) Carolina -4.5 over ATLANTA - "Happy Feet" Harrington's last game as the starter - you might expect him to have a good game, but we don't. The Panthers will be looking to put last week's loss to Houston behind them - so they won't be taking the Falcons lightly. Delhomme should have a good day against the Falcons - Steve Smith will be Steve Smith.

08) OAKLAND -2.5 over Cleveland - the Raiders are actually better than we thought they would be - they gave the Broncos a damn good game. The Browns will find it a bit tougher to score against Oakland's D this week. The Raiders will find things much easier against a bad Browns D. Raiders win their first off the season - hopefully WITHOUT Culpepper seeing the field.

07) Miami +3.5 over NY JETS - the Jets have owned Miami lately - but the Dolphins have a legit QB in Trent Green so the Jets won't be able to put eight in the box to stuff Miami's running game. Trent Green should be able to hit enough passes to open things up for Ronnie Brown and allow the Dolphins to play field position and control the clock. Pennington is going to play - but he won't have much success against a good Dolphins D.

06) DENVER -3.5 over Jacksonville - normally we'd love this line against a Jaguars team that has trouble scoring - but until the Broncos get their offense untracked, we are going to be careful about laying too many points on the Broncos - both against the spread and in terms of weighting in the pool. Broncos should win by 7, but...

05) Detroit +6.5 over PHILADELPHIA - Tom Brady responds to controversy and pressure with big games - Donovan McNabb responds by vomiting and making excuses. The Eagles secondary can be exploited, which means the Lions should score some points - enough to keep this one close. McNabb takes some pressure off himself with a win on Sunday, but it won't be a blowout.

04) Tennessee +4.5 over NEW ORLEANS - seems like everyone is talking about the Saints finally breaking out - we'll see it when we believe it. The Titans defense will keep them in this one, and if they don't the Saints D will give up enough big plays to keep it close. Saints will win, but not by much.

03) KANSAS CITY -2.5 over Minnesota - the Hazel rule still applies, the Chiefs get no free passes here - but we like them this week at Arrowhead against a Vikings team that has trouble moving the ball. Chiefs pound Larry Johnson all afternoon and wear down the Vikes.

02) St. Louis +3.5 over TAMPA BAY - the Rams should lose this game, which means that Bulger is likely to come up with a big game and pull one out and surprise everyone. Who knows? We aren't trusting either team this week.

01) Cincinnati + 3.5 over Seattle - after last week's performance against the Browns, we aren't trusting the Bengals to beat anyone. On the other hand, we aren't trusting Seattle either. This one should be a shootout and come down to a field goal.

That's it - we like our picks this week.

A brutal night yesterday - with our picks all blowing leads late in the it a Red Sox hangover. Total for the week stands at + $125. Today's suggestions:

New York over Florida - Pedro will put things right after yesterday's collapse. Florida sends Scott Olsen to the mound so you know the Mets will score early and often. Lay $100 on the Mets - $170.

San Diego over Colorado - Jake Peavy goes tonight and he's been money at Petco Park. No further explanation needed. Lay $100 on the Padres - $200.

New York over Toronto - sorry Red Sox Nation, the Jays won't be much help this weekend. No Glaus, no Overbay, no Wells - the Jays are fielding a Triple A lineup. Chien Ming Wang keeps the Jays in check. Roy Halladay won't get enough offense to get a win tonight. Lay $100 on the Yankees - $175.

We aren't going to trust Boston tonight - even with Beckett on the mound.

That's it for today gang, thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

Before signing off - a shout out to a friend of the blog who has been noticeably quiet, you know who you are. If you are reading the page today download this song - remember, no questions, no explanations and never any judgments - still got your back. Take care of yourself.

Poster of a Girl - Metric

Can't stand by myself
Hate to sleep alone
Surprises always help
So I take somebody home
To find out how I feel
Feel like just a baby
Portrait of a lady
Poster of a girl

Satisfy myself
Avoid beginners
Who long to shut my mouth
Till I take one of them home
'Cause I know how it feels
Filling in the blanks
Looking on the bright side
When there is no bright side
Coming in your pants
For the off chance
With a poster of a girl

We're Out!

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